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Bloggers give good Head-ache!

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Here is why I don’t feel at home speaking on Bloggers. I did a post at Blogcritics.org and got a reply back:

If you are interested in finding out about Blogcritics Bloggers, then check out the archives. I found “Our happy hate crimes :)” by Al Barger to be compelling (it got well over 100 comments). Don’t ever bring up Randy Weaver or David Koresh when Al Barger or Mac Diva are watching. I just made this mistake, and it started again (see InstaPundit Glenn Reynolds, paranoid).

Of course, this is the type of blogging that you are referring to (it all started with a debate about the politcal leanings of Instapundit). I don’t have a problem with it, and I especially like when people add humor (Al Barger and Mac Diva do this well). There are other types of things going on with posts and comments, though. I just posted On Being Offended, which I think has a positive message about tolerating the views of others. Keep in mind, though, that critics tend to criticize.

Who is Instapundit and why does everyone focus so intently on him?

I think I will focus on Sports and have some more Aspirin.

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  • Who is Instapundit and why does everyone focus so intently on him?

    Er, not everyone — I have only visited it a few times and then backed out pretty quickly. Not my cup of tea.

  • The Instapundit is a law professor name of Glenn Reynolds. He has a popular website. He was one of the first bloggers, one of the most widely read, and has sent encouragement and traffic to a lot of others coming up behind him.

    I don’t think there are that many people particularly intently focused on him. We just happen to have one who is: Brian Flemming. Brian seems to have focused some unrequited love/hate on Glenn.

  • Eric Olsen

    Glenn is also a Blogcritic. He has by far more traffic than any other blogger and has made himself the best-known name in the field, even though most mainstream media outlets now have blogs. I find Brian’s animus against him bizarre.

  • John Mudd

    I find Brian’s animus against him to be a strategy to drive more traffic to his blog and to increase his Google rankings.

    Of course, I only say that, having posted some things here for similar purposes.

    I find Brian and Glenn to both be interesting reads, but I do enjoy reading anything and everything I can, time permitting, of course.

  • Grasshopper, snatch this pebble from my hand, but before you do that, measure twice — cut once.

    What is the sound of … erm, I forgot.

    Ask Google, that smartass knows everything.

  • Glenn attracts a lot of people who brown-nose him in hope of getting links to the most popular Right Wing blogger, Zud. (The other side of that story would be Atrios.) I think Brian is trying to offset that ‘let us worship the leader’ trend by pointing out the emperor is butt naked. I pretty much agree too much noise is made over the InstaPundit (he of the short cites that seldom do more than provide a link) so I’m down with Brian in this regard.

  • Addendum. I’m not saying this out of envy, for the record. True, someone who began blogging as a protege of Atrios,’ like I did, never stood a chance of being smiled on by Glenn. He hates Atrios. Wouldn’t even cite Eschaton or put it on his blogroll back when I spent a lot of time there. However, it is my personal opinion, not anyone else’s, that the InstaPundit is much over-rated.

  • And on that note, you’ll be able to find an article starring me in Florida Realtor Magazine’s February issue where I will likely be over-rated (IMHO) as a Realtor-blogger. It’s not about how good you really are as a blogger, it’s about how much media attention you’re able to generate with it. That’s how you get those high ratings.

  • Squeaky wheel gets the grease, John? So now why haven’t you posted your list of muddiest moments of 2003?

  • John Mudd

    It’s coming soon to a blog near you.

  • BB

    I find most of the so-called legends of blogdome over-rated. It seems that reality does not measure up to all of the hype. Holy cow, did I just agree with MD!!!

  • Twice. We’re both concerned about government laxity and mad cow disease, too.

  • BB

    I’d better mark this in the calendar!