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Blogcritics Editors’ Picks of the Week (Feb. 8 – Feb. 14): Valentine’s Dreams and the Mountains of Madness

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Valentine’s Day for some brings romance, moonlit walks, and dove-colored memories filling the skies with delicate luminescence.

For others its pain, black and deathgrip, black cardboard paper filled with black charcoal poetry, crypt poetry of Henry Rollins-inspired anger dance parties of tumblore.

And still for others — most, really — it’s a day to let others know, via over-commercialized yet mainly sincere product purchase and exchange, that hey, you matter.

And that’s a nice thing.

In any event, let’s get rolling with this week’s stories of supreme and maddening greatness.


Music Editor Connie Phillips chose:

CD Review: A Wilhelm Scream – Ruiner by Ryan Seay
Ryan delivers a well rounded review, looking not only at the CD, but at the genre of punk as well. He gives an in-depth overview with a nice personal slant that makes this a very interesting read.

Coming Soon: The Anti-Grammys by Stephen V Funk
In this cute and topical opinion piece, Stephen takes a look at the Grammys in the aftermath of the broadcast, as well as offering a suggestion for alternative entertainment in the future.

CD Review: Enya – Amarantine by Mark Saleski
Mark always delivers his reviews in an entertaining way, but this one stands out as he ties in his perspective on preconceived judgments.


NEW! Books Editor Natalie Bennett chose:

On Writing and Self-publishing by John Spivey
We’ve all probably, after the latest instance of thumping our head against the literary stablishment, thought about the possibility of self-publishing. In this post John Spivey shares his own experiences, and invites a debate (already well underway) in which writers can share their experiences. A great idea.


TV Editor Joan Hunt:

Battlestar Galactica by Jim Iaccino
Much more than a recap, a fine look at how characters work within a story and what happens when they’ve reached the end of their usefulness. Jim did a fantastic job.

Transamerica by Don Baiocchi
A stunning review in every way. Just stunning! I couldn’t have asked for a finer article.

Cary Grant DVD Collection, Part II by Modern Pea Pod
This exceptional series of reviews do absolute justice to the Cary Grant legacy. The movies reviewed in this particular article are worthy of repeated viewing.


NEW! Culture Editor Diana Hartman chose:

How Betty Friedan Got It Wrong and How Her Ilk Changed My Life by Patfish
Patfish eloquently observes how Ms Friedan’s quest for gender equality overlooked nature’s path.

TV Editor Joan Hunt:

Day by Day by Chris Muir
Coretta Scott King’s funeral and the legacy of the King family receive more honor and respect from Muir than from politicians and their ilk.

NEW! Film Editor Beth Gottfried also! chose:

How Betty Friedan Got It Wrong and How Her Ilk Changed My Life by Patfish
I loved Pat Fish’s piece on Betty Friedan. Unbelievably moving and spot on, it’s touching without being preachy and dispenses some sage advice to young women about the pitfalls and trappings of modernity and feminism.

Blogcritic Elvira Black also! chose this piece:

Made me cry: ’nuff said!


Politics Editor Dave Nalle chose:

The “Offended” Offenders by Elvira Black
An excellent cap to several days of articles on the Mohammed cartoon controversy with a look at the flip side of the issue.

The World’s New Women Leaders are Settling In Nicely by Natalie Bennett
An insightful look at a contemporary political trend. Very timely but not something so immediately obvious that everyone latched onto it. Well worth a read.

Blogcritic Elvira Black chose:

Why Can’t The US Administration Be Like The NYC Administration? by Adam Ash
In this piece, Adam says what I’ve often thought about how superb our mayor and city administrators are. Now if only Mayor Bloomberg would get over his anti-smoking fetish…


Sports Editor Mathew T. Sussman chose:

Winter Olympics: Lunar Skiing by Eric Olsen
Our technology isn’t quite there yet, but what if the Winter Olympics could be played on the moon? Eric points out that the Lunar Alps and the satellite’s low gravity would make for some record-setting tricks and stunts only dreamt up, but never seen outside the realm of PlayStation.

The Olympic Ramble: The Luge and Costas’ Hair by Sal Marinello
In Sal’s latest ramble, he gets drawn in by the perks and quirks of NBC’s nonstop Olympic coverage. Jim Lampley’s perfect hair, for one. The dangers of luge, for two. And curling, for the win.


Gaming Editor Ken Edwards chose:

Xbox 360 Review: Dead or Alive 4 by Matt Paprocki
DOA4 is quite possibly the finest Xbox Live game to date for the new console. The game also boasts great single player modes. This is a win-win for the brawler in all of us.

Blogcritics.org Executive Producer Eric Berlin chose:

Dreamcast Review: 102 Dalmatians: Puppies to the Rescue by Tyler Willis
Willis lays it straight and great with the jumping, barking, and rolling that the famous doggies of London must go through on their way to 102 Dalmations-related adventure.


SciTech Editor Lisa McKay chose:

The New PC Wars by Craig Lyndall
As the major players and the technology continue to change, Craig gives us a look into what the future might bring in terms of PC market dominance. With Apple’s resurgence as a force to be reckoned with and their new deal with Intel, Craig muses about the possibility of a Microsoft-Dell-IBM alliance. Hopefully the consumer will come out the winner in this one.

SciTech Watch: Alternative Fuels by Johniac
The next time some talking head starts in on alternative fuels, you’ll know what the buzz is about if you’ve read this alternative fuel primer. Zeroing in on biodiesel and ethanol, Johniac educates us as to where these fuels come from, what it might mean if you used them, and why that might be good for us all in the long run.

The Healthy Skeptic: Low Fat Diet Won’t Stop Cancer Or Heart Disease by Sal

Never one to mince words, the Healthy Skeptic gives us the low-down on a recent study that calls into question some of our current dietary canon. Sal is always on the ‘sensible and healthy’ bandwagon, and this article is one reason why his approach makes so much sense.

More Cowbell, By The Numbers by Pete Blackwell
Proving that you can quantify just about anything with Google, Pete compares just about anything to more cowbell. Pete’s contribution to the annals of Google research has been peer-reviewed and pronounced worthy.

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  • Gordon Hauptfleisch

    Congrats to all the Pickees. Well deserved.

  • Thanks so much for choosing my piece Natalie. I do appreciate it.

    I was remiss in not getting a nomination in for last week, but I think I would have gone for a little “more cowbell.” During the seventies I was actually housemates with a guy who became BOC’s drummer in the nineties.

  • Thnaks a lot for the pick! “Cute and topical” — great description!

  • Many thanks, Dave–I’m very flattered!

  • I live to serve. Congrats.


  • Thanks, Joan! Wow, what a nice description. I really appreciate it.

  • for 2/15-2/21 I’d like to pick the Roller Girls TV Review by Number One:


    Not only is the article a nice overview of this strange new series, it’s a hilarious look at what passes for “arts and entertainment” on the A & E network these days.