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Blogcritics On the Pulse – Anna Benson, Miss America, Leif Garret and More

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Google Zeitgeist for the week ending January 23rd is out there, and it is a pretty good list for Blogcritics. These are your most popular searches according to Google and here are the intersections with Blogcritics.

Anna Benson is way more famous than her husband even though she really doesn’t do anything except pose for those not-quite-nudie magazines like FHM and Maxim, and give quotes to the newspapers in whatever town her baseball playing husband ends up pitching in. (Yeah, folks. He is a major league pitcher in case you didn’t know.)

The latest move for the queen of all MLB wives is to Baltimore, and many pictures and newspaper articles have and will continue to ensue.

Who is Zac Efron? Color me out-of-the-loop, but until this week, I had never heard this name before in my entire life. Apparently, he is the star of some Disney show called High School Musical, (which is not aimed at my demographic) and as a result has one of the top music singles in the country with his co-star, Vanessa Anne Hudgens.

Don’t look now folks, but the Disney marketing machine might be back on track. Cross-promoting TV and music isn’t new, but then again, it has been a long time since The Monkees were on TV.

There is no secret why Kate Beckinsale is on the list of searches. Yes, I know she is gorgeous, but that isn’t it. She has a very sci-fi type movie out with her sequel to Underworld. This is like the perfect storm. Sci-fi plus beautiful woman equals Internet popularity. Can you imagine if you could get a picture of Angelina Jolie playing Dungeons and Dragons? What if Carmen Electra talked about Battlestar Galactica in her next interview?

An Internet search explosion as the geeks who normally write off beautiful women would stop searching for pictures of Carrie Anne Moss and instead switch their focuses the the new-found first women of geekdom.

Despite the contest being moved to cable television, the Miss America pageant rolls along. Country Music Television aired the contest this year and the winner came from Oklahoma. I guess it is big news considering the fact that at one point in the 60’s there was a TV audience of over 80 million people for the contest. Now, people would rather watch Simon humiliate the hell out of bad singers on American Idol.

Jenna Elfman is getting a huge push because of her new show, Courting Alex which appears on CBS. She has been in and out of popularity a lot over the years with Dharma and Greg, roles in EdTV, and Can’t Hardly Wait. My absolute favorite is the totally underrated movie Keeping the Faith. Anyway, it hasn’t been good news for TV lately with Heather Graham’s show lasting only a single episode. Hopefully Dharma can turn Alex into a success.

Garrett is a former teen idol and he has had some problems with drug charges lately. Apparently he is going to give rehab a try.

I also don’t know what this is all about. Apparently it is a classic car auction? They sold off some classic cars? Someone help me out here. They had a classic car auction and topped $100 million. Is that it? Sometimes I am not on the pulse, I guess.

American Idol probably won’t leave the zeitgeist until after a winner has been announced this season. And even then, it might not be ready to give up a slot in the search statistics.

Tanith Belbin is a beautiful ice skater. You following the pattern here? People want to read about beautiful people.

Tennis is way more popular than I thought.

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In one of the only serious stories to make it to the top searches this week, Jill Carroll is in a race against time as she continues to be detained by terrorists with demands in Iraq.

Maria Sharapova is apparently the next Anna Kournikova. If we are lucky maybe she will actually win a tennis tournament in between posing for photos.

Superbowl XL, duh


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  • Craig,

    This Met fan is mourning the loss of Anna Benson. I mean, come on, we could have sent Kris packing but kept her around as a …uh, a ball girl. Yeah, that’s it.

    Oh, and Zac Efron is my daughter’s new favorite boy on TV (it hasn’t hurt that she watched that movie nine times this week on Disney)!

  • Anna Benson – ball girl – heh. Very good, Victor.

    Poor Leif Garrett. Can’t this guy get a break? I thought he’d already done the whole rehab thing a couple of times! I guess this just goes to show that once you sleep with Nicolette Sheridan, no amount of Mallory Keaton action can heal your heart. Or something like that.

    Damn, Leif’s life is currently reading like a James Frey novel.

  • consider yourself tagged as an Ed. Pick for this week!

  • shelby c.

    I love you Zac Efron! You are soo cool! I think you rock! Oh my god I love you soo much! Love, Shelby Cathey.

  • jenn

    you are so cute i love your show
    i love you zaz

  • jenn

    i mean zac i messed up