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Blood Sugar Sex Magik still rocks

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This past weekend I went thru my old CD collection and thought I’d listen to some old Red Hot Chili Peppers – So I grabbed Blood Sugar Sex Magik – Popped it in for my long trip north, and felt the groove laid down by Flea, and the great lyrics being sung by Anthony. I feel this album was their last good album, true to their beginning roots of funk and rock. From the first track, Power of Equality, to the last, Sir Psycho Sexy, the influence of funkmasters of old shows through. You can definately hear George Clinton in many of these tunes – it’s no suprise that he helped produce some of the Pepper’s early albums. This album, however, was their first run with famed Beastie Boys producer, Rick Rubin. I feel that Rick did a excellent job of polishing their old funk style of music to make it more appealing to a broader audience. Rick helped RHCP make this album in a Hollywood house, and produced some of the most popular RHCP songs: Under The Bridge, Suck My Kiss, Give It Away… I never get tired of listening to the last 2 – such power in each of those.

Sadly, I feel that RHCP’s albums after this one were not the same – They have become more mainstream, instead of the great funk band that my friend Randy (of The Musicians Guild)introduced me to back in 1988. I still remember the time I saw RHCP on their Mother’s Milk tour at Clutch Cargo’s in Detroit – I was blown away. I only hope they can recapture some of their old funk in future albums.

I strongly recommend anyone who enjoys The Red Hot Chili Pepper’s current albums to check out this album and their ‘What Hits?’ compliation – these will give you a good feel of what this band’s all about!

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  • Eric Olsen

    I actually enjoy Mother’s Milk most, although their two most recent albums are probably their “best” in terms of songwriting.

  • Granted, there are low moments in this album, but they’re few…. Red Hot Minute is good, but I feel it’s moving further away from their funk roots – IMHO, BSSM is the peak of their funk-rock days.

  • quite disagree. there are moments of brilliance on the album, but overall i think the album can be placed in the $2 bin. red hot minute was a touch better.