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Blogger reinvents itself

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Yea Google. Blogger has reinvented itself. Yesterday the new version has more features competing with Movable Type and other high-end blogging packages while striving to be easier for novices.

This has been a public service announcement.

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  • Speaking of livejournal, a certain one that I know of has been suspended and I had a cryptic email from someone else saying that they were happy that I had “banned” this user from my own MOVABLETYPE website. I am not sure what the hell they were talking about, but this livejournal would regularly show up in my referrers listings.

    Does anyone know why someone would be suspended from LiveJournal?

    I am really curious about this.

  • BB

    I agree Tom. I was playing around with the commenting feature last night and it’s fairly basic.

  • They may have reinvented themselves, but they’re still blockheads – non-Blogger.com members can only leave anonymous comments on sites. That’s just like LiveJournal, and is one of the reasons I don’t visit LiveJournals – if I can’t leave a comment on something, I don’t really have an interest in even reading it. Dumb, plain and simple.