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BlogWorld Expo 2008 Reflections: Everyone Has A Freaking iPhone

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The blatant message BlogWorld Expo 2008 attendees received was that new media is here to stay. Technology, when embraced, can open doors for the average person to share their story, their thoughts, and their messages to the entire world. And it will only continue to improve and revolutionize media as we know it.

The other message is: everyone and their butler has a goddamn iPhone.

This was an unusual development. Sure, the false preconceived notion that all bloggers are basement-dwelling troglodytes is a false one. Only the people who I think are stupid on the Internet fit this stereotype. Rather, most mainstream bloggers own personal laptops so they can type up their posts while on the go. (This one, for example? 'Twas written at Vegas's McCarran International Airport, who knows how to treat hungover tourists well enough to say, "Hey, we may have all your money, but at least you can still have free Wi-Fi.")

But last weekend, I would see little cliques of three, four, or six people break out their glassy-faced phones and share with each other what applications they downloaded, what generation of hardware they upgraded to, and just how much this little device has changed their life. It made me realize that, while I have the body and birth certificate of a 25-year-old, I am actually 70 years old in iYears. Any Frisbees they throw my way I would probably keep for no other reason but spite and/or phone envy.

In BC’s daddy company Technorati's State of the Blogosphere presentation partly shared last Saturday morning, they laid out some pretty snazzy stats about today's bloggers and podcasters. Lost in the pie charts and histograms was that 98 percent of bloggers owns one of those fucking iPhones.

Know what I have? Want to see it?

Prominent features include: calling people, receiving calls, telling what time it is, text messaging*, alarm clock, checking voice mail, taking pictures**, and an on/off switch. In short, everything a phone is supposed to do.

* – Or so I've read in the manual. I've yet to figure out how it works.

** – Likewise.

For the first time last weekend I held not one, but two (2) iPhones in my hand for an elapsed time of 11 minutes. At first I was cynical and even frightened to grip one, because that's just how stubborn, curmudgeonly twentysomethings behave. And yet … as I stared into its large, fruitful screen — I think it stared back at me, somehow — I realized (months after everyone else realized, evidently) that the iPhone is this generation's Red Ryder BB Gun. A Muggle's rendition of the Nimbus 2000. Marvin the Martian's Uranium Q-36 Explosive Modulators.

The unforgiving reality hit me: If a blogger owns an iPhone, they could, like, blog, anywhere. Even at a convention in Las Vegas where the spurious Wi-Fi and outrageously-priced hotel Internet was a vagabond sportswriter's only sanctuary.

The trendy blogger in me says I basically must buy an iPhone now. The old-fashioned, fedora-wearing blogger in me says to ignore all urges, or at the very least, wait out my existing Verizon contract. That way, when I finally do succumb to the warm, gentle technology and purchase one, by BlogWorld Expo 2009, every blogger will have the next generation of phone, which will allow people to submit 300-word blog posts directly into the cerebral cortex of any human being within a 10-meter radius of the device. (Twitter is gonna have my nuts on a kebab if they found out I just exposed their next secret project.)

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About Suss

  • I have a cell phone, an iPod, a Palm Pilot, and a digital camera. I can see the appeal of carrying one small device, but I’m in the 2% for now too, until my current contract expires anyway.

  • Count me in on that 2% as well.

    I’m with Verizon as well and it seems to me that my LG can do all that the iPhone can. The phone I currently have (the enV2) has an actual querty board instead of the touch sensitive screen…had one of those and hated it as the keyword is sensitive. If my hands were too hot or too cold, then I was (as me mum would say) “sh*t out of luck” in getting the sucker to do what I needed it to do on the first try.

    Damn the man, Matt. Why go for the trendy? We love you just the way you are!!!

  • Heloise

    Phonenvy. I have t mobile so I will get the new GOOGLe android that t mobile sells. It’s better than iphone. I was going to buy an iphone and have it fixed so I could use it with t mobile. I am so glad I waited.


  • Wow that is a *nice* phone Suss 😛

  • the only iphone I have is on my blog design..

  • hey, i don’t have an iphone either. i’m in the bottom two percent! yay!!!

  • I’m just glad your contract is up by next year. And that I managed to pry my iPhone from your greasy fingers!