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Bloodlined Calligraphy -Say Hi To The Bad Guy

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I’ve heard it said that your memories of smells last longer than any other of your senses. In this case, the sounds of this album take me back to a local all-ages club that saw the likes of Earth Crisis, Snapcase, Shift and so many other classic bands. I can still recall standing around outside in the cold so we wouldn’t have to hear an awful band, then hearing that the next band is “real good” and we should go inside. Bloodlined Calligraphy is that kind of band.

This CD does not give the impression that you would want to stand outside of an $8 show while they’re playing. There’s a lot of interesting guitar work going on here, which reminds me of some early Into Another. Surprise, surprise you can actually hear the bass on this album and it sounds great. I love it when the guy with four strings does more than some bands with three guitarists.

The songs on this CD feature your typical metalcore fare; harmonized guitar parts, the pitch harmonics, a few break downs here and there. Don’t forget the clean channel strumming, the solo bass parts, and some female singing and you have an album that’s interesting enough to stay near the top of your CD collection and not under your car seat or pile of clothes.

While I don’t think this CD will gain critical acclaim (though I hope this proves wrong) I do think it’s a worthy album to pick up. The nostalgia element to this CD makes it worth it for me. It’s just the metalcore “market” is so flooded with bands and CD’s that it’s hard for the average metalcore fan to know what to pick up. Trust me, if you grew up on some of the classic 1995 era bands you’ll enjoy this CD.

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