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Blogcritics Radio PODCAST Show Number 4

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Blogcritics RADIO PODCAST SHOW – Number 4
(14MB +++ 30m 53s)

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Green Think, Whisperado and the “fleeting” Invisible Cowboys have songs they want heard. Also Scott C. Smith and Phillip Winn talk reality show humiliation and the new look of Blogcritics.org, respectively.

Podcast Timeline

00:00 ::: Host, Podcast Jockey Temple Stark, welcomes you.

01:00 ::: Jersey band Green To Think, with Dear Urgency

05:03 ::: THE PJ

06:10 ::: Scott C. Smith has uses five minutes of his fame to quietly ream reality shows, British (in) sensibilities and the only votes that count these days. (Pearl Jam’s Better Man plays in the background. It’s a live “official bootleg” — oxymoron — from a Sept. 1 concert in Washington state. What it means is I bought it once and they say it’s mine to use, in the music lover’s sense of the word.

11:45 ::: THE PJ

12:33 ::: Jenny May and Dave Tommo, describing the history of the song I Ain’t Got The Time. This performance features Rican Caol: percussion and Fyfe Dangerfield from the Guillemots. Jenny May and Dave Tommo, members of the British band the Babylon Cowboys, have their own Band Weblogs Podcast.

15:44 ::: I Ain’t Got The Time – The Invisible Cowboys.

19:21 ::: THE PJ

20:24 ::: Phillip Winn raps (not actual beat box rapping) about the new Blogcritics.org look. All the questions you wanted answers for, but were afraid to ask.

25:18 ::: THE PJ

26:20 ::: Jon Sobel, of the Whisperados, Never Been To Nashville – a country-tinged smooth-sailing tale of things not seen.

29:12 ::: The PJ signs of until next time. And invites you to be a part of it – E-mail me

30:53 ::: THE END

Next week features part of an interview with independent filmmaker Ismael Valentin, who last month finished filming the USA-Mexico border love story “Coyote Busters.”

(**All complete songs or extended excerpts used with permission.)

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About temple

Always been a writer, always maintained an interest in politics, how people communicate and fantasy worlds within photography and books. Previously wrote for Blogcritics back in 2005 and interested in exploring the issues and topics I'm interested - the changing landscape of entertainment. all from the POV of a creator first, consumer, second.
  • Podcast Number 4 drops. And it’s hot.

  • Temple! Thanks for playing the Band Weblogs Podcast segment and our music. We were in good company, too. Cool track by the Whisperados. 🙂

  • You guys were excellent.

    I’m glad you liked your surroundings – that’s the best part since you’ve heard you’re own work a gazillion times.

    – temple

  • Thanks for including Whisperado. Our debut EP will be out soon with six songs including “Never Been to Nashville.” Review copies will of course be available, ready for tearing apart by fellow Blogcritics. 🙂

  • Truly fantastic music to be found here. Jon, I had no idea you were part of such an outfit!? Really really wonderful stuff.

  • I only get five minutes of fame? I want six! Six!

    Thanks for letting me take part.

  • I was wrong aobut the cow testicles.

    It’s all bull from here


  • Stellar cast. Better tempo. I’ll make the next one.

  • Pat

    Hey Temple,

    On behalf of the band, GreentoThink, and myself, we thank you very much for giving us airplay on the Podcast. Truly appreciate the airtime! The podcast sounds like this is going to really take off and help artists get their music heard.

    All the best and keep it going,

    Pat, Publicist for GreentoThink-NJ

  • Temple,

    Did you leave it in? Are we still waiting to see who catches it first?