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Blogcritics EDITORS’ PICKS – Oct. 1 to Oct. 7

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(For the week of Oct. 1 to Oct. 7)***



If you are listed below, thank you. Second, please feel free to use the button below on your own site for picks this week. Right click this image to get the URL. gif listed first, jpg second. If you link the image to your winning post that would be even better.


MUSIC: Matt Freelove’s picks of the week

Sunday Morning Playlist: Haight Ashbury by uao, Oct. 2
Just when you thought he was running out of genres to tackle, resident Blogcritics music historian uao schools the previously uninitiated on the ins and outs of Haight Ashbury.

CD Review: Depeche Mode, Black Celebration by Scott C. Smith, Oct. 2
Scott Smith revisits Depeche Mode’s Black Celebration in anticipation of their new LP Playing the Angel.

35 Years Later, Janis Joplin’s Legacy Endures by Jon Sobel, Oct. 4
On the anniversary of Janis Joplin’s death, Jon Sobel gets all nostalgic on us as the rock legend.

BOOKS: Pat Cummings’ picks of the week

Fela Kuti: New Book on the Man, Myth, Music Legend by Viqi French, Oct. 2
Read this one out loud — you’ll hear the rhythms of African music, muted but present, under the prose. Viqi’s Piece combines a brief note about the “new book” with some reasons for exploring Fela Kuti’s music.

Review: The Complete Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson by Steven Hart, Oct. 6
Steven has really tapped into the reason Watterson’s comic strip Calvin and his sometimes-alive, sometimes-stuffed tiger Hobbes were so appealing. No illustrations, but Calvin and Hobbes fans will be able to supply them from memory.

Review: Rough Edges by Richard J. Radcliffe, Oct. 7
This is a heartfelt review of the autobiography of a passionate man, Congressman James E. Rogan. Richard captures some of the sincerity and humor of the writer and his life, and makes it obvious why he recommends the book so heartily.

VIDEO: Joan Hunt’s picks of the week

Lord of War: A Review of the Best Movie Nobody Saw by Steven Hart, Oct. 7
Lord of War doesn’t cheat or lose its nerve.” Steven Hart wrote The Review of the week. From the compelling title to the conclusion of his article, he convincingly argued in favor of Lord of War. I was intrigued by the trailers for the movie, but after reading Hart’s review, I am determined to see this movie!

TV Review: Survivor: Guatemala – Week Four: Bugs or Lepers? by Bennett Dawson, Oct. 6
Bennett Dawson gets extra credit for breaking down Survivor: Guatemala every week and still managing to keep the recaps fresh. This is harder than it looks, because, let’s face it, Survivor isn’t breaking much ground these days. Jeff Probst, however, is still cute.

Survivor Guatemala: 20 Questions by Teletart, Oct. 7
Teltart asks some difficult questions. Okay, they’re not so “difficult.” They’re just fun.

CULTURE / TECH: Lisa Hoover’s picks of the week

Nicolas Cage is Superman’s Father by Chris Beaumont, Oct. 4
First Courtney Love names her daughter Frances Bean. Then Gwenyth Paltrow saddles her poor daughter with the name Apple. Just when I thought celebrity baby names couldn’t get any more…um…offbeat, Chris Beaumont proved me wrong.

Endeavour Returning to Shuttle Fleet by Johniac, Oct. 6
Johniac lets us know what the Space Shuttle Endeavour’s been up to. 900,000 man hours to refurbish it? Wow.

International “Freedom” Center Scrapped at Ground Zero by Victor Lana, Oct. 5
Victor Lana gives us a personal look at what the decision to scrap the plans for the International Freedom Center means to his family.

POLITICS: Lisa McKay’s Picks of the week

Open Source Politics by Cranky Liberal, Oct. 3
Cranky Liberal put forth the idea that Open Source technology provides a good model for politics in Open Source Politics, a call for people of all political stripes to cast off their ideological blinders and brainstorm the solutions to some of the very daunting problems facing the nation.

In Shoot First, Proof Later: Florida’s New Gun Law by gypsyman, Oct. 5
Gypsyman takes a darkly humorous look at Florida’s ‘shoot first, ask questions later’ stance on self-defense and all its Darwinian implications.

We separate out any picks of other main editors to keep the spotlight on the contributors.

Politics Editor Lisa McKay picked

New York, New Orleans, Our Country, and Everything Else by Eric Berlin, Oct. 3
Thanks to Eric Berlin for a very thoughtful post in which he gives personal expression to a national longing for a signpost leading home for a country that seems to have temporarily lost its way.


In The Middle: Bill Bennett by Phillip Winn & Eric Berlin, Oct. 6
Phillip Winn and Eric Berlin bring a breath of fresh air to the Politics section by establishing a new recurring feature called In The Middle. This week’s installment has the two of them exchanging views about the Bill Bennett debacle from their respective moderate-right and moderate-left perspectives, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that rational, intelligent and civil discourse is indeed possible (and highly desirable).

***(See here for our selection guidelines.)

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  • Thanks for the pick, Temple! I am duly honored.

  • Thanks Joan! Yay!

  • Matt,

    Thanks for selecting my DM review as a pick of the week!! I’ll have my review up for “Playing the Angel” soon. From what I’ve heard so far it sounds like DM is back on track following (IMHO) the lackluster “Exciter” from 2001.

  • Thank you to the editors for picking my article regarding the scrapped IFC in Manhattan.

    It’s greatly appreciated, especially since the topic is so important to my family, to me, and many New Yorkers.


  • uao

    Many thanks, Matt. Actually, running out of ideas isn’t usually the problem. Running out of time is my biggest curse.

    Shouts out to this weeks’ picks, and the rest of the BC gang.

  • Congrats to all the picks!

  • As always, suprised and delighted to be so honoured. Thank you Lisa et al.(No you didn’t have anything to do with it, now go back to your goat, she must be lonely) he he he

  • I quite liked Apple. Ms. Paltrow recently said it was akin to “the apple of our eyes.”


    (And it isn’t just celebrities with the odd names. I mean look at, look at , well, me and my brothers and sisters for starters – Temple, Jen (brother), Trip and Aleta).

    Yep, I have a sister named Trip – on her birth certificate. …

  • Thanks, Lisa!
    Nothing quite like a crazy baby name!

    Congrats to the rest of the picks!