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Blogcritics Goodie Bag: Taylor Hicks, Postscripts, The Dead Bodies, Blue October, and drexel

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Today in the Goodie Bag:

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  • Mirella

    That’s Taylor Hicks? I’m pleasantly surprised. He really has a beautiful voice. I love the song. Are there any other songs from his album that I can listen to? If there are any more as good as this on, I’ll gladly buy it.

  • You might be able to find more on his website or MySpace page. Just search for his name in your preferred web search engine.

  • Daughtry fan

    As a Chris fan I have not been happy that Taylor Hicks won the American Idol….. I have not heard any of Taylor Hicks cd and this is nothing like I thought he would do ….. I was expecting Taking it to the street or something…. I don’t think I can buy the cd even tho I do like this song…. I am using my money to buy Chris’ cd. I have bought 23 so far!!!!!! my friends are buying lots of his cds also…. a guy in my english class has bought over 100… Chris cd is really great and I suggest that everyone go and buy one or 20 you won’t be unhappy with your choice. We can make him the American Idol with buying his cd’s.

  • Daughtry fan, are you a Claymate, or an ex-Claymate? The last time I heard something like you described was many years ago in an American Idol forum. The Claymates vowed tos buy tons of his CDs so that they can “beat Ruben”. I thought it was pathetic then, and I think it’s pathetic now. A guy in your English class bought over 100? That’s just sad. What is he doing- giving them away as presents?

    I’m sorry, but you will NOT make him an American Idol by buying his CDs. The contest ended last May. Taylor won. Chris came in fourth place. Get over it. But you know what- who cares? You really think Chris cares now that he didn’t win? Of course not! He’s fine. He’s got a cool band and a great CD. In fact, I hear his music on the radio more often that I hear Taylor.

    Buy his music because you like it, not because of some childish notion of “supporting” Chris by falsely inflating his album sales. You bought 23? Good grief.

    You know, I was actually planning on heading over to Target and buy Chris’ CD, but hearing stuff like this makes me want to download his music off Limewire instead.

  • cathy

    Taylor’s CD is half full of songs like “Just To Feel That Way” ….
    and half uptempo. There will be those you enjoy more than others. Buy the CD……….give the guy the props he deserves.

    Thanks for the positive vibes on “Just To Feel That Way”.

  • Trish

    Taylor has done very well on this first album after Idol. The radio play will begin after Feb. 5 when “Just To Feel That Way” is released.

    Contrary to some popular rumors, the Soul Patrol is a cool bunch of people. We are not in this CD buying war, because we think that Taylor’s music will sale itself! It just needs to be heard.

    Thank you for your comments, and hope you all enjoy Taylor’s album. OH… and check out his tour schedule! His concerts are so much fun!

  • Lena

    Dude, just because a person posts on a public board that they are a Chris fan it doesn’t make them one. No Chris fan has bought 100 cd’s that’s ridiculous. We don’t have to. The Daughtry CD is about to go double platinum, riding high on the charts as well as in radioplay. But it was a good try to manipulate how Chris is riding the charts. Give a trophy to the SP who tried that, but it doesn’t fly.

  • Lena, Why do you have to blame the SP for that post? First off I happen to be in the SP and proud of it, just like you are most likely a member of the Daughtry Tribe and I happen to believe, like you that the poster you are talking about is most likely a fake, but to blame the SP for every negative thing is ridicules.

    I do believe that some fans may buy more CD’s than any sane person would or should buy, but I don’t think that would account for the amount of CD’s that Daughtry has sold. If for example you could find 1000 fanatical fans that would buy 50 CD’s each that would only account for 50,000 extra sales, which is nothing in comparison to the approx 1.3 million copies sold to date.

    Now I like some of the songs that Chris has on his New Album (now here is where I’ll get attacked) but I won’t buy the album because it all sounds the same. Chris has a Great voice and a is a very good song writer, which is evident on his work with his prior band Absent Element but this New CD (in my opinion) is a POP version of Rock. If Chris puts out an album with songs like the songs I heard on the Absent Element web site I will buy it in a heartbeat. I hope Chris uses his newfound fame and Power to put out an Album that he would truly be proud to call ROCK.

  • emma

    great song – a little different from what I heard from Taylor last year on American Idol. I like it – enough to think about listening to more songs and buying the cd.

  • Garnet

    I think Taylor’s album is great. Every song is has a different song — you won’t get bored. Seeing him in person is even better. He has a full tour schedule starting February 21st, and he puts on a great show.

  • Witchypoo

    That’s Taylor? Hmmmm, that’s really good.

  • hap

    the link to the song doesn’t seem to work, error message
    i would really like to hear it though

  • lar

    Just to Feel That Way has a lot of potential. More whomp to come on Taylor Hicks Tour, 2007. I’m a member of the proverbial “SP”; I like the blues, rock and r & b, gospel, the list goes on. Oh yeah and not a blue hair on me.

    I say congrats to Daughtry – pretty good stuff, and I think his voice is way better than Chad Kroeger’s. His next CD will tell the tale though…he can’t stay successful with the Nickelback/Fuel groove forever.

  • hap (#12): If you mean the Hicks song, it still works. You need to have Windows Media installed. Just click the link and WM will open and start playing the streaming audio.

  • ceb

    Taylor’s song is great! …not what I expected at all from him. Good sound. He sings better than I remember on American Idol.

  • Jennifer

    A little poppish, but a very good song nevertheless from Taylor. His voice is very good especially on the bridge

  • hap

    WOW I really like this song, surprised not what I expected. Really good!

  • laura

    I am a devoted Taylor fan! I think that if anyone just takes the time to sit down pay attention, and listen, they will like what they hear. Yes, Chris is going double platnum, and Taylor has only gone platnum. And yes he is only asked by some of the gods of the music world to stop and play with them when he happens to be in town. And yes, this list includes all genres of music including rap, blues, soul, rock’n roll, and so forth. I like Chris too, but I don’t like the fact that he sings the same way, same key, and type of music. Per some earlier posts, I think even with Chris’s catapolt to the top he better beware of how quickly he may end up dropping. I think he can have an enduring career if he remembers to grow as a musician. I really wish him well. I have seen Chris perform on some of the late night shows and such, and it still proves why he was let go when he was. When Taylor performs, its not something easily forgotten, and makes you want to come back for more. So here I am!

  • Faye

    I found this song and some more of Taylor’s cd on taylorhicks.com – check it out.
    I bought the cd and really like it – I really like the sound of his voice.

  • BooYah

    What was the topic again? And when this season of American Idol gets seriously under way, can we finally get back to talking about music? Because that’s what Hicks and Daughtry have on their minds. Stupid fan garbage. *grumble*

  • george

    That’s Taylor Hicks? Sounds good. Will check out his cd.

  • Taysluvrin205

    Hee! Raking ’em in, baby! Go Taylor!

  • Karen

    Wow! That was Taylor Hicks? I’m impressed! I really didn’t expect anything mainstream from him. Good job!

  • EJ

    Taylor has a knack for choosing songs that stay in your head. I thought this one was a bit too pop when I first heard it, but now I really like it, especially the bridge. His album is good because it contains a real diversity of songs that show not only his ability to pick a good one in any genre, but that he’s got a wide range.

    I like Chris a lot. I think he’s a nice guy- I met him at one of the after-Idol tour bar performances that Taylor and some of the other AI contestants were involved in. But he has yet to show me the range that Taylor has. And having seen both of them performing live 10 feet away from me, I’d have to say Taylor comes across more powerfully in person. That said, I wish them both well. There’s plenty of room in the music world for them both to go multiple platinum, and they both deserve it.

  • Dude, just because a person posts on a public board that they are a Chris fan it doesn’t make them one. No Chris fan has bought 100 cd’s that’s ridiculous.

    First of all Lena, I’m a female 🙂

    Second, while I don’t really believe that “Daughtry fan’s” classmate bought 100 CDs, I’m sure that he bought a lot. From my experiences with the Claymates on an American Idol forum, I do know that many people have said that they had bought 20 or so of Clay’s CDs in the name of “beating Ruben”. And while I can dismiss all this as the work of teens who have nothing better to do, sadly many who participated in this ridiculous competition are full grown adult women.

    Third, I am not a member of the Soul Patrol. I think Taylor is a good singer, but I wanted Chris to win. Still, you can’t really compare them since their genres are so different. Both are successful in their own right. Congratulations to Taylor, Chris- and Kat! Don’t forget she got an album too!

  • nuChik

    I agree with the one who said that the whole Hicks/Daughtry diatribe is now boring.

    Taylor is Taylor, Chris is Chris. Two different men, two different genres, two different fan bases…why still bother comparing the two?

    Chris was voted off in 4th place. Taylor won. Okay? Got it? Good.

    Jennifer Hudson was voted off #7 – uh…any reason for HER to care about that now two years later? I don’t think so – she’s friggin’ nominated for an Oscar for crying out loud (with a Golden Globe already on her mantle).

    In MY opinion, I think Chris is a Nickelback copy-cat. But…knowing that his CD was recorded while on tour, and I’m sure he didn’t have the say-so he wanted, let’s all wait for the sophomore album to see if Chris will let ‘Daughtry’ out to play.

    Same goes for Taylor. No he doesn’t have the rockabilly blues sound he was known and loved for on his two previously self-released CDs – but wait for sophomore year baby, we’ll get to see the real Hicks in action. But his current self-titled CD is quite versatile and enjoyable, and I’m enjoying the new-found Taylor I hear on it (never thought Diane Warren could write a song suitable for Hicks, but she did – and he definitely pulled it off). It’s great to be versatile and give the public more than an album with ‘one long song on it’ with everything sounding the same. Also, Hicks has a strong commanding voice that’s incredibly smooth and enjoyable at the same time – a feat that’s not easily mastered nowadays in the music world (either you’re hollering or mewing, Fuel or James Blunt).

    And I’m still waiting for that Mayer/Hicks duet…death by music, what a way to go!

  • hicksfan7

    THAT’S Taylor Hicks?? WOW – no wonder I LOVE him so much! hahha – just havin’ fun…

  • Jeannie

    I have played the heck out of Taylor Hick’s first released CD. I love every track on the album which is most unusual for me. He has a great whiskey tenor voice and I love his singing style. He is the all around entertainer.



  • SoulPatrolShari

    The entire album is totally amazing. He’s extremely versitle and talented. You need to get the album it ROCKS!!!

  • Sugar&Spice

    I actually like “Home” from Chris’s CD, but, that’s it. On the other hand, Taylor’s CD is very versatile. Chris sounds the same on every song, just as he did on AI. While he is outselling Taylor right now, when you’re on top, there’s only one place you can go, and, that’s down. I was a Claymate, and, let me assure you, I bought only one copy of Clay’s CD, and, I think it was rather good. Don’t care much for his sophomore album, however. I think Clive had a screw loose to want him to do an album with all covers this early in his career. Having said that, Clay has one of the best voices I’ve ever heard. You can’t compare Clay and Taylor either – apples and oranges, however, I do feel that the Daughtry tribe copied some of the power buying tactics that some of the Claymates did. Taylor will be around the music world for a very long time. Rock bands come and go, so, Chris is smart to strike while the iron is hot.

  • Claire

    I loved your post. It’s exactly what I’m thinking, kudos for your great insight!

  • Bryan

    really like this song of Taylor Hicks. My wife and I watched him on American Idol and thought he was good. I was looking for his CD to buy but don’t know what it is called.

    Can any body help me please?

  • cathy

    Bryan asked:

    really like this song of Taylor Hicks. My wife and I watched him on American Idol and thought he was good. I was looking for his CD to buy but don’t know what it is called. Can any body help me please?

    The CD is simply called “Taylor Hicks”

  • Katy11

    Easiest way to get Taylor cd is to go to Amazon, the walmart version had the extra track of “Hell of a Day” but they are very hard to find now. The fact that so many don’t know what its called or where to get it shows what a lack of promotion he got from the record company.
    You can also go to Taylor Hicks Headquarters.
    If you want his 1st two independent albums, which are really great, try Lasers Edge or Taylors MySpace. They are called In Your Time and Under The Radar.

  • Bryan

    Thanks Katy11

    we looked in several Walmarts but couldnt see any of his music. Sales guy just said they would be restocking but when I went back he still had none.

    By the way what is the name of Taylor Hicks cd please?

    I did find the other two you mentioned. You called them independent so I wasn’t sure if these are what we want are they ?

  • Katy11

    His first cd that was made after AI was simply called Taylor Hicks. No other name. Has a great picture of him on the front and his name Taylor Hicks. Thats it.
    It should be for sale at the same places that carry his independents that he made before AI. Are you familiar with Billy McClelland? He was on Taylors 1st cd that he made when he was only 20 with very little money. I was so surprised when I found that out. Has several originals on it also. Great little cd called In Your Time.
    And I love Under the Radar his second cd, has quieter versions of all his originals.
    The Taylor Hicks cd is very good also. I’ve heard Target might still have it. I shop on Amazon.com.
    Just put him in search. You should get his book too. I enjoyed it.

  • Patti

    You can get the cd with the bonus track from walmart.com if you can’t find it in the store. It’s definately worth it to try to get that one!

  • Bryan

    Thanks Katy11 and Patti,

    I will try your suggestions now that I know the name of his CD.

    Also, thankyou for other information. We had wondered from time to time what had happened to Mr Hicks.


  • Katy11

    Brian–Taylor has actually been very busy, but sometimes his promotion hasn’t been that good.
    He has been on 3 tours since his CD came out and his shows and the band were outstanding and his shows have done well.
    Try going to Tay-Online.com to keep up with what he is doing. Hes taking the first break for a long time and will be at work on a new CD after the first of the year. That website has a list of shows when hes on tour and all other appearances. Also has a lot of great pre AI music you can down load, I believe. And his AI music also.

    You can also join Taylor Hicks Headquarters for a small fee and get some perks.

  • cathy

    If you want to know what Taylor has been doing , check this link. He’s been a busy guy!!!