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Blogcritics Reader Survey – Win Prizes!

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Click here to take survey

(you will automatically be sent to the contest page upon completion of the survey)

About the Survey:

Blogcritics.org wants to know a bit about you, the reader. We know a lot of you because you comment here and email us, but many of you browse the site and then pass right under our noses.

We have created this survey so that we can get to know a bit about what people are reading this site. We don’t have any nefarious plots up our sleeve, but we know that filling out surveys can be kind of a pain sometimes, so we will also be giving out prizes to those who participate.

About the Contest:

After you complete the survey, you will be forwarded to a separate page to submit your information for the contest so there won’t be any worries about confidentiality.

The main prize will be a Microsoft Digital Image Suite 2006:

Product Features:

    All the tools you need to create unique images are here, including special effects, custom projects, and smart erase.
    Supports RAW files and includes a state-of-the-art archival technology that allows you to burn your photos and videos to CD, and more.
    Digital Image Suite Library helps you quickly organize and safekeep your photos.
    Protect and preserve your memories using state-of-the-art archival technology in the Digital Image Library to archive photos easily.
    The Suite Editor contains fast Auto Fixes and powerful correction tools, so you can easily enhance your images.

We will also come up with a couple other prizes that will include CD’s or DVD’s.

Click here to take survey

(you will automatically be sent to the contest page upon completion of the survey)

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About Craig Lyndall

  • Done and done. The only thing I didn’t like about it was the comment area at the very end that generated an email on my part. That shouldn’t happen. It should be a form that gets sent to you and doesn’t launch my outlook, know what I mean, Vern?

  • Agreed… my email ended up being sent from my work e-mail, which sucketh.

  • Done, done, done. E-mail was sent by my work e-mail also.

  • I tried to email in for the contest but it wouldn’t accept my email(I have never figured out how to get that outlook email feature to work. Usually the email address shows in the lower left corner of the page in question & I can work around the darn outlook thing, but in this case it didn’t show the email address, so I kept getting the error message with no info on how to fix it. Gatesism at its finest.)

    While we’re on technical annoyances — My blog provider changed & I fixed the url in the log-in profile & that’s fine. But that didn’t change my url on this ‘Add your comment’ page that comes up after each article. I finally did ‘Forget Name/url’ & that got rid of the wrong one. I thought that by logging out of the blogcritics site & logging back in & checking ‘Remember Name/url,’ it would reset.

    It *does* remember my name now, but tho I check the box every single time, it will *not* remember my new url the next time tho the url in the postage stamp by the posted comment is correct??? I’m afraid to just not check the box every time I preview?

    It’s not life-threatening, but I do try to comment a fair amount on folks’ posts and it is vexing. Cheers,

  • me, too. took the survey but couldn’t enter my name for the drawing because it pulled up my Mac.com email which I don’t use and don’t even remember the password for! (my fault, I know). Anyway, hope the info helps.

  • Nancy

    Ditto #4. Oh well.

  • Maurice

    I use linux and mozilla.

    Die Microsoft!