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Out with the old, in with the new! Following up on the success of Mobius Dick on Blogcritics Radio, we present Elliptical, featuring a mysterious and shadowy overlord and something vegetarian.

Simply visit Andromeda-powered Radio Free Blogcritics and click on the little green “play” button on the right to start listening right away. Once you’re in the flow that won’t let go, come on back to the browser window to learn more about the aforementioned shadowy overlord.

Elliptical has released two albums so far, and they’re appearing live in the Cleveland, Ohio, area soon. We’re working on making the discs available for purchase, and I’ll also let you know once I get the details on next week’s live gig.

Elliptical’s music falls roughly into the Techno category and has been described thusly:

  • “Latin-Math-Jazz-Rock with a phalanx of ghostly trumpeters. Big phat complex beats constructed from the flapping of big phat complex books. Sip a Mojito and slip into los groovos.”
  • “Song of the inner kinder jungle gym set. Metallic bells and children in hell. Gott In Himmel! Dance, damn you!”
  • “Swamis and snakes whirl over hot coals to percussion from around the world and down your street. The rhythm controls the pace.”
  • “Big Stomping Monster Will Destroy Us All!!!! Run Little Kenny!!! Classic rock dinosaur rears it’s ugly head and frightens local villagers into signing over synchronization rights.”
  • “You can’t buy respect, but ironically, you can sample it. Centered upon a mysterious deep Southern groove.”
  • “Trans-analysis report warns against familial closeness at the risk of permanent and irreversible dysfunctional psychic damage to parent and child. Or maybe it was the reverse.”
  • “The detuned drone of an air filter tripping, hopping and mumbling under its breath. Hey, it’s cheaper than a Nord Lead 3.”

Elliptical is a two-man team. One half of the “mysterious and foreboding, but in a friendly way” team is Tofu, who has some independent tracks of his own. The other is our very own esteemed leader, Eric Olsen. Or, “EO” as he likes to be known when performing as half of Elliptical.

We are looking for indie artists who control their own copyrights to be featured on Blogcritics Radio – just email Eric Olsen at ecolsen2003@cs.com

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About pwinn

  • Elliptical RAWKS!

    Great work, Tofu and EO. Inventive, witty, listenable, fun.

    (Mobius Dick was very cool, too. Blogcritics radio so far: 2 for 2.)

  • Eric Olsen

    Thanks Brian, very nice of you.

  • Great to see some exposure for this fantastic duo. Check out “Liquid Body Punch” for a song that will knock your socks off!

  • Eric Olsen

    Thanks Jim – you rock.