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Blogging Through Basic Training Pt. Two

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Over the past couple weeks I’ve been blogging the events of Army Basic Training by proxy. My friend
Jeremy left on Jan 20th for Fort Benning Georgia and has been sending letters home for me to post on his blog. My initial post about this on BlogCritics garnered some attention and soon the site was picked up by
The BlogFather himself over at InstaPundit! After that the hits have been coming in from ALL OVER.

Jeremy’s letters describe what it’s like to go through Army Basic with pretty much no idea what to expect next. A pretty interesting read, the only downside being that the entries are sent by snail mail (but since soldiers are only allowed to send and receive letters thats to be expected). This site as been welcomed by former and current servicemen and it’s interesting just to read the comments of soldiers as they reminisce and give advice about their experiences in Basic. Jeremy starts BRM (Basic Rifle Marksmanship) next week so be sure to stop by and take a look!

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