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(For the week of Oct. 8 to Oct. 14)***



If you are listed below, thank you. Second, please feel free to use the button below on your own site for picks this week. Right click this image to get the URL. gif listed first, jpg second. If you link the image to your winning post that would be even better.


POLITICS: Lisa McKay’s Picks of the Week

It’s always refreshing to read posts in the Politics section which are clear-eyed, informative and based in fact. Preaching to the choir is easy, as is rabble-rousing – presenting a balanced point of view requires some hard work. The following authors have educated me and provided me with some food for thought this week, which is what writing politics ought to be all about.

Iraqi Constitution: What’s The Brouhaha About?, by gaurav sood, provides us with some things to think about regarding the Iraqi constitution.

In The Real Middle East Dominos, Michael D. Bryan takes a thoughtful and well-informed look at Islamic terrorism, the threat of world domination and the political situation in the Middle East.

Mark Edward Manning points out a disconnect between theory and practice with regard to recycling in Europe in his piece titled Environmentally Responsible Europe?

VIDEO: Joan Hunt’s picks of the week

Erin McMaster takes on Domino. “Domino is funny. It is crass and doesn’t hide from that fact. There isn’t an overabundance of humor to detract from the rawness of the hunt gone wrong, but enough that it isn’t too overwhelming.” Don’t forget – the movie stars Keira Knightley, Christopher Walken, Delroy Lindo, and just about everyone who has ever driven through Hollywood. Romp with me, people. C’mon.

Next up, Nehring brings us a review of the movie Saints & Soldiers . Compared to Saving Private Ryan, apparently this movie does an even better job of conveying the way people behave during war, without the big Hollywood budget. Could it be?

The Blues Brothers according to El Bicho. Is the 25th Anniversary Edition DVD worth the money? I dare you to find out. Put on the dark shades and fedora, crank up the soundtrack, and groove along.

I’m not entirely sure what to think of Hardy, but anyone who can pull off a “Tao of Road House post the way he does deserves a big round of applause. Go on, go read it. And, don’t forget to wiggle your hips for Patrick Swayze.

CULTURE / TECH: Lisa Hoover’s picks of the week


BOOKS: Pat Cummings’ picks of the week

NaNoWriMo Notes: Why? Why Not by gypsyman, Oct. 10

Gypsyman has chosen a tough road for October and November – not only to write a 50,000 word novel, but also to share his experience with us, week by week. In this week’s post, he finally pins down the reason for his novel decision. And it’s a good one!

Interview with Mark Kendrick, iUniverse Star Author by Parker Owens, Oct. 10

For many of us, eBooks and self-publishing are attractive options. In the usual penetrating way, Parker gets right to the core of our interest with the first question in this interview: “Did you try to publish the traditional way before embracing self-publishing?” Kendrick’s answer may surprise you!

Just about anything by BC writer Bill Wallo

This is a departure for me, but it needs to be said. Bill Wallo’s reviews are consistently good, thoughtful and well-written, about a number of different genres of books. Bill is also a careful publisher — I suspect he rereads his posts three or four times before putting them out for Blogcritics readers. These are characteristics that endear him to this editor, for one. I just love to see a new Bill Wallo post arrive!

MUSIC: Matt Freelove’s picks of the week

It’s Newcomer’s Week in the Music Section…

Hate and the Music Industry Oct. 12

Glenn Peoples explores in great detail the PR nightmare that the music industry is currently dealing with. Glenn gets past the typical banter about the subject, and digs in to search for the root causes.

Review: Olivia Tremor Control – Black Foliage Oct. 12

D. Taylor Singletary’s style isn’t so much CD reviews as it is music criticism. Apparently Taylor didn’t get the memo when Elvis Costello said that “writing about music is like dancing about architecture.” You don’t even need to know the artist he’s writing about to appreciate his prose.


***(See here for our selection guidelines.)

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