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Blogcritics On the Pulse – Joe Pichler, The Golden Globes, Sasha Cohen, The NFL

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This week’s Google Zeitgeist is out. Here is the list.

[ADBLOCKHERE]1. joe pichler
2. golden globes
3. james franco
4. james frey
5. angelina jolie pregnant
6. martin luther king
7. kim mathers
8. sasha cohen
9. smoking gun
10. denver broncos
11. naked news
12. hoodwinked
13. michelle wie
14. seahawks
15. friday the 13th

I am not especially interested in the things on the list this week. Martin Luther King is a carry-over from last week’s list. More than a few people seem to still be chasing James Frey and other than that there is a lot of interest in Angelina Jolie and her apparent pregnancy.

1. joe pichler

While Blogcritics doesn’t even have a mention of Joe Pichler on the site, I found the reason for his entry to be quite interesting. It is kind of like being a voyeur of a bunch of voyeurs. Nobody was really intersted in Joe Pichler until he became “that former child actor from the Beethoven movies that disappeared and might be dead.” I haven’t really been following this story until I read about it here, but it is a sad story. And not to be crass, but look at this picture that was released by his family.

2. golden globes

Now this is a topic that the Blogcritics have really taken hold of. This is a topic which resides in the site wheelhouse if you will.

8. sasha cohen

Sasha Cohen makes an appearance on the list for a couple of reasons and programmers of Project Runway should be especially happy. There was apparently a competition amongst the designers of the show to design an ice skating outfit for skater Sasha Cohen. I don’t know anything about the show, but apparently I am in the minority.

On Blogcritics there isn’t a single mention of Sasha Cohen, but there is a single mention of Project Runway with Don Baiocchi discussing the debut of the second season of the hit show.

10. denver broncos, 14. seahawks

Obviously the NFL playoffs are in full swing and the world is looking for information about all the teams involved. Maybe there are a lot of gamblers looking for an edge for their bets. Maybe people just can’t wait to watch.

For all of the Blogcritics news about the NFL playoffs, you can go to the NFL Playoffs master post for all the latest.

So, that’s it for the second week of the analysis of the Google Zeitgeist. I have included a link to the post over on Google and welcome any more feedback on how to make this feature even better.

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  • sal m

    i love the pictures of brad pitt and his new owner in haiti…he has a look on his face in some of the photos like “oh my god, what am i doing here? i should be in malibu chasing skirts.” now that she’s preggie, jolie is gonna lead him around on a leash…anyone wanna make odds as to how long he hangs around? will brad pull a federline and leave before the baby is born?