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Blogcritics Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund

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Billions of dollars in damage. Millions homeless. Scores dead. As information continues to pour out of areas ravaged by Hurricane Katrina, it is clear that many, many people have a long road ahead of them as they try to rebuild their lives. Blogcritics has established a fund to collect donations for the American Red Cross Hurricane Relief Fund. Please join us in making a tax-deductible contribution via Paypal by clicking on the button below. All money, every last penny, will go directly to the American Red Cross 2005 Hurricane Relief Fund.

With over one thousand site contributors and hundreds of thousands of readers, collectively we can make a difference.

Add a link to this Relief Donation Post to your own blog! Cut and paste the following code in a prominent place:

<a href="http://blogcritics.org/archives/2005/08/31/133020.php/">Donate to Hurricane Katrina relief at Blogcritics.org</a>

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  • A Paypal error? Argh!

  • alethinos59

    great idea… I’m already sending money to the Red Cross – but you’re to be applauded for your quick thinking here!

  • Eric Olsen

    fixed the code – it works now

  • Eric Olsen

    thanks Lisa!

  • Lisa, this is a GREAT idea! Now, I’m going to go a step further and ask that anyone who visits blogs does two things:

    1) Become part of a Blogger challenge to send donations to the Red Cross or any other charity designated to do work in the Katrina ravaged region. Let’s get bloggers around teh world to jump on board and place a note on their respective blogs.

    2) Email the Political Action Committee or politcian of your choice and ask them to donate to the relief effort on behalf of a political candidiate rather than donate money directly to their campaign. I challenege every Congressperson and Senator along with their respective campaign organizations to issue releases asking their political action committee supporters to do so.

    So following is a form letter I’ve come up with. I challenege you, your friends and the blogs you visit to copy this letter and send it to those who represent you in Washington:

    Dear Senator/Congressperson _________________________:

    As you know our fellow Americans in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama are facing a gargantuan task in rebuilding their communities in the wake of hurricane Katrina. Since this is an off election year, I am asking you to support an effort to ask those political action committeeswho support you to donate money to the relief efforts on your behalf rather than give the money to your campaign committee. Americans need your help and this effort could pump millions of dollars into this region without placing a heavy burden on government funds.

    Thanks you for your support and cooperation. I look forward to your expedient reply.



  • Dawn Olsen

    As promised, I just paypaled a donation to the fund, I sure hope the writers on this site can do find it in their hearts to do the same. My suggestion is that we send the money collected to the Red Cross.

    Please give what you can, because every bit will be needed to help these unfortunate souls rebuild their lives.

    Thanks Lisa for putting this together!

  • Eric Olsen

    and thanks to Dawn for the idea in the first place!

  • God, I hate paypal. I haven’t been able to update my account since we moved recently. I’ll see if I can’t fix it so I can donate a little something, and I’ll link this on my blog.

  • RJ
  • Linked to Paper Frigate.

  • Thank you so much for doing this!

    Ping apparently wouldn’t work; linked to < All Facts and Opinions.

  • I just posted this on my NEWS AND EVENTS page, hope it helps those in need!

  • Great idea, Mr. Kain! I just sent off letters to my congresscritters. Just for the record, Georgia, Kentucky, and Florida saw damage as well — not as much, but still.

  • If paypal is taking a fee for these transactions you are much better donating directly to the American Red Cross here:

  • rik

    i just donated $60 via the paypal link. how long are you collecting before forwarding it on to the red cross? thanks for doing this, too!

  • We will continue to collect contributions for at least the next several days though an exact cut off date is under discussion at the moment.

    On behalf of Blogcritics, I would like to offer sincere thanks to everyone who has contributed here and elsewhere in this huge time of need. I’ll chance speaking for many of us when I say such generosity is truly touching to see.

  • puca

    quote “It is time for the world to pull together to help the victims of Katrina”

    fuck, if the US launch 10 missiles less they’d have enough money to help.
    If the US would send 1% of its troops of iraq/afghanistan, there would be raining helping hands.
    Just to say, I do not think the world is eager to help the US..

  • RJ

    “Just to say, I do not think the world is eager to help the US”

    Well, then, you’re wrong:


  • This post has been cited on Blogcritics in my Weekly BlogScan (this week titled “Katrina and the Mother of all Spin”) — in fact, I gave your post the last word.

    I hope it will inspire one or two spin doctors to make a donation in place of contributing to the hot air in and about the Gulf…

  • David

    How do i know this money is going to the Hurricane Katrina relief ? .. when i try and send it via paypal.. it looks as though im sending the cash straight to some random dudes account ?

    Sorry there is no officiality about this at all.

    I can’t trust it, i really want to send money via paypal.. but anyone can set up that

  • I just donated some money via PayPal. How much in total has been donated through blogcritics.org so far?

  • Tina

    I am a North Texas resident, and I will be the first one to say that after all of my life living here, this is the one time I AM ASHAMED OF MY COUNTRY. I can’t believe the odasity of this country, and the fact that we have not helped the innocent people in this state of emergency. When you are watching children dieing on Television, it makes you belive that our country doesn’t give 2 cents about anyone. The first thing that should of been done at the superdome was evacuate the women and children, and yet here we are watching them die on tv, and the mothers can’t do anything about it, and why did it take so long to get these people some water? People should not have died because of lack of water, that should of been the thing we did first,was get the survivors water to live on. I AM ASHAMED OF THIS COUNTRY!!!! Again I will say that. I can’t hold my head high in this country knowing what happend. No one should of let politics and policy’s get in the way of saving people who needed saving. This country should be shunned upon by the other country’s. I’m sure they have watched the coverage on the proceedures and the way they were evacuated, and if they are, then my question would be, why would they help a country and people who have no heart. NOt speaking of the people not in office helping, or the texans, but my god, our president doesn’t care, while he’s happy sitting safe where he is, and his family being safe, he can’t even begin to imagine what these people are facing, he can tour the damage and the situation all he wants, but is he going to do anything about the people sitting there dead, because they were waiting for help. President Bush, does not deserve to be in office, his sole responsibility to us, was to keep our best intrests at heart.. If he had done that, maybe, just maybe those children would have had a fighting chance, or those peoples loved ones sitting in chairs that are dead, could have had that same chance.

  • David, I can assure you that every cent is going to be sent to the Red Cross. We have already been in contact with a VP there and made arrangements for weekly (I think) transfers. (I’m not the person handling the account.) We have also been talking to Paypal about eliminating the fees they normally collect, which they are arranging now.

    Last I heard, we had collected over $1000, and it will be transferred over within days.

  • Philip is correct, we have collected over $1,000 in just a few days and anticipate collecting much more the coming days and weeks.

    Also to echo what Philip said, not only is every cent going directly to the Red Cross fund, I have been in touch with Paypal’s corporate office and they are arranging to waive the fees they normally assess for administrating accounts. Additionally, I have provided Paypal corporate with information on a bank account set up especially for this collection effort. I have also met with the Financial Development Director at the branch of the Red Cross that will be accepting the checks from Blogcritics. I gave her and the Paypal VP each others contact info so they are able to communicate directly with each other to ensure that money leaving the Paypal account matches what the Red Cross receives to the penny.

    Anyone with any further questions is welcome to contact me at sharpcorners AT tampabay DOT rr DOT com.

  • Geoff Walker

    Does anyone know of an organization that hires people to rebuild after national disasters….I’m a carpenter and would and am interested in the rebuild…..any suggestions

  • Geoff, check with Habitat for Humanity at http://www.habitat.org – I don’t know if they pay, but they are certainly taking volunteers.


  • Geoff Walker

    Thanks dave

  • God’s Taxi, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit transprotation enterprise, is partnering with the Salvation Army of Grand Rapids, Michigan to raise money for Hurricane Katrina Victims.

    Please log on to our Website at http://www.godstaxi.org/PrayerShirt.html to purchase your “Prayer Changes Things” T-shirt.

    Thank you in advance and God bless you for helping your fellow man in a time of need.

    Your brother in Christ,
    Rev. William Stein
    Chairman & CEO
    God’s Taxi, Inc.

  • This is admirable. Our local bicycle club just voted last night (unanimously) to send $5000 of club funds to the hurricane relief.