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Brokeback Mountain: true love on the high chapparal – a world that doesn’t comprehend – get along little dogies – a sage-scented love rectangle.

Is Ang Lee’s film a breakthrough? A threat? A soap opera? Donnie Darko finds a Heath Bar? With eight nominations, will it clean up at the Oscars? Blogcritics examine the film, now out on DVD, and the phenomenon:

Brokeback Mountain Sells 1.4 Million Copies on its First Day
Despite protests, the DVD sells very well on its first day.
Posted to Video by Jet in Columbus on April 6, 2006 09:27 PM

DVD Pick of the Week: Brokeback Mountain
Slim pickings. There is very little I’m interested in this week. The lack of choices made the decision much easier.
Posted to Video by Chris Beaumont on April 4, 2006 07:55 AM

DVD Review: Brokeback Mountain
Brokeback Mountain was the most talked about film of 2005. Now it’s out on DVD with a ton of upclose and revealing bonus features.
Posted to Video by Greasy Guide on April 4, 2006 07:29 AM

DVD Review: Brokeback Mountain
If ever a movie made you walk in someone else’s shoes, this is it. So grab your masculine pride and head to the video store.
Posted to Video by Jet in Columbus on April 4, 2006 06:14 AM

Pop Cult Mind Wax – Brokeback Mountain, The Proposition, Same-Sex Obsession
The trials and tribulations of a pretentious, self-obsessed, lust-stricken twentysomething, as glimpsed through the throb of pop culture.
Posted to Culture by Duke De Mondo on March 6, 2006 06:38 AM

Movie Review: Brokeback Mountain
Whether you are gay or straight, male or female, all of the issues you have at the core are all the same to everyone else.
Posted to Video by Matthew Milam on March 1, 2006 10:37 AM

Movie Review: Brokeback Mountain
Can Brokeback live up the the Oscar hype?
Posted to Video by Film School Rejects on February 28, 2006 02:07 PM

Satire: Brokeback Mohammed
In Brokeback Mohammed, the Prophet and his early followers are depicted as homosexuals whose idea of prayer was to form…
Posted to Politics by Nicholas Stix on February 18, 2006 01:51 AM

Music: Willie Nelson’s New Song Goes Brokeback
I suspect the country legend’s point is to tell society to grow the hell up and accept that love is love.
Posted to Music by Natalie Davis on February 17, 2006 04:15 PM

Satire: Cheney’s Gay Partner Shot
Brokeback Mountain + Cheney = Pain?
Posted to Politics by Scott Butki on February 13, 2006 09:23 PM

Notable/Quotables 2/6/06
Quotes of Note that reflect what conservatives think. Or are up against. An Unbiased CNN Host? There’s nothing wrong with being biased. In fact, visit almost…
Posted to Politics by Patfish on February 6, 2006 07:39 AM

Movie Review: Brokeback Mountain
Nominated for 8 Oscars but, is overhyped, IMHO. Michelle Williams should win for Best Supporting Actress, however.
Posted to Video by Triniman on February 4, 2006 02:13 AM

Brokeback Mountain Blues
… tumultuous thoughts, tormenting conflicts of interest and personal struggles brought to the surface, surging like lava from a volcano…
Posted to Video by David Ben-Ariel on February 3, 2006 06:04 AM

Movie Recap for January ’06: Brokeback Mountain
The movies are listed chronologically from the beginning of the month through the end, in the order I saw them.
Posted to Video by Chris Beaumont on February 1, 2006 08:40 AM

Movie Review: Brokeback Mountain
Is Brokeback Mountain the “Best Picture” of 2005?
Posted to Video by Brandon Valentine on January 31, 2006 05:04 PM

Dave’s Oscar Nod Predictions: Think They’ll Like Brokeback?
The guy who does those DVD previews thinks he knows so much. Well, does he?
Posted to Video by David Thomas on January 25, 2006 02:32 AM

Movie Review: Brokeback Mountain
Brokeback Mountain has benefited greatly from a wonderful promotional campaign. It has been selling out theaters across the country, and building up a good head of steam behind it with plenty of Oscar talk and four wins at the recent…
Posted to Video by Chris Beaumont on January 23, 2006 07:54 PM

Conservatives Blast A Brokeback They Haven’t Seen
I am sick and tired of people who insist on keeping the world as it is, and refuse to acknowledge the natural process of progression.
Posted to Video by Chris Evans on January 22, 2006 05:41 AM

Movie Review: Brokeback Mountain
Ang Lee’s direction is masterful, the performances spellbinding. The ending will haunt you.
Posted to Video by Ray Wong on January 20, 2006 08:46 PM

Golden Globes Preview
The Globes may not count for much, but they are fun to watch. I predict Brokeback Mountain and Grey’s Anatomy to be winners.
Posted to Video by Chip Ross on January 16, 2006 04:22 PM

Movie Review – Brokeback Mountain
A modern day western with all the makings of a classic love story.
Posted to Video by Joanne Cohen-Schenker on January 16, 2006 09:43 AM

We Aren’t Lost Yet In The Rhetoric Of Our Time
The outpouring of viewers to see Brokeback Mountain is a response to the idiocy practiced by many cultural warriors today.
Posted to Politics by allendrury on January 14, 2006 11:14 PM

Brokeback Mountain And The Cultural Divide
Should Hollywood feel snubbed that Utah banned Brokeback Mountain?
Posted to Culture by Tom Bux on January 11, 2006 09:12 PM

Crash and Brokeback Clean Up At The Critics Choice Awards
The critical darlings fared pretty well at tonight’s Critics’ Choice Awards, which kicked off the television awards season.
Posted to Video by Chris Evans on January 10, 2006 05:24 AM

Movie Review: Brokeback Mountain: In the Shadow of the Tire Iron
It’s not a gay western, it’s a gay soap opera.
Posted to Video by Alan Dale on January 9, 2006 05:21 AM

Movie Review: Brokeback Mountain and Breakfast On Pluto
What the protagonists of these new movies say about each other.
Posted to Video by Don Baiocchi on December 29, 2005 06:26

Brokeback Mountain — Not a “Gay” Film
This movie isn’t about gay cowboys. It’s about True Love and all that baloney.
Posted to Video by No Milk on December 24, 2005 02:16 PM

Movie Review: Brokeback Mountain
Ang Lee’s epic western provides a glimpse into how devestating love can be.
Posted to Video by Erin McMaster on December 21, 2005 11:48 PM

The Ladies of Brokeback Mountain
The women on Wisteria Lane could learn a lesson in desperation from this talented cast. Meet the ladies of Brokeback Mountain.
Posted to Video by Mitch Crumrine on December 19, 2005 03:46 PM

Movie Review: Brokeback Mountain
Brokeback Mountain is shattering box office records and generating awards and critical praise all over the country. Find out why…
Posted to Video by Mitch Crumrine on December 19, 2005 03:38 PM

Brokeback Mountain Rises Above Other Golden Globe Nominees
It looks like a year for tight races at the Golden Globes.
Posted to Video by Alisha Karabinus on December 13, 2005 11:46 AM

Movie Review: Brokeback Mountain
Love is a force of nature — and sexual preference doesn’t enter into it.
Posted to Video by Alisha Karabinus on December 9, 2005 01:54 PM

Movie Review: Brokeback Mountain
Brokeback Mountain – not a gay cowboy movie — it’s something much more powerful
Posted to Video by Silas Kain on December 9, 2005 04:22 AM

Brokeback Mountain, Matt Shepard, Gary & Me
Brokeback Mountain brings two friends together, and I’m not talking about the movie…
Posted to Video by Silas Kain on November 11, 2005 08:28 AM

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  • Question

    How is Brokeback any different that any other romantic drama?

    Just because it’s about two guys? Come on people. Just because it has two guys doesn’t necessarily make it any better than any other sappy romantic movie out there.

    Some people hate the movie because they are homophobes. But OTOH, some people give the movie extra undeserving praise (Especially women) BECAUSE it’s a gay love story.

    There is something wrong here on both sides of the aisle. The homophobes need to get over their silly hatred of gay people. And the people who LOVE this movie need to ask themselves if they like it more because the characters are gay? Although most would say no, subconsciously it is true.

  • Interesting hypotheses. Well, on the romance side there are movies (love stories, if you will) which stick out more in my mind than others like: The War of the Roses, Love Story, An Affair to Remember, and The Glenn Miller Story. I’m a sucker (pardon the pun) for sappy romances. Call me queer.

    Insofar as Brokeback Mountain is concerned, the thing that stands out is that it is clearly a romance different from most mainstream theatrical romances. There’s no denying that simple fact. The beauty of the story about the intense love between two men cannot be denied. Sure, homophobes are going to hate the movie no matter what. And therein lies an irony. I’m gay, but I’m not a heterophobe. To me a romance is a romance, period.

    I agree completely that there’s something wrong on both sides of the aisle but not for the reasons you outline. On the straight side there are those who will always be homophobic or uncomfortable with 2 men displaying affection. Ironic that lesbian sex is a whole other ball game but that’s another debate. On the gay side, I think it’s about the fact that finally we have a movie in the mainstream we can call our own. To some it may not seem like much but when you have been on the receiving side of so much disdain and outright hatred, it’s refreshing. (And no comments about being on the receiving side.)

  • What would be wrong with liking the movie more simply because it is about gay people? There are millions upon millions who are dying to have a movie they can relate to. Not everybody can relate to When Harry Met Sally.

    Yes, people will be put off by the gay romance and people will be drawn to it because of the gay romance. The controversy has less to do with the reaction itself, but moreso the strength behind the reaction.

  • …meaning gay people never spoke out on news shows against When Harry Met Sally, they never called for boycotts, etc.

    People are entitled to be put off by anything they want, but it is the strength behind the ‘disgust’ that is the controversy.

  • A classic example is A Home At The End of the World with Colin Farrell, Robin Wright Penn and Dallas Roberts. This movie was quietly distributed and studios were practically mute because it had ‘gay’ connotations. Farrell’s handlers were afraid that A Home.. would lend controversy to him in light of Alexander’s release around the same time. That’s sad. This movie is brilliant. Colin Farrell was robbed of the Best Actor Oscar last year because of these cowards. His portrayal of Bobby is gut wrenching and totally believable. It’s his finest acting work to date and so few of you will ever get the chance to enjoy it for its value.

    So, if you won’t see Brokeback, do yourself a favor and see A Home at the End of the World. It’s a love story in the truest sense and will leave you wondering why Hollywood was so cowardly.

  • Is Ang Lee’s film a breakthrough? A threat? A soap opera? Donnie Darko finds a Heath Bar? Will it clean up at the Oscars?

    continuing my thought at comments 3 and 4…I also don’t think gay people have ever, in magazines, talk shows or on blogs renamed When Harry Met Sally as When Harry Finds a Hole.

    Okay, I’m done. Carry on.

  • Is Ang Lee’s film a breakthrough?
    Damn stright.

    A threat?
    Only to those who are trying to convert us.

    A soap opera?
    Honey, aren’t the goings on in Washington enough of a soap opera?

    Donnie Darko finds a Heath Bar?
    I’d prefer to call it An American Affair to Remember: Jarhead Does The Patriot.

    Will it clean up at the Oscars?
    Who cares? It’s made and continues to make a cinematic impact. Lee, Ledger and Gyllenhaal: heroes of the new artistic revolution.

  • Well…I’m a bit confused. Some people have been saying “If this was about straight people, would it be getting this much attention?”

    Uhh…if you think about what the movie is about, the storyline, the conflict, what happens to the younger of the two in the end…this movie wouldn’t EXIST if it was about straight people. So that question doesn’t quite make sense.

  • A point very well taken, Chris. If one of the main characters was female, what a boring movie it would have been.

  • Eric Olsen

    Jarhead Does The Patriot – nice SK!

    I liked mine, too

  • fos

    Please go back in your closet and stay their. Tired of your pervertedness. Homophobes. A political correct term used against normal people. Lets see if this works in the arena of political correctness. Joe the queer dude would be sexual orientation. Joe is also deft and dumb. Hearing and speach impaired. Now we have a sexual orientated, hearing, and speach impaired individual on Jerry Springer with his/her lover. Dont make a difference. A freak is a freak. PTB

  • Bennett

    Yo fos, “deft and dumb”?

    What, stupid card tricks?

  • That deft, dumb and bland kid sure plays a mean cowbell.

  • Bennett

    Yeah! I saw him play the cowbell on Jerry Springer!

  • Please go back to your dictionary and stay there. Tired of your rape of the English Language.

  • Question

    “On the gay side, I think it’s about the fact that finally we have a movie in the mainstream we can call our own. To some it may not seem like much but when you have been on the receiving side of so much disdain and outright hatred, it’s refreshing. (And no comments about being on the receiving side.)”

    Actually my two sides were the homophobes vs. STRAIGHT people who like the movie.

    My contention is that straight people (Especially straight women, many of whom have an affinity towards gay men) who love this movie only love it BECAUSE it’s a “gay romance.”

  • Eric Olsen

    how much of the appeal is a novelty factor?

  • chantal stone

    I think the goal of any artist is to provoke thought and discussion. And whether the appeal of BM is drawn from novelty, disgust, curiosity, or just the desire to see a beautiful romance, it’s evident that Ang Lee AND Anne Proulx have achieved that goal.

  • STEVE: >> What would be wrong with liking the movie more simply because it is about gay people? << Nothing, but if that's your ONLY reason for liking it, then it's what's called "a guilty pleasure." A film may be judged both objectively and subjectively. There are horror films that I recognize as objectively great (The Haunting, Lost Souls, Suspiria) and films that I recognize as cheesy or problematic on some levels, but which I love nonetheless (Terror, Horror Planet). Unfortunately, although awards are supposed to measure some sort of objective greatness, many are presented based on whether someone approves of the message or personally enjoyed the film. I've not seen Brokeback Mountain, so I'm not commenting on its merits per se, although I have heard that it mistakenly refers to the characters are cowboys, when in truth they're shephards.

  • Mark Bellinghaus

    I went to see this so often refered and mentioned and highly recommended movie last Saturday night ( with two friends ) and before going into detail : I WAS and STILL AM very disappointed ! I love the photograph ( but Yes – to see sheeps and mountains I can also switch to my HDTV channel and sit up close to my 54″ Plasma TV )- but what I miss most of it, is simply an explaination ! Maybe the problem occured since it was only a short story and turned into this long version – too long as well; but I had problems with Heath Ledger’s acting. Not only did he feel uncomfortable – he really felt UNCOMFORTABLE ! There was no explaination why they would meet over the course of 20 years and yet he still felt ~ yes UNCOMFORTABLE ! And so did I ! Not only because of the visibly glues on sideburns, mostaches and too blond wigs – it just did not match in my opinnion. Please don’t hate me – just because I say what I feel and what I felt or better not felt ~ if we go into extremes – we could be so brave to come up with the reason for those flaws – a gay western – directed by a straight and Chinese director, acted by an Australian ( also straight ) who is trying hard to make up the perfect accent and mumbles and stumbles and is so hard to understand – it is more than annoying ! Maybe that is why the guy in front of us – with his rainboy stickers all over his jacket proudly announced to us that this was his 10th time that he saw it ?! It must have been the language – I thought to myself. And he tried to convince me how amazing it is – well if I compare this to former Oscar contender ” Boys don’t cry ” I had absolutely no doubt and was stunned after leaving the movie theatre. But not last Saturday. The controversy surely helped this movie – of course ~ the Best thing in it was Michelle Williams and I am not sure if it will be enough to get and Oscar for Best Supporting actress – but I would think so. Possibly photography and eventuelly Jake Gyllental, who tried so hard and now is accused of molesting the poor straight Cowboy – openly by some right wing A****** !
    My personal record on movies is set with Cinderella ( for 6 times ) and now – since the DVD is out I will try to see if I can make it to the magic 10 times ~ maybe I should have at least asked him ” Did you really understand what they were talking about ?! ” I was hoping I could ask my money back – but I think that was only allowed for ” Cinderella man ” a movie I refused watch – I was afraid a phone would fly from the screen – right into my face – by ” boxer ” Russell Crowe…Thanks, but NO THANKS !

  • Mark Bellinghaus

    I refered to ” Cinderella ” from Walt Disney ( which was the first movie I ever saw when I was 5 ! That I refered to ” Cinderella man ” is just a strange coincidence and name play I guess… – as so many other strange things in life ~ like so many other questions that movie left open…but OSCAR for BEST MAKEUP ?! No way – they should be fined !

  • STEVE: >> What would be wrong with liking the movie more simply because it is about gay people? < < Nothing, but if that's your ONLY reason for liking it, then it's what's called "a guilty pleasure."

    Okay, I can see that, however I think there are very few people who will actually like a movie solely because it’s about gay people.

    Now it is far more common to feel obligated to our community to SEE the movie because it’s about gay people, but as to having to like it? No, more often than not, we kick ourselves afterwards because the movie was cheesy, obviously done on no budget, has bad acting, shaky camera work and was obviously written by a theater major who has not yet graduated. Yet we still go because it’s all we have. But no, we don’t necessarily like it.

    It’s like castor oil, you don’t necessarily like it, but you are obligated at some point to take it.

    As far as comment 20, I haven’t seen the movie, so I can’t comment on Heath’s acting beyond what I’ve read about (which is far too extensive, I can’t believe how much I’ve read about a movie I haven’t seen), however it is entirely plausible that in that day and age someone would be in a relationship that they cannot deny while at the same time being 100% uncomfortable with it and unable to accept it. Sounds to me like the acting might be dead on.

  • Mark2

    I liked the other Mark’s comments (#20). I totally agree that Heath’s acting was lacking. He is a very good (if not great) actor. I have seen him in several movies and he convinced me that he was in love with his (female) love interest. But alas, I didn’t see that spark in this performance. There was no spark, no flame, not even a lukewarm ember to his affection for Jake’s character.

    I think that if you look back at some of the truly great performances in a love story, you will see what I mean. Jake, on the other hand, I thought was brilliant. But I can see why some people can watch the movie and say that Jake’s character was “molesting” Heath’s character, or at the very least, maybe he “manipulated” him into having sex when he didn’t want to.

    In the end, I think that Heath’s performance didn’t work because he tried to act as if his character was “straight.” Well, his character was NOT “straight.” And that’s where the movie fell short. Heath’s character was confused about his sexuality and may have been confused about the reasons for his feelings, but his feelings were very strong and inexplicable feelings of love for Jake’s character. He didn’t even come close to portraying those feelings. Maybe he just didn’t get it.

    So the problem then is that Jake didn’t have a wonderful performance to play off of his own. He had nothing to react to. It was as if he was actnig opposite a “green screen” or something. That he was able to deliver a brilliant performance against an emotional zero was truly amazing.

    So while the gay community can be happy that a “straight” director and two hunky “straight” actors can make a mainstream movie about a gay relationship, they should be ultimately disappointed in the final result. Perhaps a “straight” director and two “straight” actors simply do not understand the reasons and the depth of gay relationships. But maybe the movie will open the way for “gay” directors and actors to begin to educate the rest of the world that love is love, whether gay straight or bi. Hope so.


  • Eric Olsen

    fascinating comments, very very interesting points – movies and feelings are both exceptionally complicated things

  • I guess I wasn’t so far off with my opinnion and review (# 20), as the SAG AWARDS were given out tonight here in Los Angeles, and ” Brokeback Mountain ” left empty handed. This is an Award – created from actors, for actors ! I voted for ” Crash ” and it won ! Maybe at the Oscars – there will have to create a special Oscar for most talked about, published about and controversial flick – Brokeback would win that for sure…! Good Night and Good Luck !

  • Sparky

    To Mark B: I live in Texas and have come across people of the same temperament as displayed by H. Ledger and I think he nailed it. People never completely comfortable with who they are, having to struggle all of their lives…these circumstances shape behavior and how he prepared for this part is unknown to me but way to go. This particular part impressed me with his range if anything much like Gary Oldman who has more range as an actor than anyone I’ve ever seen.

  • I didn’t want to comment on the acting anymore because I still haven’t seen the movie, but I know what Sparky’s talking about and that’s why I made my earlier comment. There are people who are very uncomfortable and wooden when it comes to expressing themselves. It sounds to me like in that time, in that situation, and in that lifestyle, it would be more common than someone who was able to be expressive about what all he feels.

  • Eric Olsen

    in which case being inexpressive would constitute good acting?

  • well, I don’t know, I haven’t seen. I would think that if he could convey uncomfortableness, woodenness (bottling it up), a lack of wanting to reveal any part of himself through emotion, then yeah, like I said before, I think that acting could then be dead on target.

    You’re in the midwest, think back to any gay people you knew 15-30 years ago. Maybe not quite so rural as in the movie of course, there’s that to consider, but you never saw eyes with pain on a completely expressionless face?

  • i was surprised when a student at a press conference asked Pres. Bush about the movie because he found the other questions boring.. the pres. said he hadnt seen iti the situation caused embarrasment to his school.

  • Oh please. W. really doesn’t give a hot patootie who’s queer and who’s not. Deep down he’s a libertarian at heart but sold his soul to the neocons to cement his position. It’s all politics and selling your soul to the highest bidder with W. If his campaign could have raked in 20% more from an anti-neocon group, he would have sold out.

    And as far as that student being an embarassment, that’s a crock. The question just went to show just how good W. is at playing the balancing act. Let’s not forget that 54 Arabic interpreters who served in the military were discharged for being homosexual. Those discharges were done at a time when our military needed every interpreter they could get. I guess gay cunning linguists in the military are a detriment to national security.

  • Eric Olsen

    Steve, yes, I understand eyes with pain in a guarded, carefully expressionless face. I have seen it up close and not just in the Midwest, but in SoCal in the ’80s.

    Brokeback Bush – I agree he doesn’t care who is or who isn’t what on a personal level and also despise that he has pandered to the religious right on social matters for political gain. Silas, that is NOT the neo-con agenda – neo-con is a foreign policy agenda that is neutral of social policy as far as I can tell.

  • To Sparky (# 26)Oh wow ~ you think I have never met people that are uncomfortable with their OWN sexuality ?! This is not a gay or straight issue ! Give me a break – I know guys who have the most gorgeous wife and never kiss her in public or even hold her hand ! Please TELL ME what do you mean by Heath Ledger’s great preperations – what did you read? Or know what we do not? Despite the 8 Oscar nominations freshly poored in ~ I would not recommend that movie! Even director Ang Lee said in a very nonchalant statement:”I didn’t know there were so many gay people! Tey are popping out everywhere!” Why don’t you go after that?! If you want a real Oscar worthy PREPERATION for a movie, watch: RAGING BULL – or (again) Boys don’t cry! But all it sems Heath Ledger was preparing was to stuff his mouth with some tamponsfrom his wife and mumble and if people would not understand what he was trying to say – Bingo ! Great job ! I know what you mean, trust me – I do ~ what I do not get is the relationship these two closet ( was it meant of deeper meaning when he find’s “Jake’s” bloody clothing in the “Closet” ? Did it mean he freed himself from his lifelong closet existence? Finally?! Who cares…after 1 1/2 hours (and one more hour to come) in trying to catch ONE complete sentence in one of the BEST and Updated movietheatres in LA – I simply shut down and gave up – again, if the Japanese complain, that a Chinese actress portraid a Geisha – what’s up with the Original Cowboys ~ when one of them ( gay, straight bi or tri…) is portrayed by an “Aussie” and that movie directed by a Chinese (pardon~from Hong Kong) ( I really was waiting for the two leads to lovingly break a fortune cookie in half ( with their tongues of course) The most rediciolous site was when they “washed out” Ledger’s nudity technically ~ that was so silly and stupid. Not that I care to see him or anybody ( including the bear who attcks) nacked, but it was just unreal. I predicted the Oscar nomination for Michelle Williams and believe that Rachel Weisz might be her biggest threat! Sparky: what do you mean by “RANGE”? For me the RANGE of his Character was that of an UMBRELLA ! open when it rains close it when it shines – but he did not shine in my opinnion ~ yeah I know I must be jealous jada jada jada ~ but Jake must be mad at Heath – cause he did not get to act to his abilities and maybe lose out on the Oscar for his support – it should have switched – Heath for supporting, maybe THEN both would have had a shut for a win…But the Academy may just give one to either one of them – or else they will be judged and accused of being ANTIGAY etc. you know what I mean ! Also : Steve S.: Please go and see it so you will not every single time tell us that you haven’t seen it – that get’s really annoying, just like these people who tell you that they know a friend of a friend who was in NYC on 9/11 ! Not that I recomment the movie – but if you sit there and are expecting a “miracle” and memorable movie experience – rattled by excellent acting ~ but you will not; well – then you will think of my warnings! Also: Bring your hearing aid – if you have one – all I was thinking throughout the movie was how to get one – right here & right now!

  • Eric Olsen

    I once reviewed a band playing a gay cowboy bar in North Hollywood

  • there’s an all lesbian Led Zeppelin cover band out right now: Lez Zeppelin.

    i’m not kidding.

  • I read about that, too.

    I’m at a loss.

  • check out their website.

    the logo cracks me up.

  • Please go and see it so you will not every single time tell us that you haven’t seen it – that get’s really annoying

    As annoying as a 500 word, single paragraph, run-on sentence?

  • BRAVO ! You truely are the spelling champ, Mister ! Now why don’t you invite to test on Mr. Ang Lee’s spelling abilities ?! I am sure you are going to be very busy…!

  • You counted the words, too ?! What an honor…maybe now you should go and watch that cowboy movie and share with all of us what you REALLY feel deep down there – where your spelling attack functional or not brain is placed ! Long sentence – not as long as that movie though!;)

  • Eric Olsen

    hey, haven’t seen it, but perhaps what BM accomplishes is to transcend its plot points/storyline – that would be cool

  • I certainly agree with the author of this very article on BM! I went in to see it ~ with all the expectations and what I heard upfront, but–was very disappointed! Thank god that we do not all have to agree what some fed up and spoiled and constantly thumb uplifting moviecritic (who by the way wrote a totally bad and lausy movie script himself) but now get’s picked up by limo for the movie screenings and what the hell else he is getting to praise almost ALL movies who have been released…sure you know what I am / who I am talking about. I am really not writing a scare to be different – no – I wanted to really like the flick – but nothing worked for me! It still is unbelievable that people go to see it again and again – like that BB FAN who saw it 10(!) times. Jesus Christ that is called BB ADDICT ! LOL

  • Goodness, no I didn’t count the words, that’s irrelevant to the point. The point was your words are hard to read. Sorry if that is offensive to you. I did give it a try.

    Your website says you are an author, but you have no paragraphs, no sentence structure, most words are misspelled, I’m not trying to be mean so get over yourself. It is called BlogCRITICS and if you can’t take the criticism then perhaps you need to do a little more self reflection. Just trying to help. Geez. Perhaps you think BlogCritics isn’t worth the bother of a well written response.

  • You are absolutely correct, Steve ! Maybe I should not continue with trying to make my point and only read and agree with what you have to say. Why don’t you become a politician – I think you would have the perfect ego for that job! And: if you move to Germany, live there for 10 years, then let me read one single piece of you and then correct your spelling etc.! I love this site so far-it is more productive than watching Brokeback ten times like other enthusiasts. But attitude has nothing to do with critissism. Agree? I know – of course not. For my excuse: I have been excausted as I am working for the last three month on the “story of my life” and that includes investigating, research, long nights(like tonight), and trying to make the long awaited breakthrough. But you are right-I should just shut up and go back to Germany! heard that before…even from folks with German roots! Is that the minutemen mentality kicking in?!

  • But you are right-I should just shut up and go back to Germany!

    Can you point out where I said that, or do you just want to keep on with your paranoia?

  • Can you point out where I said that, or do you just want to keep on with your paranoia?

    lol ~ if I had “paranoia” I simply would write Mark B. ~ just like Steve S. right ? I also visited your URL and started to wonder…!

    I excused myself for over excaustion, something you do not seem to have had since you work on your goal, becoming the 111th surpreme court judge. Starting with a dumb creature like myself – to put me down etc. (wheep) are you doing this also to your poor adopted child which you display like your own dog? I really love all of you – but you should just for the briefest moment of your busy and very judgemental life hope: to GET A LIFE!

  • Oh I am so so so super sorry to have hurt your feelings! It is alright when you insult people (not only me) put them down for having misspelled one or ten words – but still have written a more interesting comment you were trying to deliever! People here should have fun – but with your bitterness you scare them away. Let’s just talk about another movie you have not seen yet – but seem to know everything about! That is what I call “fun”! Like driving on the 405 Freeway (one of the busiest in the USA) around 5:00PM!

  • chantal stone

    yet another thread that starts off as interesting discourse turns into personal attacks…..let’s leave the children out of it ok, mark??

  • 1) I pity the editor who has to proof your book. I hope he doesn’t encounter such hostility.

    2) I do not have any adopted child, she is biologically mine.

    3) I ‘display’ my family because it is a family blog.

    Stop taking things so personal, Mark. If you want one big unreadable paragraph, go for it, and I will do like most everybody else and just skip over it.

  • Thanks chantal, for your supportive words. This whole deteroriation of conversation began with Mark calling me annoying in comment 33. I wasn’t even talking to him at that point.

    And I didn’t even call HIM annoying but simply said that no paragraph structure is annoying, and have been continually and verbally attacked by him ever since. I attack paragraph structure, he attacks me. Now he’s bringing my family into it. Whether it is this thread or the other Brokeback thread, there is just too much hostility going on here.

    Any time I make an opinion on anyTHING (and that does not mean anyONE) it is turned around into a personal attack on ME. It’s just sad the hostility that is allowed to thrive in this country.

  • chantal stone

    any kind of discussion between opposing viewpoints can be interesting, if approached with maturity, tact, and intelligence. but once you start talking about someone’s family, i think that crosses a line from general disagreement to actual insult. and in a forum such as this, where we’re all supposed to be at least somewhat intelligent and mature adults, it’s disgusting.

  • chantal stone

    the next comment really needs to be about BM.

  • To # 52 : Yuck ~ that movie should be sold as Andy Warhol attempt to bore people to death!Hey: This year they should give an OSCAR to the BEST ANIMAL apearance. That attacking bear really stole the shows, but maybe his big contender will be all the sheeps (thousands of it) or the killed Coyote(hanging upside down) hope they only used a fake one…like Heath Ledger’s closet fur coat?! Anyhow so sorry – that was about BM but I forgot all about the acting and what they were trying to say! Oh, too bad, both married with kids and gay?! You better switch to GAYCO! ;~)

  • To the master of the universe; our smartest member: Steve S. ( for smart?) That’s correct – I only read your comments and the fun you had on putting them down for their spelling ~ that is not fair and you are scaring them away – when we all should just pamper each other…Chantal must be your old pal or roommate or extra you pay for saying so wonderful things. Wheep wheep ~ nobody loves me and Chantal and Steve S. hate me too ! Wheep wheep…anthing else you want to share? And what are you doing besides teaching at home?

  • I finally got it ~ Chantal Stone – Steve S. ?! Steve Stone ! Your mother – since you are gay, right ?! Case closed and moved on with life!

  • RogerMDillon

    It’s funny to read a collector of Marilyn Monroe powder swatches call someone else gay.

  • Eric Olsen

    let’s not be unpleasant or insulting

  • Yes, let’s try to stay on topic here. Then I don’t need to do any comment editing and you don’t get to say how bad I am to delete stuff.

    So yes, once again I find it fascinating to see the cross-section of views exposed by a work of art. gotta love it!

  • Scott Butki

    So… anyone else see this movie and have a fresh thought on it?

  • Scott Butki

    (Ok, another try to bring us back on topic)
    I’d be curious to read your reactions to
    Dan Savage’s column about the movie.

  • Jet in Columbus OH

    Brokeback Mountain is not for everyone. It has no mincing fairies, no comic-relief lisping queens, and absolutely no preaching or hidden messages or agendas. In fact the main character-Ennis is probably one of the most “manly” men ever seen in a movie.

    Two young men, a ranch hand, and a up-and-coming rodeo bull rider, (the very definition of the word “cowboys”) are so down on their luck, that they’re forced to do something no cowboy wants to do-herd sheep over the summer on Brokeback Mountain.

    Straight men who see this movie identify with them… and there lies the problem. The movie hits a little too close to home. Jack and Ennis regularly go camping in the wilderness, were brought up to own guns and know how to use them well, hunt elk and wild game, fish, carry hunting knives and know how to survive in the forest on their own. They own dogs, love life on horseback, tend cattle, ride bulls in rodeos, live on ranches, date women, father children, drink whiskey and beer, get into bar fights, and own and repair old pick-up trucks.

    The two men never planned to fall into the situation they find themselves in, and have no idea how to react to it themselves. They don’t even know words to describe their feelings-Ennis can only call it “This thing”. When the summer ends, they go back to ranching, herding cattle and horses, competing in the rodeo, selling farm equipment and existing in the standard cowboy life, fathering children, attending church and Fourth of July celebrations, and arguing with their wives.

    As for the explicit sex scene-Huh???? Oh, there’s nudity, and it’s ALL between the husbands and their wives. The intimate scenes between the men-hell they’re never shown with their jeans off, and only one is shirtless! If all you attend a movie for is sex scenes, you’ll be better satisfied being straight, gawking at the women in their sexy attire and total nudity during the sex scene. The sex between the men is done in classic Alfred Hitchcock fashion and you’ll swear you saw more than you actually did, because it’s left to your imagination. If you see it a second time you’ll be astonished that no sexual contact is actually shown at all-except what you “thought” you saw!

    And there lies the proof. This movie is just a damned good simple love story, and anyone too scared to see it, is probably so unsure of their own sexuality, that they feel determined to review a movie they’ve never seen, and probably never will. In fact if the two fictional characters in it actually lived, their wives would probably have to drag them kicking and screaming into the theater and tie them to a seat! Which is what my wife almost had to do to get me to see it.
    I was so moved; I took my teen-aged son to see it the next evening.

    So go grab your masculine pride, your wife/girlfriend to put on your arm to prove you’re straight, and be prepared to sit in an audience of people straight people, just like you and me, and be shocked at how a whole theater of people can laugh, and then cry while seeing a damned good movie… Just remember to wipe your eyes before the lights come up.

    As you leave for your car, you know undoubtedly, why the two shirts worn by Jack and Ennis brought in $101,100.51 (!) recently at auction to benefit a children’s charity.

  • chantal stone

    am i going crazy, or did i just read that last comment someplace else?

  • Jet in Columbus

    Yes you did, on another page on this site, but I thought it bore repeating since they seemed to have gotten off subject…

  • chantal stone

    “…..they seemed to have gotten off subject…”

    if you look through the archive, most ‘Brokeback’ threads from about a month, or so, ago ended up the same way.

    thanks for clarifying, though.

  • chantal stone

    btw…is that Columbus, Ohio?….me too

  • Jet from Columbus

    That’s okay, it’s nice to know I’m welcome.
    As I said elsewhere, I’ve taken so many people to see Brokeback Mountain, including my son and wife, plus neighbors and friends, that I’ve actually seen it 11 times, and get something different from it each time, it’s truly a work of art, and when someone says something, I can usually tell if they were paying attention to the film or not…

  • Jet in Columbus OH

    Yes it is, I live downtonw in the business district, I have the penthouse of the Americana.

  • Jet in Columbus

    As for the age of the reviews, I neglected to notice, I was originally responding to Matthew Milam’s which was posted today and came up on my search through Google News, so I thought they were all current.