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Bloodrock interview 6/28/71 – mp3

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American Burn, the Bloodrock biography, is very pleased to announce the online release of Bob Ketchum’s KWHN-AM / KMAG-FM (Fort Smith, Arkansas) interview with Bloodrock.

Recorded June 28, 1971, this interview – with all six original members – captures the band on the road following their legendary 52-date tour with Grand Funk Railroad.

This free-wheeling, and revealing, conversation documents Bloodrock’s quest for artistic self-actualization at the moment of their fateful split from producer Terry Knight.

However superior as an album, 1971’s Bloodrock 3 failed to produce a hit song (like ‘DOA’ from the previous LP Bloodrock 2) and sales, although high, fell short of expectations. Capitol, at the band’s urging, issued their pensive version of the Soft Machine piano ballad ‘A Certain Kind’ as a follow-up to ‘DOA’ – a bold attempt to branch out from their heavy reputation. When the 45 stiffed, Capitol quickly issued ‘Jessica’ as a single; when that failed to chart, the pressure was on.

Below, a few excerpts from the interview:

Jim Rutledge: The third album, to us, is the best piece of work that we’ve done and I don’t think the public – not the music freaks, but the general public that buys albums – has appreciated it as much as the second. The second album, to us, is a good album and all that, but – it’s not on the same par.

Bob Ketchum: Why was ‘A Certain Kind’ picked – culled – from the LP?

Nick Taylor: It was a complete change for us, this type of song – and we all liked it very much, as well as our producer. ‘A Certain Kind’ never seemed to get off the ground, so ‘Jessica’ has been released as a single.

Bob Ketchum: Obviously, your best song, though, is ‘DOA’… You all do some really good background vocals to be a heavy group – I hate to use the word heavy, but that’s what it is basically, right?

Nick Taylor [dryly]: Basically.

Ketchum: ‘Basically.’ What else would it be? Definitely not folk.

Nick Taylor: No, I don’t really – it’s just Bloodrock.

Jim Rutledge: You could take ‘A Certain Kind’ and say that would have been done by a rock n’ roll group.

Stevie Hill: Yeah.

Jim Rutledge [later]: Our show that will be together starting in September will have acoustic and piano type of stuff.

Stevie Hill: A lot of it has to do with what a group of people are ready to accept. The last time we played a show in Fort Worth, we did a pretty much different show and the people weren’t really… y’know, they want to hear us as a super loud, hard rock band at the moment – and most people do – so when they’re ready for us we’ll be ready for that part of it.

Lee Pickens: When they get to know us a little better and realize what we’re about – we’re not just hard and heavy…

(Bob Ketchum then plays ‘DOA.’)

Visit American Burn to download all four sections of this 30-minute interview on mp3. It will be posted for the next 30 days.

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  • Gord McIntosh

    I was in the Army in Germany with a musician named Thomas Pope, he was affiliated with the group Boodrock. Bloodrock came out with an ablbum while Thomas Pope and I were in Germany. I lost contact whith him after ge went back to the States and I don’t know if he continued playing with Bloodrock. If anyone knows of the3 where abouts of Thomas Pope I would really like to get in contact with him.

  • I was surprised to run across this page. I wasn’t aware you had my permission to distribute or transcribe my audio interviews with Bloodrock. Would you please provide the document where I gave permission to use my property? [Personal contact info deleted] Thank you.

  • PesterUncleFester

    I don’t know what’s going on with the story behind comment #3 by Mr Ketchum, but the whole interview the comments were taken from still exist here.