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Blogcritics Has March Madness Fever, And The Only Prescription Is…

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Last week 65 teams set out to win the most exciting tournament of the year, the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. March Madness. The Big Dance.

What makes the tournament so special is that not every team favored to win makes it out alive. On the contrary, teams of yesteryear, like Coppin State and Hampton, can defeat high-profile teams in the first round, busting everyone’s brackets and coughing up money in the office pool before you can say “Sweet 16.”

This year, three teams are playing the role of spoiler. George Mason, Wichita State, and Bradley are all thrilled to be among the final sixteen games, but they all have their sights set on the Final Four. They’ve each vanquished high-profile teams, but can they go head to head with Duke or Connecticut, basketball’s elite programs? Can Bradley advance past No. 1-seed Memphis? Will Georgetown sneak out of the Minneapolis region — through Florida, Villanova and Boston College? Will Dick Vitale’s head explode in mid-sentence out of excitement?

It’s awesome, baby. And our Blogcritics have already caught March Madness fever:

March Madness: Connecticut’s Season Was Somehow a Disappointment
The most talented UConn team ever? No question. The best? Not in the top five.
Posted to Sports by Dan McGowan on March 27, 2006 08:28 AM

March Madness: Sweet 16 Games Lost in The Shuffle
How the University of Washington got the shaft in the NCAA tourney and then were erased from our memories forever
Posted to Sports by Adam Hoff on March 27, 2006 08:25 AM

March Madness: Redick and Morrison Overcome With March Sadness
Lasting images of Duke and Gonzaga’s losses could be two stars doing impressions of Evelyn Gardner in A League of Their Own.
Posted to Sports by Matthew T. Sussman on March 24, 2006 07:39 AM

March Madness: LSU Upends Duke, Tigers Fans Geaux Nuts
#4 seeded LSU knocks off #1 overall seeded Duke 72-64 in the NCAA tournament.
Posted to Sports by M.D. Sandwasher on March 24, 2006 12:59 AM

Top Seeds Look to Make This the Craziest March Yet
Posted by Adam Hoff
Never before have all the 1 seeds reached the Final Four. Are we headed for a tourney first?

March Madness: Major Achievement for Missouri Valley Conference
Posted by Adam Hoff
The Missouri Valley Conference performed even better than you think during the NCAA Tournament’s opening weekend.

Ohio State Ousted From The Dance
Posted by M.D. Sandwasher
My #2 seeded Ohio State Buckeyes fell to the 7th-seeded Georgetown Hoyas.

Bradley ‘Brave’ Enough To Reach The Final Four
Posted by AJ Vaynerchuk
The Bradley Braves have that vibe. That Final Four vibe.

How Sweet (16) It Is To Predict Bradley Beating Pittsburgh
Posted by Matthew T. Sussman
I don’t want to take anything away from Bradley’s victories against Kansas and Pittsburgh, but the real winner is me.

Obscure Statistics From March Madness, Spring Training, And The NBA
Posted by AJ Vaynerchuk
Not everyone can search deep into the cool stuff of sports each night, but I have the time!

The Ramble: March Madness, First Round Edition
Posted by Sal Marinello
It’s the time of year when my wife wishes we didn’t have DirecTv. Thank God I pay the bills.

March Madness: A Running Diary of Day One
Posted by AJ Vaynerchuk
The up-and-down Pacific/Boston College game was a great preview for the rest of this tournament.

Clip Talk: Free NCAA March Madness Video From CBS
Posted by Barry Gold
I was Number 39,061, but within minutes, I was in.

March Madness: Minnesota’s The Most Intriguing Region
Posted by AJ Vaynerchuk
This region is the most exciting part of the men’s tournament. ‘Nova and Ohio State will have trouble making

NCAA Tournament: Why All No. 1 Seeds Will Lose (And Other Upsets)
Posted by Matthew T. Sussman
Duke? Memphis? UConn? Villanova? They’ll all lose to Southern, Oral Roberts, Albany, and either Monmouth or Hampton.

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  • RogerMDillon

    Correction, and I’m not referring to your incorrect pick of No 1’s losing, 65 teams did not “set out to win the most exciting tournament of the year”. The 64th and 65th teams played against each other to see who would take a beating in the first round of the tournament.

    I hope they make enough money on it because the play-in game is an embarrassment.

  • sal m

    everybody knows that the prescription for a fever is more cowbell….

  • Correction to your correction. Only 32 teams set out to win the tournament, because no 9-16 seeds have ever won the national championship.