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Blogcritics Editors’ Picks of the Week (Feb. 1 – Feb. 7): Stone Free Stones and Blogger Burnout

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Let’s face it: it’s early February. No matter what the groundhog saw (and just what the heck does that furred rodent know anyway?), winter’s here and it’s gonna stay here until it gets tired and goes home.

And let’s also face it: you stopped going to the gym already, didn’t you?

Okay, I was talking to myself right there.

And let’s finally face it: some of the best writing in the history of Blogcritics got pounded out in between sets on the lat-atizer and delt-o-swellier, and here it is right here and now to breathe in and behold…

Ah, the sweet breath of fresh fitness writing.


Music Editor Connie Phillips chose:

CD Review: To: Elliot From: Portland by Erin McMaster
An honest an concise review that not only gave a look at the CD in question but the author writing about it, and Erin did a great job at both with this review.

2006 Grammy Predictions by Sterfish
Sterfish put together the complete list of nominees for the upcoming award show, and gave not only his choices but solid and convincing reasons why. I’ll be watching on the 8th to see how many are right.

CD Review: Foo Fighters – In Your Honor by Joanne Cohen-Schenker
Extremely comprehensive, I enjoyed reading this thorough look at not only this CD in particular but all associated with it and the Foo’s careers before and during.

Blogcritics.org Executive Producer Eric Berlin chose:

Stones Censored In Super Bowl Halftime Show by Eric Olsen
Like most Olsen pieces, this one is just too much fun not to quote:

I have to admit that as ridiculous as it was to ignore home-grown Motor City talent, and as byzantine as all the logistics must have been to get the Rolling Stones and their massive trademark red tongue stage onto the field and ready to go for a three-song cup of coffee at the Super Bowl halftime show last night, the set itself sounded great and if you didn’t look too close these guys still look and smell like ROCK STARS.


Blogcritic gypsyman – an author whose work is chosen weekly by editors, it seems – chose:

On Writing and Self-Publishing: Part I by John Spivey
John captures the problems faced by new (and established authors) in trying to get their work out to the public. Self-publishing usually involves the choice of stopping writing and becoming a full time-marketer, or don’t market and nobody reads your book. Well-written and nicely presented without the whining I usually include with such statements.

Blogcritic Nik Dirga chose:

Book Review: Rabbit at Rest, by John Updike by Robert Lashley
Really impressed… great stuff!


TV/Film Editor Joan Hunt chose:

TV Review: 24 Day 5: 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM by Jeff Kouba
Jeff does such a great job with this wrap up that I don’t even need to watch the show!

DVD Review: Rated R: Republicans in Hollywood by Scott C. Smith
Republicans? In Hollywood? Is that even legal?

DVD Review: The Aristocrats by El Bicho
I almost half-expected El Bicho to write one paragraph and invite comedians to give their own interpretations of the movie.

Blogcritic A.L. Harper chose:

Brokeback Mountain Blues by David Ben-Ariel
A review of Brokeback Mountain that shows one man’s struggle with the conflict between his Chrisianity and his homosexuality. More of a raw and tragic snapshot of his own self-image than a movie review.


Assistant Culture Editor Diana Hartman chose:

What’s Your Excuse for Not Having Health Insurance? by Dave Nalle
Getting young and old alike to think about their future and the future of their loved ones is no easy trick. Data-heavy Dave Nalle gives it a credible shot.

Blogcritics.org Executive Producer Eric Berlin chose:

Black History Month: Necessary and Compelling Reasons to Celebrate It by Victor Lana
A great and worthy piece of writing honoring Black History Month (February): the personal makes the point for the global. And an important point it is.

Blogcritic Chelsea Snyder chose:

Sniff… Our Little Internet Is Growing Up by Murphy Horner
Nice little piece about the profound growth of Blogcritics.org and that irritating quality editors have. Until you begin dating your editor. Then they get more annoying by tenfold… At any rate, a great heartfelt post, fun for the whole family says Ebert and Roper.


Politics Editor Dave Nalle chose

Newly Appointed Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito Defends the Little Guy by David Flanagan
Insightful look at Alito’s first decision and the contradictory and partisan character of the confirmation process.

My ‘Scaridness’ by AmeriPundit
Critical of the administration while still being amusing and making a point. A snippy little jab from the left that even those on the right can enjoy.


Sports Editor Matthew T. Sussman chose:

Browns Fans: ‘Don’t Do It’ by Zach Baker
Don’t do what? Root for the Steelers if you’re a true Cleveland Browns fan. The sports reporter from the greater Cleveland area reminds his Dawgs about a certain rivalry between the two AFC North opponents that dates back to the ’70s. So while the Steelers dream season to the Super Bowl is captivating, it’s ain’t worth crossing enemy lines.


Gaming Editor Ken Edwards chose:

Speed Kills, Not Video Games by gypsyman
Gypsyman drives home his opinion on the alleged street race in Toronto on January 24th: video games don’t kill people – people kill people.


SciTech Editor Lisa McKay chose:

My Blogger Burnout by Elvira Black
A personal look at the good, the bad, and the ugly of blogging. If you’ve had a brush with some of its darker aspects, you’ll likely recognize yourself in some of Elvira’s symptoms. Now turn that thing off and go out for a walk. But not before you’ve read this post.

Nobody Ever Blogged About Scrabble and the NFL by Matthew T. Sussman
Matt tucks some good advice about writing into this amazing (and amusing) tale that starts with an off-the-wall idea about a football article and then meanders its way across a Scrabble board, onto the front page of Fark.com, and eventually ends up at the LA Times. The bottom line, according to Blogcritics’ intrepid Sports Editor, is to keep writing, and writing well, because you never know who’s reading.

Assistant Culture Editor Diana Hartman also chose:

My Blogger Burnout by Elvira Black

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  • Eric Olsen

    thanks EB, and what a great bouquet of reading blossoms! Everyone should check these out and let the writers know if you vibe on the chi

  • Eric, thank you for selecting my piece and your kind words in regard to it.

  • Thank you Lisa and Diana–this really helped appease some of my blogger burnout symptoms (lol)!

  • gonzo marx

    congratulations ot those picked…

    and blargh! to myself…2 articles in 2 weeks

    guess my “style” just ain’t conducive to consideration

    ah well…

    keep up the awesome work , folks!


  • This is very cool. It’s my first editor’s recognition since the inception of weekly picks.

    Gonzo, the culture and politics sections are very tough categories in which one rises to the top. My advice: start your own section. It’s easier that way.

  • Every week, no only the past three, anyway I appreciate the nods none the less from all who choose to think my association with English language is improving.

    The irony of my only gaming peice winning is not lost on me, the terminal non gamer. Not because I don’t like them, just my equipment can’t play them, and I’m hopless at them.


  • Thanks gypsyman. I hope the rest of the writing in the series holds up for you.

  • How’d I miss this? Thanks Connie for picking my Grammy prediction post. Also, there are a lot of great posts that got picked. I think I read almost all of them.

  • My pick for this coming week would be Adam Ash’s Why Can’t the US Administratoin be Like the NYC Administration?

    In this piece, Adam says what I’ve often thought about how superb our mayor and city administrators are. Now if only Mayor Bloomberg would get over his anti-smoking fetish…

  • OK–just read this and wanted to note it as a pick too (if I can):

    Diana Hartman’s There’s no Way You’re Not coming Back.

    Made me cry–’nuff said!