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Blogcritics – The Nip And Tuck

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Blogcritics.org is still under the expert knife of Philip Winn and Eric Olsen. The melee of changes are breathtaking in their splendor. I feel like a husband who no longer feels comfortable with his now hot wife. The girl retains her old charms – she was easy to delve into; the intrigue lay in the comfort of her familiarity.

Now she is all new, somewhat like a bride on her second tryst with marriage (though still young and nimble ) – mysteriously grand and yet forbidding in her vast displacement of familiar assets which we are unable to locate despite the easily accessible tabs that they are showcased in. The colors of the various page layouts are soothing in their satiny richness- lavender, purple, greys etc speak of a comfortable boudoir where one can feel arrays of emotions from amusement, inspiration and even tumultuous anger leading to civilized word wars (the previous fur-flying was toned down by the red sign saying -no personal attacks allowed.)

The changes happened while I was on a two month trip to California. She was forgotten as I indulged in experiences that a much needed vacation brings in its wake. My world without her didn’t seem to come to a standstill, nor did I miss her. I eagerly anticipated my return home , to a disciplined life and more so to familiarity- to my shabby recliner , my bed , my old slippers and my good old Blogcritics.org.

The rude awakening came the next morning – the site had changed completely and I couldn’t recognise it. Shock coursed through my system, I yelled- when did this happen? where the f**** are the comments? what does this tab do? I’m lost!

I didn’t know the site anymore, it was as if my old bond with her had been ruthlessly severed while I was distracted by the outside world. Somehow I felt cheated, I wanted the old Blogcritics back. For a few days I sulked and refused to go to her and when I did visit the site- I felt like a bumbling fool who had lost her way despite being given explicit directions on paper.

Even now the left over feeling of befunddlement and exasperation clings to me when I happen to visit Blogcritics. She is evolving at a such dynamic speed that I am left coughing at her dusty trail.

For example – A feeling of chagrin had came over me two days ago when I happened to click a bold tab that said Culture and saw my post in the spotlight section. I was shocked- When did that happen? Worse still, I wouldn’t have known about it if I hadnt clicked the tab by mistake.

The silent work of the editors speaks volumes for the quality of the content Perhaps the different sections will evolve into individualistic visions of each editor.

The fault for this feeling of unfamiliarity was mine and still is – I am a creature of habit. I like to take things for granted , it makes me feel as if things are under my control, as if some things can be done out of sheer habit and need no thinking.

Blogcritics.org is like a young girl who is discovering her potential – reaching it and yet wanting more. There will definitely be more changes to come, she is after all no more than a few years old and I have no right to expect her to act like an old wife whose familiarity would draw me into the rut of comfortability and habit.

She is evolving into a classy Web 2.0 online magazine from a grungy cabal of bloggers, while still retaining the individuality that makes it like no other place on the web.

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  • Victor, I agree with you -the net is highly addictive, more so is blogcritics. Its like being with a seductive woman , once you’ve tasted her wares, you keep coming back for more

    BTW, you being single sure breaks the myth that the best guys are either gay or taken;)

  • The section pages! The section pages!

    Seriously, check out those tabs along the top for a slightly less-dense view of the site. We’ll be working with the editors to expand their reach into their sections, and they’ll warp and twist those pages into whatever they wish soon enough. I’m betting that at least some of them will choose a less-dense view of what they think are the best articles on the site. 🙂

  • Swingingpuss, your experience parallels mine. I too was away when the change occurred, although for the opposite reason (no vacation for me, just lots more time at the workplace), and when I returned the site seemed to have become almost, but not quite, entirely unlike the Blogcritics.org I had known and loved before.

    This place had already been one of the most densely packed sources of conversation and commentary I’d ever encountered. Now it is more densely packed, which I wouldn’t even have thought possible before.

    Still, I’m trying not to think too much about your metaphor of the site’s womanly qualities, because, well, as a single guy who already spends way too much time online, I just can’t afford to think of the Internet in those terms. To paraphrase a great line from way back when the Star Wars movies were good, once a man starts down that dark path, forever will it dominate his destiny.

  • Mark, do u mean it’s getting more ‘stacked?’

    Philip, the superior quality of the changes clearly reflects the hard work you guys are putting in.

  • I like that idea of Olson and Winn as ‘breast augmentors’ for the site.

  • Wow, thanks!

    Yes, it’s a bold new world into which we venture, and we’re sometimes too quiet about the radical progress.

    And don’t worry. Though you’re feeling a bit awkward now, she’ll be here for you as you grow more comfortable. 🙂