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Is democracy good enough for our hemisphere? “Spreading democracy” is the alleged reason we’re in Iraq promoting the creation of a pro-Iranian Shiite government. Meanwhile, Haiti continues to crumble into chaos a few hundred miles from our shores. The response from our government and our media? Total indifference.

450 people have been kidnapped and murdered in that tiny country since March. The latest victim is leading poet and journalist Jacques Roche, who was held for ransom and tortured before being shot. Money appeared to be the motive for his abduction.

The wave of violence engulfing Haiti is threatening their upcoming elections. Has the president spoken of this matter? No. As for CNN and MSNBC no mention of the situation on their websites. Instead, MSNBC covers the ‘world’s ugliest dog’, while CNN asks: ‘Who’s the next great superhero?’

For that role, I nominate Jean Dominique, the Haitian journalist who is the subject of Jonathan Demme’s documentary ‘The Agronomist.’ He gave his life for democracy in Haiti, a goal that has yet to be reached. That’s the stuff heroes are made of. CNN, are you listening?

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  • Good show highlighting a too-little covered story.

    To make it more Google-newsworthy, you could retitle the post with the specific news item on the killing of Jean Domenique, or not. Good post either way

  • SFC Ski

    Maybe my memories a bit fuzzy, but didn’t the US send troops to Haiti at least twicw in the past ten years?

  • Shark

    re: American and news channel concerns for a dying haiti

    um, aren’t those folks mostly ni…. um… black?

    And isn’t their primary economic resource… um… starvation?

    PS: If bauxite and copper are ever considered as valuable as say… oil… we’ll hint at weapons of mass destruction, send in the Marines, and institute “democracy”.

    Hold yer breath.

  • I agree with when it comes to democracy. It’s one thing to preach about it but it is another thing to practice it.