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Blood Simple

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Blood Simple

This was the first Coen Brothers film, recently released on DVD, and re-edited with the director’s cut to bring you less.

When I first saw this movie on its theatrical release, I never wanted to ever go to Texas, because as presented in this movie, it is one sick fucking place.

Years later, it is somewhat of a shock to see Frances McDormand as the femme fatale. She is gorgeous, but she will grow into much more beauty.

You only need to compare her character with later films such as “Wonder Boys”, “Fargo”, “Almost Famous” or the noir tribute “The Man Who Wasn’t There” which was the noir Coen brothers movie which was made in Black and White.

I’m sure Hank Hill wouldn’t approve of this Texas, but I do see a bush.

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  • Emmet Walsh made a beautiful, perfectly unsavory PI. The scene with him getting the hand nailed to the window sill was SO visceral. Really outstanding work all around.