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Blogcritics: Who We Are

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I have been asked many times to put up a description of Blogcritics, so here it is: is unique on the internet: an interactive online magazine collecting the talents of over 800 writers from all over the world to deliver an average of 50 new stories a day in the form of news, reviews and opinion on music, books, movies, television, celebrities, technology, politics, culture and countless other topics, conveniently separated into five sections: Music, Books, Video, Culture/Tech, and Politics, each section with its own editor.

Blogcritics presents a fascinating mix of peer-reviewed voices – from seasoned journalism professionals to motivated amateurs, all knowledgeable and passionate – led by the writing and editing of Eric Olsen a journalist, author, media observer and broadcast professional for over 20 years.

Combine that deep and rich content with an empowered, interactive readership and you can see why there has been a buzz around Blogcritics since its inception in August, 2002.

Blogcritics is an official Google News source, contributes reviews to the Advance Internet family of sites, and has been the recipient of numerous awards including Yahoo! Pick of the Week, the 2003 Bloggie for Best Music Site, Forbes magazine selection as one of the Five Best Media sites, a TechTV selection as Best Blog, top blog designation by NBC-TV’s High Tech Talk, Toronto Star’s Movie Blog pick, PC magazine’s “best of the Internet,” and has been featured in the NY Times, USA Today, NPR, BBC, AP, and many many others.

In essence, Blogcritics rules, modestly, of course.

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