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Blogging For a Living

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Are you interested in making an income as a blogger? I know I am. Problogger is a site I visit often to get ideas on how Blog for a living. The article How Bloggers Make Money from Blogs is an excellent introduction to the concept of monetizing your blog. So far the only one I have used is Adsense. I have only had my blog open for business three months now; therefore I have not seen results as yet. However as my readership grows I hope to try some of the other ideas for making an income as a blogger.

Another concept that is intriguing is writing for other Blogs in Blog Networks. These are networks of bloggers. Bloggers get paid for their postings.

The article also talks about consulting and speaking as another path for people who gain notoriety through blogging. I am definitely intrigued by this one. An example is given of a man who became an authority in 18 months through his blog. He had no prior knowledge in his area of expertise. The person went on to charge $200 an hour in consulting fees.

So if you think you have what it takes to become a “ProBlogger” and you have a blog that has mass appeal give some of the ideas in the article a try.

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  • Blogging for a living can be done. 1) Be Yourself. 2) Be different. 3) Money Will Follow.

  • Congrats on being one of the top in my search on google 🙂

    I’m learning the ways of bloggers and ProBlogger is a good help!


  • I, too, frequent ProBlogger and JenSense.com – both great choices. And the book, is sure to be a best seller among serious bloggers.