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Blogcritics On the Pulse – Martin Luther King, Vince Young, Lindsay Lohan

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Who ever would have thought you would hear those three names grouped together?

Every week Google details the most popular searches that go through their site. In this column, I will be detailing the correlations between the Google Zeitgeist and Blogcritics stories. I find the waves of popularity in search terms to be fascinating and I think the correlations to Blogcritics material will be interesting.

Sometimes the correlations will be obvious like when the Janet Jackson thing happened, and I had just happened to write a story about that Super Bowl halftime show before it happened and a traffic landslide ensued. Other times we have stories that pre-date the appearance of a search item on the list and it will be interesting to look at an old Blogcritics story through the lens of more recent developments.

On with the list for the week ending January 9, 2006

1. vince young
2. texas longhorns
3. emily stern
4. dancing with the stars
5. marcus vick
6. CES
7. lindsay lohan
8. wedding crashers
9. martin luther king
10. bird flu
11. USC
12. isla fisher
13. detroit auto show
14. lou rawls
15. drake bell

And now for the Blogcritics stories on Vince Young, Lindsay Lohan, and Martin Luther King

1. Vince Young
The breakout performance in the national championship football game has led to this entry.

    Hype Machine Breaks Down in Rose Bowl
    If there is one lesson that needs to be learned by the national pundits after Texas’ “shocking” win over Southern California in the Rose Bowl, it is this:
    No one knows anything.

    The back-to-back Heisman Trophy winners couldn’t save the Trojans Wednesday…
    Posted to Sports by Zach Baker on January 5, 2006 09:19 AM (Relevance: 1)

    A Dynasty Falls – Longhorns Win Title
    It didn’t take quite as long as the ten years Homer described, but the result was the same. The walls of Troy crumbled and one is left standing.
    In this case they hail from Austin, Texas.
    For a second consecutive…
    Posted to Sports by Dan McGowan on January 5, 2006 03:37 AM (Relevance: 2)

    Bevo’s Back in Beverly Hills
    Granted, while I was in school we lost to OU every year and had our share of heartbreaking games, I am still proud to be a Texas Longhorn. While most in my family were Sooners or Razorbacks, I stood…
    Posted to Sports by Erin McMaster on December 4, 2005 12:57 AM (Relevance: 2)

    College Football Week in Review – Week 4, 2005
    It’s over! They did it. Finally someone took up the challenge and did it. No, USC still won despite an early scare. And Vanderbilt won too to continue undefeated into October. I am talking about Marshall…
    Posted to Sports by Ben Miraski on September 27, 2005 02:25 AM (Relevance: 1)

    Week In Review – Week 3, 2005
    If you like defense in your college football, this was not a week to be watching. Point totals were consistently upwards of 60, with Texas Tech throwing up an 80 spot on Sam Houston before mercifully stopping the scoring…
    Posted to Sports by Ben Miraski on September 20, 2005 06:20 PM (Relevance: 1)

    College Football Week in Review, Week 2, 2005
    The game of the season? Possible Rose Bowl preview? Well, the speculation can be ended as Texas and Ohio State played an amazing game of football to serve as a major high point of a wild weekend of…
    Posted to Sports by Ben Miraski on September 13, 2005 02:57 AM (Relevance: 2)

    Blogcritics: Get Your Football Gaming On
    It’s football season again (thank thy Lords of the Pigskin!) which means tailgating with chunks of seared flesh, the fleshy jowls of John Madden waxing rhapsodic about America’s new national pastime, and lots and lots of flying bodies, aerial assaults,…
    Posted to Sports by Eric Berlin on September 12, 2005 12:45 AM (Relevance: 2)

    Hail Longhorns= Hail Satan?
    Well, at least if you are a Norwegian it does. Of course, to the metal world, he is just doing the long live heavy metal sign. Can’t wait to see what the tin-foil hat brigade have to say about…
    Posted to Music by Marty Dodge on January 22, 2005 10:12 AM (Relevance: 1)

7. Lindsay Lohan
With the interview with Vanity Fair coming out and reports of bulimia combined with reports out of New York of a substance fueled trip to Scores Gentleman’s club with Kate Moss and that equals Google success.

9. Martin Luther King
Obviously with Martin Luther King day occurring on 1/16/2006 the world and Internet searchers are looking for information on my fellow Boston University alumnus, Martin Luther King.

    The Death Of Martin Luther King, Jr. And The Civil Rights Movement
    His eyesight must have been damned good, because almost forty years after that speech we’re no closer to getting there now than we were on that April night in Memphis, Tennessee.
    Posted to Politics by gypsyman on January 17, 2006 06:48 PM (Relevance: 3)

    Recalling Rosa Parks On Martin Luther King Day
    We often look to the holders of power to make changes for our society. Perhaps we need to look in the mirror and reflect on what we can do.
    Posted to Politics by allendrury on January 17, 2006 02:37 AM (Relevance: 3)

    The Failure of a Dream and the New Apartheid
    Martin Luther King dreamed of one America, but today we have two Americas living in an economic apartheid which is in many ways a legacy of King’s era.
    Posted to Politics by Dave Nalle on January 16, 2006 05:10 PM (Relevance: 4)

    Today’s national holiday marks the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr., who would have been 76 on Saturday. King’s legacy more than three decades after his assassination in Memphis, Tenn., on April 4, 1968, at the…
    Posted to Straight Up by Jan Herman on January 17, 2005 11:09 AM (Relevance: 3)

    Racial Inequlity vs. Economic Inequality
    Lani Guinier visited the University of Michigan on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. She gave a speech in which she emphasized that poverty is an issue that must be dealt with alongside of the issue of racism.
    Posted to Politics by Dirtgrain on February 3, 2004 09:25 PM (Relevance: 3)

    Martin Luther King Day
    Many of you may know that when it comes to holidays, etc… I really don’t care one way or another. Nothing is sacred in my world. I do know that most everyone enjoys as day off and as…
    Posted to Culture by Ms. Tek on January 19, 2004 12:06 PM (Relevance: 3)

    The Dream Lives for 40 Years and Counting
    Forty years ago today, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. delivered an oration on the steps at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC, and ended up making history. The words the civil-rights leader spoke that day continue to touch the minds and hearts of good people around the world who share his dream of a planet free from bigotry, of a day where we are judged by nothing more than the content of our character.
    Posted to Books by Natalie Davis on August 28, 2003 05:15 PM (Relevance: 3)

    Henry Ford, the greatest benefactor in human history
    Henry Ford may not have given a good goddam about a black man. However, he did black Americans far more good than even the sainted Martin Luther King.
    Posted to Culture by Al Barger on July 30, 2003 04:23 AM (Relevance: 3)

    Don’t Act Like ‘This’ King
    Martin Luther King was an inspiration to millions around the world, but Rodney King just made people riot. Let’s face it, Rodney King is an idiot. Don’t get me wrong, he didn’t deserve to get his ass kicked by the LAPD. However, some would argue that he needs an ass-kicking now more than ever.
    Posted to Culture by Fabian Gonzalez on April 16, 2003 01:14 PM (Relevance: 6)

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  • Why does this post exist? Seems like a naked ploy to encourage Blogcritics writers to conform to the “popular.” And to add internal links for no real reason at all.

    Spefically if you’re talking about “Google Zeitgeist” the post makes almost no sense when you pull posts from 2003 and 2004.

    Thumbs down. Leave it in the Yahoo group for the handful that care.

  • In extra words, the set up was badly written.

    – Temple, the blatantly helpful

  • Great job Craig, it’s always weird and mundane and fascinating all at once to see what people en masse are most searching for.

  • Dave Nalle

    Well Temp, they didn’t pull my MLK day post from last year, so clearly there’s a problem.


  • It isn’t a ploy for anything except that I found the Zeitgeist interesting and wondered what the archives would hold for some of the topics. As this continues, I will take suggestions as to what I need to do to improve it.

    By the way, the connection between current events and what has happened with a person or thing in the past is interesting because we seem to selectively rewrite past history when it suits our fancy.

    Also, sorry if your entry didn’t show up. I tried to search just on the same search terms that showed up on the list. I admit that I cheated a little bit with Vince Young by searching for Texas Longhorns, but I didn’t think it was totally unfair as it was the number 2 item on the list.


  • I like this idea. To be honest, I am still going to write about things that interest me regardless of whether or not they become the big ‘search engine’ hit of the century. Still, doing something like this is one more way to help people find what they are looking for. That can’t be a bad thing.

  • Exactly. I’m with DJ on this.