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Blogcritics – Harder Than It Looks

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Writing for Blogcritics is harder than it looks. Don’t get me wrong, I have enjoyed it, but it has been harder than I anticipated. I know what I write is good, not great, but good. However, it usually revolves around one particular subject: mental health. I have been writing about that topic for a year now, so it has become very easy for me to think of new things to write. There has been a drawback to writing about the same topic all the time. I believe in some ways, it has stunted my creativity.

I look around Blogcritics and I see such amazing articles and authors. The topics they discuss are varied and really well written. I keep telling myself that I could tackle similar subjects. After all, I form my own opinions about things. It has not helped. Instead of that thought inspiring me to pick a new and interesting topic to write about, I keep thinking that one of the other Blogcritics’ writers could do a better job.

My other problem is that I am overwhelmed by all the choices I have. I am better at making decisions when my options are limited to about three. I look at news stories and blogs to get ideas for what to write, and I am simply overwhelmed by the number of topics that I could write about. There is so much news out there. I wonder how the other authors manage to narrow their choices down until they find the perfect idea of what to write.

Compared to most people who actively write on the internet, I am a relatively young writer. Until I began writing for my blog about a year ago, I had not written much of anything in about twenty years or so. From the quality I see represented in many of the articles that are on Blogcritics, it appears that many of the writers have been actively writing for far longer than I have.

All of this leads me to two choices. Either I woman up and take a chance, writing about something that is different from what I normally would, or I continue to take the easy path and not stretch my creative muscles. One choice scares me, and the other is nice and comfortable. I am not going to ask anyone’s opinion about what choice would be best. I know that it would not help me narrow anything down. I am sure some people would say, “Stick to what you know.” While others would say “Let your creative juices flow.”

I want to become a better writer. There are some people who read what I write and are nagging – I mean, encouraging – me to write a book. Even if no one were to read it, I believe that is something I would enjoy doing. However, I know I would enjoy it more if I had more confidence in my writing skills. I guess the answer is obvious then. I need to start taking chances with what I write and quit letting Blogcritics intimidate me.


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  • Raj

    u should allways try new things thats what I think

  • Hi Melissa, as someone who is new to blogcritics, but not new to writing I welcomed your article and your honesty. Looking at and thinking about the writing process shows you want to develop and expand your work and such meta-thinking should not be discouraged as it helps to develop your writing. I really felt I understood the dilemma about whether to stick to what you know or try to write about something new. I wondered whether you could put a ‘new’ angle on something you already knew much about and continue to develop and refine your writing in this area further?

  • Tall Writer,

    Awesome comment! I am going to be experimenting out side of my box!

  • NancyGail,

    Good advice. I will make use of it.

    Thank you!

  • Short Reader,

    However you felt about this article is irrelevant, you took the time read it.

  • As a reader, I think writers should write about whatever they want to except the writing process itself, which includes agonizing over what to write about or whether to write anything at all. Such navel-gazing is self-indulgent and cringe-inducing. Please just get on with it and let us readers decide for ourselves what to make of the result.

  • Great article (not just good). You really capture the process well. Choice has been easier for me because I typically write by choice of media instead of topic. 🙂

  • You improve with more articles. I finally made a checklist of what to put on the Digitalus form once the article was ready to be looked over by an editor. Otherwise, I would be overconfident and forget a critical bit.

  • Yay! My first comment on Blogcritics.

    Thank you for being so encouraging!

    I am planning on my book containing content from my articles, including the ones on my blog. I have started it, I am just taking my time, so there is no pressure.

  • Having edited some of your articles, I’d have to say you have nothing to worry about. Go for it!

    Oh, and maybe the book you write can contain some content from your articles. Just a thought!