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Blogcritics and 10 million visitors; growth in many ways

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At 20:20 PDT on Aug. 3, this three year-old site Blogcritics.org had its 10 millionth visitor.

I haven’t really made too much of Blogcritics.org on my own site, because, well frankly, I wasn’t sure of where it was going and how serious it was to increasing its standards beyond “taking all comers” to write at the site.

But I have been a writer here, so I guess that policy helped me some :-). Around December of last year I became music editor of the site and then for a couple of months I became music and TV / Video editor, then back to music. I could look up exact times, but that’s not really important.

Did I say back to music? Well, I did indeed go back to music but Eric Olsen, publisher and originator of Blogcritics.org wanted me in as Executive Editor.

I’ve taken the role seriously and melded the new job title and responsibilities and duties as I’ve seen fit. And there’s been some honing from Eric and co-owner Phillip Winn to just exactly what I’m meant to be doing and what I’ll be doing in the future.

It hasn’t all been fun. I guess I’ll call that growing pains as everyone sees what fits and everyone else reacts to it. The site has a lot going on and welcomes about 400 regular writers (and 1,200 signed on) and includes the full range, from intellectual to crazy and the worst — psuedo-intellectual, too-much-time-on-their-small-clenched-idle-hands crazies. Luckily those type I can count on one hand.

The site is getting serious about standards in the posts and that is heart-warming to me because there’s enough dross in the world without perpetuating too much more of it.

I’ve played a small part in it – some of my suggestions have been incorporated. With success – for me at least – brings a greater willingness to expend more time and energy.

10,000,000 would be a lot in anyone’s book. You’ve been served.

(Note this was first written Aug. 3, minutes before we hit the Mega-10 mark. I realized I was the only one of the three “senior editors” not to post here, though I had at my site, with my graphic above. For various reasons I have left it as is, changing only time references)

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