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Blogcritics.org Reaches 10 Million Unique Visitors Mark

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Congratulations to Blogcritics.org upon reaching the 10 million unique visitors mark, just before their third anniversary (August 12, 2005).

For those not familiar with Blogcritics.org, whose tagline is, “A sinister cabal of superior bloggers on music, books, film, popular culture, technology, and politics,” it is a large group blog (1058 authors) that is also a news service that is also a community.

I originally stumbled across Blogcritics.org in November of 2004 while I was looking for ways to let people on the Internet know that I am here. The search string “blog increase visibility” brought me to a Blogcritics.org post entitled, Are You a Blogcritic? which was written by Blogcritics.org publisher, Eric Olsen.

I did not really think of myself as a Blogcritic when I emailed Mr. Olsen with my name, blog URL and primary areas of interest, but I soon learned that that is exactly what I am and I have been posting articles and comments there on a semi-regular basis ever since.

I am not certain of how much actual — in the marketing sense — public exposure Blogcritics has provided for my little corner of the blogosphere (of course there is always that linkie thingie), but I did get what I was really after, which was not really publicity, but people with whom to share interesting discussions.

And the people are the reason why I keep returning to Blogcritics.org. They are a mostly smart, always interesting (and never without opinions and observations) mix of authoritarians, libertarians, Bible thumpers, proselytizing atheists, elitists, dilettantes, conspiracy theorists, doomsayers, pundits, pedants, polemicists, partisans, real intellectuals, pseudo-intellectuals and wannabe intellectuals, like yours truly.

I may not always agree with what these wonderfully diverse folks have to say, but one does not find enlightenment in a vacuum and mutual admiration societies bore me to tears. Anyone who feels the same way ought to consider joining Blogcritics.org.

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About Margaret Romao Toigo

  • Well done and well said, Margaret.

    I don’t think I’m the only one who will be trying to figure out which label applies from the list you’ve provided!

  • Bennett

    Perfect Margaret. Similar story for me, four months later than you. Sorta feel like a vet now, what with all the changes that have happened in the short six months that I’ve been a Blogcritic.

    Man, that sounds good.

    I really need a BC ballcap and t-shirt!

  • Dawn

    Wow, this site has some awesome writers and editors.

    My hats off to you all!! Congrats!!

  • RC

    I agree 100 percent. I think this is a great place to intertact and share your opininons on differnet topics and see it form differnet peoples point of view and so much more.

  • Eric Berlin wrote:“I don’t think I’m the only one who will be trying to figure out which label applies from the list you’ve provided!”

    I’ll never tell.

    The strange thing is that there are several people here whose posts and/or comments I really enjoy reading, but I hardly ever converse with those folks, instead preferring to engage people whose ideas I find flawed, illogical, ridiculous or just plain stupid (even when they are well-written, which many are).

  • gonzo marx

    nicely said, Margaret, as usual…

    pseudo-intellectual with bad spelling and delusions of grandeur here!!

    just stating for the record, your Honor…
    what?..contempt?..you lousy bastiche!!!

    hey..get yer filthy paws offa me, ya damned dirty apes!!

    tell them all!!!!…soylent green is peeeeepulll!!!

    but i digress…


  • Thank you, gonzo — for the compliment and the homage to two of my favorite classic sci-fi films.