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Blogcritics hits ten millions visitors, and for anyone that number is just amazing. Broken down that means they averaged just a little over three million hits a year. We’re not going by averages those because with each day that passes, we build more and more readers, and we find more and more writers to write for the site.

I know I’m relatively new to the ball game. I joined up with Blogcritics in March 2005, just about five months ago, and in that time I’ve written over forty articles, mostly recaps in the video section and reviews in the music section, but I’ve written other pieces as well.

I joined this site shortly after starting my latest blog attempt. I had tried two blogs in the recent past, and both hadn’t gone anywhere. I wanted to have a blog that I actually wrote in and others would read. Seeing Blogcritics gave me something to write in my blog when nothing else came out of me. In time, I found other things to talk about and my blog became a daily experience for me.

As a writer for this site, I’ve improved my own writing skills when it comes to article writing. I take what I’ve learned here, and I apply it elsewhere. As a writer for this site, my reviews have begun here and landed me work elsewhere.

Earlier this summer, I began recapping the final season of popular Showtime show Queer as Folk. I submitted the recap to an editor elsewhere as well, and they hired me to cover the remainder of the season for their site. A paying job. A job I might not have had if not for my writing on this site. My reviews on this season of Queer as Folk have been syndicated to sites such as Gay wired, LesbiaNation and Gay monkey.

I knew how to write, but I had to learn how to write articles. Writing to inform the general public is a much different process than writing for pure enjoyment. I talk writing my articles for this site seriously. You just never know when someone out there might see you write on this site, and want you to write for them elsewhere.

I enjoy reading the articles on this site as well. The articles are informative, and we have people that definitely know their stuff. If I want to know about a certain movie or CD before I see it or buy it, I come here to read on it. If I see articles that I know would be of interest to others, I link them to it so they can read. I talk to my friends about the site, and I’ve even dragged one on here after he read my articles on this site over and over.

Congratulations on ten million, Blogcritics. I know I’ll be here for quite some time to come.

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  • Thanks, Regina! Your work on Real World has been great, and I’m really looking forward to seeing what you’ve still got up your sleeve.

    Congrats on the paying gig — I’m jealous!

  • Thanks, Phillip! I have another show or two I might recap and review in the fall, and other various reviews and articles as well. I love writing for this site.