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Blogcritics.org on SUBJECT2DISCUSSION: Natalie Davis Edition

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Blogcritics.org has partnered with Shaun OMac Daily’s popular web radio show SUBJECT2DISCUSSION, which airs Tuesday nights at 7 pm PT, 10 pm ET on the LV Rocks site, for a weekly Pop Culture report during the show from 8-8:30 PT.

There may well be some of you who only know Natalie Davis as our crack Politics editor — and well she should be known for same! — but Natalie is also a spinning, swirling fount of vast popular culture knowledge and enthusiasm and was a natural to present the Blogcritics segment last night.

Here’s Nat’s report on last night’s show: “First, we talked about splits – Jessica and Nick, Britney and Kevin. We moved on to talk about Carrie and Bo of American Idol, Julia DeMato’s DUI, a little Paula and Corey, a mention of Simon Cowell’s re-signing for five seasons, and whether the show may be reaching (or past) its peak. Finally, we talked about films – The Chronicles of Narnia, Rent, and King Kong.”


For those who missed the program live, it’s available via podcast. If you have an iPOD this is the iPOD RSS URL. For those sans iPOD, the podcast can be accessed from this page.

Last night’s show specifically is here.


7-7:30 PT – “News to You,” Shaun discusses news items that listeners send in as well as the big news of the day and week

7:30-8:00 PT is “Political Discussion” time with Justin from the Donklephant centrist political blog

8-8:30 is Pop Culture Discussion with Blogcritics.org

8:30-9:00 is “Science Fiction Buzz” with Judy from ScienceFictionBuzz.com

Shaun says, “Having the outstanding Blogcritics.org as a regular contributor to the program is very flattering indeed, the listeners now have a complete magazine radio show thanks to Blogcritics.org.”

We are equally flattered to have been asked, Shaun, thanks – jJoin us every Tuesday live or via podcast at your convenience!

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  • Natalie did great, sorry for the delay in the post. Been a very busy week at the hotel I work at in Vegas.

    Sports?? That would require another half hour segment..I dont have the sponsorship for the majority of the studio time for the time I have already..lol

    Hoping that a sponsor will like the format of the program and step up.

    Ideally, I would like to do the program five nights a week for two hours a night. That would require a radio station picking up the program.

    If you all could help by helping to spread the word, I would appreciate. With one of the original programs regularly featuring bloggers cancelled (Connected Coast to Coast on MSNBC) I hope that my program will live on for years to come.

  • RogerMDillon

    Yeah, they should get back to something important like picking football games.

  • Matthew T. Sussman

    While I too enjoyed the fluidity of the delivery … come on. American Idol? Jessica Simpson? Waste of precious airwaves.

  • DJ, my podcast will resume after the first of the year. I’m taking advantage of some serious technical difficulties which killed Podcast 18 to retool and refresh. 🙂

    EB, I’ll decide that definitely either Monday or Tuesday, so I can’t really preview them just yet. It depend on what Blogcritics write about between now and then!

  • Phillip – Can you give us a preview of the topics you’ll be discussing on the show?

  • Phil-lip! Phil-lip! Phil-lip!

    I am sending karma your way. You ought to have plenty of podcast energy seeing how your ambitious schedule for the OBH cast has falterd. 😉

  • The pressure’s on — I’ll be doing the segment this Tuesday and I’ve got to try to live up to the standard set by Natalie Davis? Sheesh!

  • I finally got to hear the segment. She really did a great job. Can’t wait to hear the rest of the BC crew get in on this action and to hear her get in there and mix it up again. Very good.

  • Eric Olsen

    great news Marq, thanks!

  • Marq

    truly a great approach to giving listeners news from around the world and also the pop culture and science fiction and politics. i cannot believe that this show has been on into two years and i just heard about it from this site

  • Listening right now and I agree that Natalie sounds fantastic, like a natural entertainment journalism vet!

  • Eric Olsen

    GP, Natalie sounds great, I totally agree! We will be starting up BC Radio again after the first of the year and very much want Natalie to participate!

  • Once the ice is broken, why don’t you Eric see if it is feasible to run a BC podcast? The echo effect, reverberation? And Natalie’s voice, oh my! She is a natural!

  • I am making the mental note to download this and give it a listen. Cheers to ND in advance for leading things off. Can’t wait to hear her contribution as well as those in the coming days, weeks, and months.

  • Eric Olsen

    great idea Allyson, we should definitely plug it in advance! But everyone else, check out the podcast – super job Nat!!

  • unknown

    the only reason nick went out with her is because she’s just a hot piece of ass

  • Allyson

    AWESOME show!!!!! had no idea that there was a news show like for the rest of us. the two hours damn just flew by so fast.

    i liked the presentation of the show the news then the bs of politics and then the blogcritics natalie who was awesome and the science friction part to end the show was way cool tooo..maybe next time you all and plug it before the show so we can listen live, seems like there was quite a bit of chatroom participation in the show last night