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Blogcritics: Looking Back At 10,000,000

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Just shy of our three-year anniversary, we celebrated our 10,000,000th visit on August 3, 2005. As co-owner of Blogcritics.org, I am especially proud of the hard work that goes on behind the scenes to make this site a success. A group of 16 volunteers work with Eric Olsen and me as Section Editors, Assistant Section Editors, and Editors-At-Large, as well as on specific tasks like maintaining the database of items available for review and enforcing the comment policy.

But as important as the behind-the-scenes work is for keeping the site running, I think all Blogcritics should be proud of what we’ve accomplished in less than three years. There is a team of more than 1000 writers here now, and more than 60 new articles are produced every day. The quality keeps getting better and better, and the world is noticing.

A steady stream of materials comes from labels, publishers, and resellers, all of whom recognize that Blogcritics.org is a place to find out what’s hot and what’s not, what works and what doesn’t. And people are visiting, and coming back for more; Blogcritics.org hovers in the neighborhood of the 15th most popular blog on the web right now!

With dual milestones in view (10,000,000th visit just behind and third year just ahead), I poked around in the database to see what sort of things might be interesting to remember.

In the first month of the site’s existence, 80 writers posted articles. Eric Olsen posted 226! Among those first 80 pioneer Blogcritics were Aaron Hawkins (deceased), Henry Copeland (creator of Blogads.com), and local favorite Jim Carruthers (recently deceased).

I was happy to be included (twice!) on the very first day of the site. I remember being so eager to be included, and so concerned that the book I reviewed must be a recent one and not just something off my shelf, that I went to the library and checked out something from the New Releases section which I happened to really enjoy. My wife thought I was crazy to make a special weekend trip to the library, but if she had known how heavily involved in the site I would eventually be, I think she would have hidden my keys.

Unless my SQL skills have completely fled from me, 13 of those first 80 writers are still posting articles here at Blogcritics.org. The somewhat arbitrary date range I picked for this was simple: Anybody who posted within the first 30 days of the site and also within the last three months is a pioneer and a long-termer. And here they are, the pioneering long-termers, in alphabetical order by last name:

Surprised? I was. I need to get to know a few of those names a little better. A couple of them, I hadn’t realized had been around that long. One or two I didn’t realize had come back.

It was also interesting to see that none of the current volunteers were were during those first 30 days. The site continues to reinvent itself and grow to new heights as more people get involved and our collective image of what Blogcritics.org can be grows. The days of a “sinister cabal” have given way to days of a collaborative online magazine published by a “sinister cabal” and the cabal has grown.

Perhaps by the time we hit 15 million, or 20 million, more of those initial pioneers will have returned!

We’re all celebrating, so be sure to read more about our 10,000,000 visits!

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  • Eric Olsen

    great job Phillip, thanks – 13 out of 80 isn’t a bad percentage at all in the blogosphere, where a year is a generation!

  • RJ

    Things have changed here over time:

    – No more “MD” means fewer flame-wars

    – No more asking for donations, as ad revenue is apparently more than enough to cover expenses

    – Google News has made us an official media source, and Yahoo News will hopefully soon see the light as well

    FWIW, I’ve been around here for almost two-and-a-half years, and it’s been a blast. And things will just keep getting better.

    Thanks, Eric and PW! 🙂

  • Eric, when I widen the window to the last six months instead of just three, the number climbs to 20 out of 80, which seems very high.

    While at least two of the original 80 are deceased, and one or two others have, I think, given up blogging altogether, I bet we can draw some of those other pioneers back with a little effort. It’s a great site and they should be proud to be in on its founding!

  • RJ, yes lots and lots of changes. Flame wars are a constant struggle, of course.

    I’m so glad the days of asking for donations is gone. I wish the site made enough to actually pay me, of course, but that day will come.

    Google News is awesome, of course.

    Thanks for being part of the site. Onward and upward!

  • Eric Olsen

    thanks RJ! you have contributed a lot for a long time

  • Eric Olsen

    and it should always be noted that RJ was the one who made the Google News connection – that in itself was a Hall of Fame move

  • Please propose one or more of his many posts to the Hall of Fame post

  • RJ

    Baby Ducks, baby… ;-P

  • Amazingly, I forgot that RJ was the one who hooked us up, though now of course I remember it clearly.

    Dude, that was an amazing move.

  • RJ

    Thanks, guys.

    Just wish I had been able to swing Yahoo News your way as easily…

    Perhaps this calls for a new effort to encourage them to add us?

  • Eric Olsen

    oh, we’re totally in the door – we were added to their search database, are featured in My Yahoo, will be in the News database shortly, and have an advocate working on the actual Yahoo News itself, where only one other blog is currently carried

  • Congrats on the 10 million visits! Here’s to another 10 million 🙂

  • Just for any of y’all out there who don’t know:

    Phillip Winn does an enormous amount behind the scenes to make the site what it is.

    I’m looking forward to the next year and the next three years…

    And the flurry of posts about the one hundred millionth post.

    (Was going to write one billion, with a pinkie to the jaw a la Dr. Evil, but I thought that might be pushing it a tad!)

  • Thanks, Eric B.

    I’ve got a feeling that by the time that fourth anniversary rolls around, we’ll be talking about 30,000,000 or more visits. Maybe 40,000,000. Who knows?

  • Five years and 100 million has a nice ring to it then, eh?

  • I didn’t know Phillip did a lot of work behind the scenes. Learn something new every day!


  • I must say that I am proud to be a part of this. I have been here for just over a year, and have been very much enjoying being here. I plan on being around for some time to come!

  • Phillip flat saves our ass on the tech side and is underrated as a diplomat on everything else.

  • Phil, do you still have the Day 1 webpage backed up somewhere? A screen shot of it would be cool to see (and compare).

  • Wow. The same week the site reaches this, I finally have posted something in every section. I never thought I would ever write anything on music or politics, but I guess that’s the effect BC has on people. =;)

    Congrats to everyone involved. I had to read the number twice and count the zeroes to make sure I seen that right.

  • I remember thinking “I don’t want to do this! If everyone else is contributing, I have nothing to add.” Yeah, right. Funny how it turns out that BC begins taking up more of your time than regular blogging (at least for me) and even seeps over into my non-blogging time as well.

    I think this means I’m supposed to get a 10 mil tattoo or piercing or something. That’s what the rest of the gang’s doing, right?


    Mark Saleski-Mark reminds me of someone I’d like to go to a used record store with, share coffee with, or help move furniture. Yeah, I like him that much
    Tom Johnson-Tom’s love of metal has melted my cold black heart, and he has turned me on to other really cool, non-devil music also. Like Mark above, non-condescending and fun to read, the kind of person I would corner at a kegger, and demand a Top 10 list from.
    Mr O-Mr. O is the even tempered voice of reason, like a rapier witted Australian Sheep dog, herding my errant thoughts back on task, always welcoming but accepting no bs
    Ms Tek-I know she no longer lives here, but oh, those photo galleries… the tattooed back piece…pictures of Ms. Tek, made my life so wonderful, pictures of Ms. Tek helped me sleep at niiiiight
    The Theory-Love this dude’s music reviews and the fact that you can tell by reading him that he doesn’t care if you think he’s cool or not, which is very cool

    So, kudos to you all, I lift a cup of half caff, turn up the Lamb of God to 11, and throw the devil horns to you in a most unironic way!


    PS-I forgot to give it up for a few other folks whose writings make me feel all funny inside: HW Saxton- gives me that sense of been there, lived it, like if Iggy had blog, Mr. Saxton got his CBGB shirt at the bar, after some junkie tore it off in the pit, not at Hot Topic
    Natalie Davis-Sometimes brash, sometimes laid back, never backs down. Straigtened me out on my deadhead bias, and if I remember correctly, once mentioned something about how one of her teenager’s friends referred to her as hot..which is hot
    The Duke-Dude knows lots of cool stuff about alot of cool stuff, and talks neat, has deep knowledge of dirty things

  • Thanks, Bricklayer. Now when are you going to start up a blog so you can be a member here yourself?

    Man, I’m tempted to start up a blog for you, get you to post once or twice, and then make you a member. 🙂

    Mark, it’s not quite day one, but there’s a version (that’s missing some background color on the sidebar) at the Archive from September 24, which is one month and twelve days after day one. The individual posts have the right colors and everything.


    Hey Phillip,
    What with the pleasuring the missus, working for the man, playing with the rugrats, wincing under the tattoo needle, making sure I get enough fiber, accessorizing my bad motor scooter, and searching for Hatebreed bootlegs on ebay, I think I’d like to hopefully give it a try someday soon. At least it would help me to rationalize the obscene amount of music I buy! Although as the poet and sage Al Jourgenson said: “No man with a huge cd collection needs justified”. Or, something like that.

  • Phil, thanks for the old school version of BC. I find it interesting to see how websites evolve and so on. I found a version of my own website from 2000 the other week. Apart from being terribly ashamed at how my bad my web skills were then, I did find the nostalgia redeeming. Hope you did too for BC.

  • Phillip – Remember (maybe I’m wrong) a post with pictures of the various incarnations of Blogcritics logos? It was on/around the time that gal freaked out over the Halloween theme design. Remember that?

  • Just did some searching and found them. It’s all coming back!

    The post about the Blogcritics Halloween design was here (“Her Fog”): http://blogcritics.org/archives/2003/11/04/125244.php

    And the post showing various Blogcritics screenshots was here: http://www.makeyougohmm.com/20031105/368/

  • uao

    I’d just like to add my thanks to the editors, volunteers, writers, and commenters who make this site so special. As a latecomer, I’ve missed much of the history, but I’ve always appreciated the good writing, wit, thoughtfulness, sillyness, and intelligence of the regulars here, and many of the visitors who pass through. I’ve met some fine people here, and learned many important things. And I always am entertained.

    10 million is a grand milestone; Blogcritics is untique on the web.

    Here’s to the next 10 mil; it’ll take you a third of the time to reach the next milestone…

  • gee, thanks brick. see, i always said that you never got over the ms. tek back photo…and i was RIGHT!

    ps. pwinn is right. get a blog. please?
    pps. if you get a blog i’ll take you to a used record store. honest.
    ppps. hey, my younger stepkid is moving to a new apartment a week from saturday. wanna help?

  • I miss Tek.

    Brick, dude, get a blog ASAP! Need help? For you — and you only — I’ll set up a blog on my own personal domain, just so you can get into Blogcritics. How does ‘bricklayer.winn.com’ grab ya?

    uao, I love your Artist Overviews. And I think it’ll take us about a sixth of the time, actually. 🙂

  • Eric Olsen

    I third that Bricky, although I wouldn’t want to see your comments reduced as a result.

    Tek decided that our acknowledgment of Al running for the U.S. Senate was just too much – of course she had quit about 3 times previously so it was just a matter of time.

  • I’m serious, Bricklayer!

  • Granted, the TekWh0re had a nice back, but unfortunately she was also exceedingly hateful and spiteful. I don’t miss her malicious outbursts.

    By the way, in that same time frame, I was actively publicly and privately encouraging her to file for office and chronicle it here as I was doing, perhaps as a Green candidate for Congress or some such.

    Let’s make this all unanimous, adding my vote with Misters Winn, Saleski and Olsen that you should be blogging. Indeed, note that I’ve put up a link to Phil’s dummy Bricklayer page, for whatever drop of Google juice that might lend your launch.

    In short, come on in Bricklayer, the water’s fine.

  • gonzo marx

    don’t do it…they all talked me into it..and i still don’t write anything besides comments…

    be true to your soul…stay hardcore…don’t fall for their saccharine schemings and Faustian bargans…

    you do know i am just Jesting…right?



  • If you don’t have a blog, it’s just because you haven’t found what you are passionate about yet.

  • MCH

    Anybody got a link to the Ms. Tek back photo? I missed it.

  • Ms Tek’s site and photos. Click on each month.