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Blogcritic writes AND publishes a book

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Aaaah. That new book smell can’t be beat. I’ve only flipped through the pages expecting a stop-stutter motion film in the corner of the pages. Already I’m intrigued by David Mazzotta’s “Business As Usual.”

First, he gave it to me free. I’m getting a good vibe off that alone – always a good start. Thanks David.

I got it yesterday and opened it at 1:21 p.m. It’s less than 250 pages (less than 237 to be exact). The word lamenitng is repeated 21 words apart on the back cover blurb so you start to get the idea right there: Lamenting is an East Coast thing.

Coincidence? As I type this former Time Magazine editor Walter Isaacson is on the jon Stewart Show lathering aobut his new book on Benjamin Franklin. Mozzotta’s book is published by Franklin Street Books.

[At this point my browser crashed as I was looking for the picture of the cover. I gave it up and went to bed.]

This is Mazzotta’s second novel so he doesn’t need my patronizing “good effort.”

Still and all, he’s a Blogcritic with a book with his name on it.

Read the first Blogcritic review of “Business as Usual” at this link.

Now that I’ve got the important stuff out of the way I’ll read the book starting tomorrow. I’m also moving so do not expect that I’ll finish the book tomorrow.

The chapter titles (in my particular order).: Mirabella Jablonski. Arnold the Weasel. John T. Bayer. Geeks. The Princeton Friends. Jake. Aubrey. Feldman and Grumley. Jim and Fifi. Jim? Fifi? Everybody Party. The Aftermath. Dodging Bullets. The Morning After. Bloody Hell. Humor Is No Laughing Matter. So Close To The Bone. I Want To Call My Lawyer. A Decrepitude Moment. A More Tangled Web. What About The Handicap. Simply Business. Dinner Wth The Decrepitudes. Denoument. One-Oh-Three. The Return of the Weasel. Say the Magic Word. Surrealism.

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