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Blogcritics Devil May Cry 4, Guitar Hero III Giveaway

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Blogcritics Gaming is giving away Devil May Cry 4 and Guitar Hero III. Three lucky winners will be able to chose their platform of choice (PS3 or 360) for Devil May Cry 4, and one more lucky winner will be able to chose from PS3, 360 or Wii versions of Guitar Hero III.

Just enter by filling out the forms linked below! We will be collecting entries for a month, and announce the winner right here.

BC Gaming Devil May Cry 4 Giveaway

BC Gaming Guitar Hero III Giveaway

Please don't post your information in the comments, as they will not be tallied.

That's it – no trivia questions to worry about. Entries will be gathered until Midnight (EST) on March 12, 2008. A random drawing will be held at that time. Good luck!

Congratulations to our four winners! Mary Boldin, Rose Goode, and Scott Daywood won DMC4 and Erin Kraft won Guitar Hero III. Thanks to everyone who entered our contest, and check back for our next gaming giveaway.

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  • kristyn corace

    ghiii is awesome, would love one

  • susan varney

    would love to win

  • hazel hunt


  • jenny hebert

    Guitar Hero Rocks

  • Shirley Talabock

    love to win

  • Stephen Alexander

    Great contest!

  • Shaymaa

    i’d love to win

  • Meagan

    My husband would love me even more than he already does if I won this!!!

  • Tom

    Hope I win

  • Anne S.

    Yes, please.

  • Evelyn

    I’m in

  • Evelyn

    Yeah Enter Me

  • Truly Darling,
    Its a WIN~WIN situation….
    it makes YOU feel good to give it away,
    and it makes ME feel good to WIN IT,
    so go ahead,
    make both our days,
    and make me the winner!
    (come on now, you know you want to, so dont fight the
    win~win urge!) :o)

  • Burton Bathrick

    a winner

  • Ashley Henley

    this would be great

  • Jill Brott

    Enter me Please.

  • teechbiz

    this is a great site and one I’ve already bookmarked. thanks please enter me in your exciting contest

  • Um, people, seriously, are you human? There are two very easy to see links in the body of the article. Click on them and fill out the form. That is how you enter. It takes very little time, and could have great reward 😉

    I am not going to enter you.

  • Gregory Hill

    wii wii wii

  • jamie95630

    Would love to win.

  • Mindy

    Would love to win for the WII

  • Ret Fortuna


  • jen gersch


  • AWESOME – I’m a gamer and can’t afford too many games and I want BOTH of these for the 360, please!!

  • Marie N.

    Just wanted to say thank you for offering such a great giveaway. But I noticed that a lot of people seem to be entering by leaving a comment. That seems to be a growing trend on many websites across the internet but obviously…not everybody takes the time to read the instructions so clearly outlined at the top of the page. Guess that ups the odds in my favor. 🙂

  • Tammy Kennedy


    I really need to win this my sons bday is 3/26 and he has beenasking since june for a quitar hero 3 and games.
    I’m unemployed so I can’t aways give kids what they want. I enter contest to try and win what they want. He’d be a happy gamer if I won this for his 12 birthday.
    Thank you….

  • RHicks


  • alicia gaddes

    Our x-box just stopped working after 3 years,and my hubby just bought a ps3,so this would be awesome!!

  • Albert Hank


  • Edward Durbin

    I’d really Love to win…

  • tazdevil267

    my kids would love this for their wii!!

  • Eva Mack

    for fun

  • trudee carreiro

    I would love to win

  • trudee carreiro

    I would love this

  • philip halter


  • kim

    Great Prize

  • Renee Turner

    This is great!

  • Renee Turner

    Very cool prize

  • Marilyn R.

    Great Prize
    luv it

  • Stephanie Bruce

    i would love to win this for the hubby thing!

  • Jessie A

    I would love to win this. Thank you.

  • debbie oxford

    my kids will love u!!!!!

  • Judy

    So….who won??

  • You will just have to listen to our radio show, as I will announce the winners there. Then I will post them here.

    I have emailed them by now, so if you did not get an email, sorry! We are going to have another game related giveaway soon, though.