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Blu-ray Review: Bachelorette

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The special features are rather limited. We get an informational audio commentary track by Headland where she takes the time to explain her production which makes some things that happen in the film make more sense, but alas, not any funnier. Considering the cast on hand, I had hoped the two minute blooper reel could wind up being funnier than the whole film, but of course I was wrong. There’s also a five minute “Behind the Scenes” featuring interviews with the cast and crew, showing how much they all loved working together and how much fun they were having. Too bad none of it wound up working its way into the film.

The biggest issue with Bachelorette is that it commits the biggest cardinal sin of a good comedy by being so boring. You wait and wait for something hilarious to happen, and the only time anything remotely interesting happens is when Gena and Clyde are hashing out their sordid past relationship. I suppose if you’re looking for some mindless entertainment, there are far worse things posing as comedies at the local Redbox. And the film apparently has an audience somewhere having earned about $5.5 million on VOD. Is it worth the current Amazon price of $16.99? Not even close. But for only $1 there are far worse things you could waste your time and money on. Bachelorette is at least worth a rental at best.

Cover art and photos courtesy Anchor Bay Home Entertainment

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