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Blogcritics Editors’ Picks – Aug. 6 to Aug. 12

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(For the week of July 30 to Aug. 5)

(See here for our selection guidelines.)

“People love as self-recognition what they hate as an accusation.” — Elias Canetti

“A human being is a part of the whole called by us universe, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feeling as something separated from the rest, a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.” — Albert Einstein


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MUSIC: Temple Stark’s picks of the week

Review: The Beatles’ White Album by Bryan McKay, Aug. 6
Um, the Beatles are good. Bryan takes us through his love/hate relationship with the band in a nice personal way, which is especially appropriate for a “retro-review.” Brings back a lot of good memories of an abum I first heard in about 1993 when i borrowed my mom’s copy for extended amounts of time. The comments following put this over the top; a meandering of old hippies wise music lovers.

Review: The Knitters – Irving Plaza, NYC, August 11, 2005 by ClubhouseCancer, Aug. 12.
Ah punkabilly. Or is it cunk? THe odd tale of the Knitters kontinues in this concert review. Gotta respect CC’s pro turnaround time as well, a day after the gig. And the close-up photos CC took along the way.

The Rolling Stones And Toronto: Odd Couple by gypsyman, Aug. 12
Look, it’s just refreshing to hear that the Stone aren’t conplete corporate money-grubbing blood-sucking (yeah blood) whores these days – popping suprise $10 concerts in as they rehearse in Toronto. And Gypsyman provides some great Toronto-Stones history.

Jerry Garcia: Has it really been ten years? by Earvolution, Aug. 11
Ten Years On: Jerry Garcia Remembered by Natalie Davis, Aug. 8
These guys are speaking to me. On the occasion of the 10th year since Jerry Garcia’s death (Aug. 9, 1995) Earvolution tries to talk to those who look at Jerry Garcia and go “huh?” with a very comprehensive, well-constructed article that asks as many questions as it tries to answer. — And Ms. Davis (she of the Gratefuldread Web site) makes Garcia and the dead very personal with an intercourse on Garcia’s meaning for her:

Where he entered, he dominated, generally to his dismay. He knew he was not a leader, more a scout striking out in the wilderness of his intuitions, unwittingly summoning others to tag along through virtue of his magnetic personality and apparently deep sense of inner direction, but basically antipathetic to following or to being followed.

Shades of Cobain – except with longevity.

Review: Johnny Cash – Legend by Wally Bangs, Aug. 9
Another great personal journey that goes a long way to explaining how musicians get deep down into people’s souls and stay there, stuck, barbed, even in the face of later poor musical choices. Which was not the later fate with with Johnny Cash. Nice. Nice. nice. I reviewed Cash but I couldn’t have written this piece.

CULTURE/ TECH Lisa Hoover’s pick of the week.

Multi-tasking and organizing emotional breakdowns by Parker Owens, Aug. 11
Parker Owens’ daughter went back to school last week and it sounds like she’ll be doing reports on Stephen Covey books.

POLITICS Lisa Iannucci’s pick of the week.
Know Your Enemy: Who Are We Fighting In Iraq? – by The Bulldog Manifesto, Aug. 12
Who or what are we fighting (for)?

VIDEO: Eric Berlin’s picks of the week.
Review: Murderball by Erin McMaster, Aug. 8.
Erin McMaster gives us the goods straight-up and hard-hitting, just
like the rough-and-tumble and fascinating sport of Murderball.

Review: The Devil’s Rejects by Tom the Dog, Aug. 10
What can you say about Tom the Dog’s first Blogcritics post? It’s no
barker. Okay, sorry for that… it’s great. Really. Read it.

BOOKS: Pat Cummings’ picks of the week
Pat has had fried computer-itis but is back for the attack next week.


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  • So so delayed. Sorry.

  • I’m hung in cyberspace right now conducitn a long distance interview with Ashok Banker in India, and it looks like his ISP has crashed, so I decided to cruise the site. Look what I found. Thanks Temple.

    I remember something else about the time when Keith Richards got busted for Heroin. My high school used to do a speaker series, and that year the attorny general of Ontario came to speak. Boy did he get grilled about Richards.

    People got up and said there’s no real point in sending this guy to jail, he’s a junkie, it won’t help him or anybody else. Anyway he won’t do the time, he’ll just never come back to Canada.

    Now politicians are never supposed to contact judges(right!!)But nobody had ever heard of sombody being sentanced to doing benefit concerts before for posesscion of Heroin. I’d like to think our “disscussion” with the attorney general helped shape the descision.

    Of course the fact that he was boinking the Prime Minister’s wife probably didn’t hurt…was that out loud..oh oh.

  • yr going to publish that Ashok Banker interview, I hope, gypsyman…ask him about Byculla Boy

    Temple – I read that last comment about DrPat as he had fried computer-tits:) Coffee time

  • Very cool! I’ll add the button to my site later today. Glad you liked my first post as much as I like posting here.

  • -E

    Heh cool. Maybe now all you crazy cats will go see Murderball 😛

  • Oooh, Erin is THAT -E-

    I remember you. Pleasantly.

  • -E

    It is my attempt at being stealth.

    But, seriously, good picks this week (even without the Murderball one). I enjoy the picks because I get to read some reviews folks wrote that might have slipped off the front page when I wasn’t around one day.

  • Please keep ’em coming, Tom !

  • Thanks, Mr. Stark. One note: The section quoted above was written not by me, but by Grateful Dead lyricist Robert Hunter.