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Blogcritics Goodie Bag: Roswell Rudd, Jet, Taking Back Sunday, Gnarls Barkley, and Mutronium

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Roswell Rudd is a legendary jazz trombonist/composer/arranger and recipient of the John Simon Guggenheim Foundation award for composition in 2000. Currently, he has scores of songs and compositions available for downloading. Unfortunately, the webhost doesn't allow for direct linking to the materials. Go to his website, click on ARTIST, then on ROSWELL RUDD, and then scroll down to COMPOSITIONS. The pieces range from minimal lead sheets to more complete scores. Titles available include "You Blew It," "I'm Going Sane (one day at a time)," "Loved By Love," "Suh Blah Blah Buh Sibi," and Verna Gillis' "Where Has My Libido Gone?"

Aussie rockers Jet have a series of webisodes available for streaming online. You can watch them on YouTube or snag the higher quality Quicktime files here: Jetisode 1, Jetisode 2, Jetisode 3, and Jetisode 4. Their album Shine On was released Tuesday and is streaming on AOL Music for a few more days.

Taking Back Sunday have released their latest music video for "Liar" (lo|med|hi), the new single from their debut album Louder Now. Reminiscent of AH-HA’s "Take On Me," the video features black and white drawings of the band coming to life on a lie detector machine. Also be sure to check out the live performances of "Liar," "MakeDamnSure," "My Blue Heaven," and "A Decade Under the Influence."

Gnarls Barkley is the irony-laden psychedelic soul project spearheaded by producer Danger Mouse and vocalist, lyricist, soul-funk-hip hop-experimenter Cee-Lo, which resulted in one of the most successful albums of 2006 — St. Elsewhere. Team Gnarls have created a video for their enormously popular Violent Femmes cover "Gone Daddy Gone" (lo|med|hi) featuring a band of fleas on a mission of love. The secret admirers start their journey on the back of their true love's pet dog and with a song in their hearts, battle household cleaning products just to be near her, eventually dying in a flash of unrequited lust.

Mutronium are back with another YouTube video. This time the song is "Icy Love" and the video theme is a performance artist who uses the curb next to a NYC freeway as his stage.

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