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Blogosphere Fertile Medium for Inspired Cultural Change

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Blogging Voices Essential Themes

In amazing ways the electronic medium dissolves barriers between cultures, countries, and people. Very little evil can be done in the world and remain hidden without being brought to justice; for example blackvoices blogs about domestic abuse, jewishsurvivors discusses sexual abuse and assault, pflagblog speaks out against hate crimes and for equality on a global scale.

In countries such as Egypt, one in nine people have Internet access and are using blogs to speak up about revolutionary political issues, as well as a large contingency on Facebook. Less developed societies are absorbing elements of advancing cultural evolution with the blink of an eye.

In his sojourner blog, Michael Warden describes culture as the “organism within the structure of the organization,” such as the culture within the structure of the U.S. government. He also suggests that culture “inherently resists change…even when that change is for the better, and individuals within the culture want the change to happen.”

Never in history has freedom of speech been so prevalent and accessible as it is today worldwide. The Internet, and blogging in particular, has given voice to the voiceless and created a true vote of, by, and for the people – affirmed by sheer numbers as to what is important and essential, as we move through Earth’s landscape towards humanity’s future.

Conscience, ethics, compassion, heart, vision, hope, creativity, criticism, and wonder exist everywhere, often addressed by writers, artists, musicians, and leaders throughout history – yet today people in all walks of life are stepping up to the plate. The playing field is leveled by pseudo-anonymity, and it is the game played through the wide-angle lens of blog mania, journaling, babbling, and commenting freely with fire and inspiration on themes central to the human heart.

2.2 Billion Cell Phones Worldwide

According to cnet News, in a current world population of 6.77 billion, 2.2 billion have cell phones worldwide, expected to reach 3 billion by the end of 2009. A shopping blog reports that China had one billion cell phone subscribers last year. The UN estimates cell phones to be used by 50% of the world’s population.

Publish something — anything — online and you have the opportunity to reach an incredibly huge audience: one-third the global population (remember, a cell phone is not just a cell phone any more; often an electronic device with characteristics of a mini-computer).

Open your “mouth” in a blog, and you may affect not only the refinement and growth of individuals who respond to your “vibe,” but ultimately stimulate development of aspirations and ideals. Writers of conscience and communicators in general are emerging through the blogosphere, driving our awakening and encouraging us to participate in our own best survival simply by their presence there.

Blogging Develops Communities

Emerging natural communities are filled with support, enthusiasm, and the growth that comes from individuals sharing their experience with a group mind (pro or con), giving birth to a kaleidoscope of ideas and information. How much can each of us learn and implement in a lifetime? As the years go by, there is the longing to know more, do more, and be better – and yet what we can absorb as just one is miniscule compared with the leap humanity takes as an organism or group mind.

Despite the fact that our culture is embracing collaborative community, intending to change a culture can be a challenge and often meets with resistance. No matter what, we don’t like people telling us what to do or what ought to be done. When we become the change we wish to see, as Gandhi so aptly put it, rather than trying to persuade others, we organically persuade through the quality of our own life and action.

Out of the dream to be, grow, know, do, and become more has been born the reality of the worldwide web and the journaling of everyday people in the blogosphere. Millions of people can be found daily engaged in writing on or searching for topics, from one end of the full range of human consciousness to the other: from “green” and “organic” to “sex”, “politics”, “art and music”, you name it! People are creating change and community, simply by living and expressing their truth.

Accessing our Genius via Collaborative Thought

What began with television and radio, has taken a giant leap with the web, an outer reflection of the immensity of the hu-man/woman/youth mind expressing and reflecting itself. Perhaps one day we will evolve beyond the electronic medium, but for now it serves us well. As the great sea of humanity expresses itself, exploring previously forbidden places, and making mega-jumps in growth, understanding and accessing new frontiers via pooled thought, collaboration, dialogue, discussion, and criticism and conflict, perhaps we begin to access our genius potential.

When old paradigms don’t work anymore it may take a while for the masses to shift their status quo. Adventurers into new ideologies, thought, and information begin the paradigm shift, such as eco-philosopher, Richard Heinberg, in his A New Covenant With Nature: Notes on the End of Civilization and the Renewal of Culture. When some of these pioneers merge their expression with one another, community begins to form, almost despite itself, stimulated through the nature of the magnetism of like thought and energy.

Many collaborative tools are emerging to facilitate this process – where one can find and follow various thought streams, with opportunity to view, add to or change, vote up or down, and follow to see what threads they post; Diigo, describes Internet Explorer and Firefox as flat or ”mono”, and seeks to provide a spatial method for schools to not only classify information, but also create the environment for collaborative reflection.

Become a Blogger

If you haven’t blogged yet, consider blogging around subjects close to your heart. Setting up your own blog can cost literally almost nothing, and now is a great time for people of conscience to make their voice heard through this medium before it merges into it’s next stage of evolution. Through your own blog you can speak up about anything, become another voice expressing issues at hand to the sea of human minds and hearts, moving history ahead into the future. Be a teacher, learner, and doer.

We are all Learners, Doers and Teachers,
for we teach best that which we most need to learn.

Ancient Chinese

Do a Google search on “blogging platforms” and you’ll find many blogs on blogging! They will explain how to choose and set up a platform and how to get started. cnet News Blog has a recent post on PC’s editors’ favorites which include Blogger, WordPress and TypePad trifecta, with pros and cons on each. With a little research into commentary by experienced bloggers you can educate yourself and be blogging in no time.

Read What Bloggers are Blogging About

As you search for information, access the blogosphere for a rich palette you may not get anywhere else – new understandings, unique observations, stimulating thought, controversial opinions, and a variety of attitudes. You may also want to have your filters on as you might not agree with what every blogger says, but all in all – entering the blogosphere (as opposed to conventional media) is like walking through an organic garden with beautiful, thriving plants in every row and bed bearing fruits and veggies that taste much better and have more nutrients and diversity than commercial varieties.

Blog directories such as Blogcritics and Technorati, Bloglines, Twingly, BlogFlux, FeedBlitz,ASK, Blogdex, Memorandum, Google Blog Search, Blogniscient and Tailrank, act as filters and can be a great vehicle for accessing pertinent blogs, bringing you some of the best of the blogging world, with commentary by great writers. On the converse, there are also services such as Ping-O-Matic and CoComment, MyBlogLog, blogcatalog and badrss to help get your comments out into the blogosphere and noticed.

Cultural Change and Us

The GlobalIssues blog reports to us about overpopulation issues – that we spent thousands of years exploring, migrating, and developing civilization on planet Earth, and now destroying the land upon which we live. They suggest that wars of the future will be fought over natural resources, and the question is, “Is this because of over-population or a product of how we live?”

In poorer countries there is far less impact by large populations than there is in countries where we overproduce, consume, and waste resources. They suggest change must happen if there is to be a viable future for humanity, and intelligent debate may need to be around international trade, economic policies, and how we use land and resources.

The ancient Chinese had a saying: May you live in interesting times – understood to mean: “May you live in times of great change, because they are interesting and challenging”. We are setting the stage today for our emerging future, and that of our children, grandchildren, and generations to come. What we do with our own lives, how we live, how we express, create, and communicate will shape the emergence of that future.

It’s a great time to be blogging – the vehicle of the moment to share our thoughts, opinions, attitudes, intentions, passions, suggestions, encouragement, inspiration, and discussion. It’s a great time to absorb, entertain, notice, and reply to the communication of other bloggers.

See you in the blogosphere!

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  • Long post but great one. Blogging is indeed the best way to rise social awareness. Numerous bloggers are doing it online.

    Blogging has indeed become a way of life with many. It paves way for expression and reflection of self. And if you/your thoughts vibe with others, a community is created and sharing becomes indispensable in such a network. Once your community grows, new thoughts, more vibrancy and real change begins to happen.

  • very nice indeed Cary, thanks!

  • Excellent article!

  • Very nice! I find blogging to be MY most effective medium.

  • I think it would be interesting to also talk about how Twitter is changing the Blogosphere. While a lot of people used to blog “I just went to Taco Bell”, now they’re more apt to Tweet it. I think overall Twitter’s making content in the Blogosphere more valuable by cannibalizing many of the would-have-been-inane blog posts.

  • To expand on Mongo’s point, another bit of technology that has drastically changed our daily life is starting to feed into the blogosphere growth – mobile phones. The best ones these days have internet connectivity and apps to facilitate things like tweeting, facebook updates and now even blogging. Anyone with an iPhone may have seen the wordpress app. Blog from anywhere, anytime using a device you’re likely to have with you at all times. The possibilities…