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Blogcritic of the Month, August 2006: Al Barger

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The purpose of this monthly series is to highlight an outstanding contributor to the site as chosen by the editorial staff. This designation is meant to recognize and celebrate the best of the best, those writers who not only shine by virtue of their talent, but whose ongoing participation gives all of us a reason to tune in each and every day. As new readers are continually discovering Blogcritics, we also hope to introduce these fine writers to a new audience.

Please join me in a virtual round of applause for this month’s honoree, Al Barger!

Music critic, gadfly, political pundit — all these and more describe Al Barger, one of the most prolific and controversial writers to grace BC’s virtual pages. On board since 2002, and with well over 1000 articles to his credit, the force of Al’s personality can be felt across the site as he contributes content regularly on a wide variety of topics and is a familiar 'face' in the comments section as well. Honest to a fault, dismissive of all notions of political correctness, and possessed of eclectic musical tastes and a wry sense of humor, Al's presence serves to liven up the BC neighborhood on an almost daily basis.

Al describes his beginnings thusly:

I was born under a bad sign on October 17, 1962.  It obviously didn't register on me at the time, but this was smack during the Cuban missile crisis.  My father, Howard Barger, was the proprietor of Barger's Lakeview Market, so I come from a family of shopkeepers. 

Raised in a Protestant tradition, Al says of his religious upbringing, “I was raised up around Pentecostals, but our churches weren't going for any of that speaking in tongues or rolling around in the aisles.  My Grandpa Brown regarded such things as more likely signs of demonic possession than of the Holy Ghost.” He spent a year and a half at St. John’s College in Santa Fe, which gave him a good grounding in the classics (most notably Homer, Plato, Aristotle, and Socrates) and eventually earned a degree in journalism from Ball State University in 1989.

Al’s interest in politics has clearly been built from the ground up:

The most interesting job I ever had involved working as a mere grunt on the phones working for a Democrat-owned polling firm.  I spent a couple of years conducting push-polls, the kind of thing where they try out different types of mud to see which ones will stick.  "If you heard that Senator Smith took $250K in campaign money from the NRA, would that make you MUCH LESS likely to vote for him, SOMEWHAT LESS likely, or make NO DIFFERENCE?"  Among other things, this meant I spent Election Day of 1992 actually making get-out-the-vote calls to Chicago voters for the Clinton/Braun campaigns.  I felt so dirty.  I really enjoyed talking to the voters, though it took great restraint to avoid getting off-script or expressing my own opinions.

Among other little adventures, I am an Eagle Scout, and a tested and certified member of Mensa.  I also had a show on Indianapolis public access television in 1995-96 called The Freak Show!  Among other things, it involved puppet sketches and "Bongtalk." Billed as Damaged Goods Comedy Shoppe, I concocted an album's worth of audio comedy, What Are You Looking At? released through the original old-school MP3.com site.  I've also run for public office several times, but we'll get to that later.

One of Al's regular contributions to BC's Music section is a compilation of new CD releases every week. Music Editor Connie Phillips says,

Al consistently provides a great service to our music listeners and readers with his list of new releases every Tuesday complete with his insight on the big names.  He's also a vocal part of the community, not only in his reviews but with his comments to others.  Maybe his opinions aren't always popular ones, but they are his none-the-less and are delivered with conviction. 

Politics Editor Dave Nalle opines that despite the fact that Al "… likes Ann Coulter and compiles a hell of a lot of strange lists, his eclectic and intriguing taste in music and his unflinching political convictions make him worth reading.  I just wish we saw more of him in the politics section."

Finally, BC Publisher Eric Olsen describes Al's contributions in more personal terms:

Al and I disagree on a fair number of issues, including vital ones like the standing of Elvis Costello in popular music history, the advisability of a strong national government, and the legacy of Abraham Lincoln, but I also know Al to be a man of intelligence, integrity, openness, curiosity, and humor. He has been vital to the development and success of Blogcritics.

Q & A: The Serious Stuff

Your articles here at BC run the gamut from music reviews to political commentary. Why do you write? How old were you when you started writing? Is there any work of fiction on the horizon — the great American novel perhaps?

Primarily I am writing as a way of sharing my thoughts with other people. The writing process helps me clarify my thinking even for myself, but I wouldn't do it without at least a few people on the other end reading. I have a journalism degree, but I didn't do much writing for several years after college until I started MoreThings.

I'd like to publish some critic-type books if I could find a publisher. I'd definitely like to put out a critical guide to The Shield, based on the extensive writings I have already.

As to fiction, I'm not really that interested in novels. I just do not have the patience even to read them. I'd be much more interested in writing screenplays. I was concocting little four- or five-page screenplays in sixth grade. I'd dig writing low-budget genre comedy movies. I'd especially love to write a Cheech and Chong movie. I could really do something with that.

You love to describe yourself as a simple hillbilly, which seems a bit disingenous given the underlying sophistication of some of your writing. Who is the real Al Barger?

Who is Al Barger? Al Barger is a complex personality, as are most of the small breed of modern day renaissance millionaires. No, wait — that's not Al Barger, that's that jerk, Navin R. Johnson. Typical bastard.

I don't think I've really got an answer as to the "real" Al Barger. That's perhaps more a philosophical than a biographical question.

Let me address the usage of "hillbilly" though. For starters, you're making a false dichotomy of "simple" vs "sophisticated." There's no reason a hillbilly from the piney woods wouldn't be as smart and thoughtful as his big city cousin. I'd say that the hillbilly idea works about three ways with me, as a description of my actual personality, somewhat differently as a minor aspect of literary personae, and finally as a technique of argument.

For one thing, it is my top point of pride in my personal lineage that both of my grandfathers ran bootleg liquor in Kentucky during the Prohibition. In my worldview, that's more prestigious than if they'd been, say, congressmen. To update the image a bit, I could very much see myself as the smartass dope-running narrator of Charlie Daniels' "Uneasy Rider." I really am a country boy.

Moreover, I do like – within my own meaning of the term – the idea of being a "simple hillbilly" as you put it. Over time, I've come to very much appreciate the grandmotherly advice of Lynyrd Skynyrd to be a "simple man." Keep it simple, stupid. For one thing, people thinking that they're so complex and unique tends to strike me as a cheesy type of egoism, and petty narcissm. Oh, I've got these complicated thoughts and feelings unique from anyone else ever! Cracker, please — get over yourself. Also, those kinds of thoughts seem likely to be mere excuses for self-indulgence or corruption.

I mostly invoke the idea of being a Kentuckian or hillbilly in my writing, though, as just a kernel of casting an image, a framework for how a reader might start looking at me. I like to say that I'm running a figurative Internet moonshine still, and my website is corn squeezins. It's a bit of identity and a riff to help tie some things together, and give it a bit of overall flavor. It's self-caricature.

I also have another more combative use of the hillbilly image that I sometimes go to when I'm dealing with disrespectful fools commenting on my articles. Fairly often, people respond to me grinding down their sacred cows for tasty Big Kahuna burgers with misspelled and illiterate insults, particularly that I'm stupid. I'm just too ignorant to get what a genius Mariah Carey or the writers of Arrested Development are, for example. On a more exalted level, Socrates (or at least the Socrates character in the Plato dialogues) was prone to playing dumb as a probative technique. "I don't understand how you get that. Can you break that down for a dumb Kentuckian?"

On the far end, I'll go to the hillbilly stuff for feudin' purposes. I'm not trying to trick anyone with a "disingenuous" lack of candor, as per the dictionary definition. Perhaps I'm too subtle in my urbane sophistication, but I would intend a perceptive person on the other side to understand a not very heavily veiled FU when I start describing myself as a dumb Kentuckian. That's basically my equivalent of some of the way Richard Pryor would carry on about "niggers." And if you start talking down to me and I describe myself as an "ignorant cracker," then that means I'm intending on getting right up in your ass. Yee-haw!

You're not one to mince words around here, whether it's in one of your articles or when you're duking it out with someone on a comment thread. From whence comes this pugnacious attitude, and are you like that in person?

Then again, let me backpedal just a bit from that combative note in the last question. Being a simple country boy, I had to look up "pugnacious," which I find involves "having a quarrelsome or combative nature" or being "inclined to fight."

That's not me. I'm Mr. Peace and Love – honest Injun. I'm a pretty easygoing fellow, and I don't enjoy being angry. I try to avoid it. I don't like hurting people's feelings. I'm so much of a Mr. Rogers character sometimes out and about that I get sick of myself with it. My most common conversational phrases day to day in fact are "Howdy, Neighborino" (per Ned Flanders) and "It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood." My use of those phrases is long years past any trace of irony, and perfectly straightforward. In fact, I hear those phrases being consciously fed back to me nearly every day by various neighbors. I like that very much. I'm easy to get along with — if getting along is what you want to do.

I don't particularly get off on being combative. In fact, I'm at great pains very often to go about making nice with people whom I disagree with. I make a great conscious effort to separate the personal from the political or otherwise ideological. Just because I think you're full of crap about something doesn't mean I don't like you, and I try to cut clean when I criticize people, not rubbing the salt of personal animosity into the wound.

But I will not be intimidated by cheap emotional fascism, such as dumb charges of "racism." I don't know how many times I've been accused — almost always at a distance across the net — of being Grand Poobah of the Klan or similar nonsense. Oh no, homey don't play that. That kind of hatefulness brings out the Confederate rebel in me, and like Tom Petty, "I won't back down."

I try to play nice, but at some point I do not ever intend on suffering fools gladly. Largely that's because I've dealt with enough dysfunction in different ways from my own people to know that if you say things that people really don't want to hear, some of them will give you as much abuse as you're willing to take in order to shut you up. I'm just standing up for myself.

I get accused of being angry, though I rarely am over anything that's less than life or death. I've noticed though that this charge is almost always made by people who are obviously themselves angry with me. People with ill will prefer to think, or to have others think, that I'm in fits of rage and spitting bile. Maybe I'm not communicating well sometimes, but a lot of that is clearly just projection.

In my personal and family experience, I've found that polite silence does not solve problems though, but only leaves them to fester. I don't want to be hateful, but I will confront bad ideas that screw people up, and especially bad ideas with broader social or political negative consequences. Moreover, the stuff that people are most sensitive and inflamed about in religion or race or politics is just exactly the stuff where they most need to be challenged.

In short, I'm not INCLINED to fight, but I will say whatever I think needs said, and I will not be bludgeoned into silence with cheap hatefulness and abuse. You can disagree with my opinions in all kinds of directions, but if I perceive that someone is being malicious or dishonest, I'm not inclined to just let that go without rubbing their nose in it a bit. It's for their own good (Ed. note: said with a smiley face).

I say the same things in person that I do online. However, I do not insist on talking politics or religion with people who aren't interested in such conversations. Also, it's probably harder to take me ill when I'm slapping you on the back and sharing my stash. Here's a sample of how I work and play with others, a visit to local radio WKWH during the Senate campaign.

You're the first Blogcritic of the Month who does a lot of political writing (and commenting). What do you think of the current state of political discourse in the country? Does the atmosphere here at BC reflect what's going on in the country as a whole?

I'd say the state of political discourse in the country is actually pretty good overall. Sure, there's a lot of foolishness and hatefulness tossed around. From an idealistic point of view of how things should be, it's not great. However, wearing my "conservative" hat, I'll look at things relative to how they could be and how they have been historically. From what I can tell, our political discourse is broader, deeper and more open than it has ever been. There is a much broader and more easily accessible range of thought available to interested people since the Internet and cable/satellite TV has taken off in the last decade or two. I know I've got hundreds of times more stuff available to me here and now than I did sitting in the same house as a teenager in 1980. Even just C-Span is pretty significant. I love watching candidate debates from other parts of the country, seeing directly what the arguments look like in a Vermont gubernatorial election, or a Louisiana senate debate.

The downside of that mostly is extra shrillness. A lot of fools will talk hateful harsh nonsense on a website under a pseudonym that they never would in the flesh. Running for Senate in 2004, I talked to thousands of people around Indiana, and never got 1% of the craziness I get on the 'net. But then maybe I'm just a magnet for crazed wingnuts. Anyway, there seem to be more people with better specific knowledge of our civic affairs than before.

You're probably the only Blogcritic who's actually run for a seat in the U.S. Senate (as a Libertarian Party candidate in 2004). What possessed you, and what did you take away from that whole experience? Are there any more political plans in your future?

I don't have specific plans to run again. I've been there and done that, and it would take a little convincing to go there again. I was passing out Ed Clark for President literature in my hometown in 1980, never having met a Libertarian, even before I turned 18 just in time to get to vote. I'd run for state and county level offices several times before running against Evan Bayh's re-election. This was just a bigger canvas.

I was certainly not delusional enough to think any third party candidate would beat the most popular politician in the state, but this was the best way to get my two cents in. My two cents remains in, by the way, as my campaign website is still there archived at my website, including my two campaign TV ads. It was as much a literary exercise as a political campaign, really.

As to what I took away from the experience, it did reconfirm to me that actual people (Hoosiers, at least) are mostly halfway reasonable individuals that you can talk sensible with, unlike some of the ridiculous fringe of lunatics and trolls that make so much noise on the 'net. Beyond that, I had a really good time and got to meet a lot of cool people, reporters and folks at county fairs, other candidates, and the damned dirty hippies that came up from Bloomington for our I-69 protest.

I was quite taken aback, while researching this piece, to discover that you've written well over 1,000 articles for BC, the first one in October of 2002, which means you've been here almost since the beginning. What brought you here, and what keeps you here?

Oh yes, I'm definitely OG in the BC. I'd already been plugging away at MoreThings for some years. Finding the site, I wrote [Blogcritics Publisher Eric] Olsen a note hoping for a link to my scathing review of Springsteen's album, The Rising. Instead, he suggested that I write for him and I published the whole review here, and it was off to the races.

There are a lot of good things about publishing here. It's a broad forum, both from the reader and the writer perspective. I can write about almost anything here, and there's an audience interested in almost every topic coming in the front door.

Also, the comments threads give me wide feedback without having to play comment cop on my own, or having F, MF, F-ity, F all over MoreThings. It gives rise to cool things that I'd never get on my one-man site, such as the way my modest Miracle of Fatima story became a perfect pulpit for the continuing oracular pronouncements of the mother of Christ, Mary Reborn Literally.

I've grown MoreThings up to ten times and more the traffic I had in 2002, so Blogcritics is less critical to me in terms of practical exposure than it was. I was right proud to note that for a few days around my Oscar bump in March of 2006, MoreThings actually had more page views than Blogcritics, all 1000+ of us. Still though, publishing at Blogcritics plugs me into Google News and Yahoo News, among other things for which my one-man operation just wouldn't qualify.

Most of all, Blogcritics is my online neighborhood, my community. It's the place to be. It's where all the cool people hang out.

Q & A: The Fun Stuff 

What book/CD/DVD do you have more than one copy of, in case something happens to the original one?

CDs would be the main thing that I use repeatedly, and I have backups of a lot things.  The things I've probably bought the most copies of in time are the debut albums by Elvis Costello and Sinead O'Connor, My Aim Is True, and The Lion and the Cobra.  Among DVDs, I've had trouble keeping a copy of Night of the Hunter around, in that I keep giving it away to people.  I'm needing to replace it now. Sometimes you just need to see Ruby's eggs dropping.  Among books, you always need at least a couple of different versions of the Bible around as reference material.  Besides that, I'd say Stranger in a Strange Land, Atlas Shrugged, and Robert Anton Wilson's Prometheus Rising are about the top of list.

Would you like to tell us who/what do you share your life with? 

The immediate household is my father and me, plus four dogs and one housecat that I rescued out of a tree in our backyard last December.  Between the old man's gun trading buddies and my pugnacious terrier Fugitive howling at the country moon, the farm's always echoing with shooting and barking.  A lot of it is by telephone from her home 130 miles away, but my most critical companion is my thug godson's Mama.  Don't know what I'd do without her.  If you want to hear more about the greatest person in the world, check out this song, "The Big Game," I commissioned as a public tribute to her.

If you had to pick one sense to do without, which of your five senses would it be?

Taste, definitely.  I could do without tasting food a lot better than I could do without hearing music.

What do you wish they'd do a series about on TV?

I'm always game for something new and cool, but there's pretty much TV on almost any topic you could imagine. Not to be obsessive, but we could perhaps use a nightly show about Sinead O'Connor.  Like Pete Townshend's "Pictures of Lilly," that would probably help me sleep at night.

If you could, would you swap sexes for a week?

I don't particularly have any special burning desire to do so, but I'm pretty infophilic, so I'd be inclined to try it out just on general principles.

What do you think you'd learn if you could swap to the opposite sex?

I doubt it would teach me that much.  It would be perhaps more educational, more outside of my experience to be black or Asian, but I've lived intimately with womenfolk all my life.  I suspect that I mostly pretty much get it.  I suppose I'd get to learn first hand about the unpleasantness of menstrual cycles.  I'm sure that'd suck. But overall, women and men are mostly pretty much alike.  Obviously there are some significant differences, but I think they're overemphasized.

What sports team will you love until the day you die?

Team America.  Looking at my referrer logs recently, I was surprised to see traffic coming in from a page of sports team fan page links.  Turned out they were linking to my Team America stuff. 

I so much do not give a rat's ass about competitive sports, though I've come to appreciate a bit of some women's athletics as an aesthetic display of the beauty of God's creation.  I'd MUCH rather watch a Williams sister demonstrating what her body and spirit is capable of than some empty cokehead runway models strutting their emaciated forms.

What's one sign that you're a total nerd?

I got the email with these questions about 3:00 am on Saturday night.  Twenty years ago about this time of week, I would most likely have been tripping my nuts off with a couple of college buddies, inflicting Prince records on them — perhaps doing celebrity impersonations in the place where God shows up at the end of "Temptation."  Imagine me as Dylan wheezing "Oh say man, that's not how it works."

Whereas when I stopped to look at this email, I was sitting at my desk excited about having just discovered the use of the ID tags on .jpg picture files, and was in the midst of an all night non-chemically enhanced eight-hour round of eagerly editing and re-loading bunches of image files 'til well past the crack of dawn.

What's the first book you recall reading?

That would certainly have been the King James Bible.  Also fairly early on, around fourth grade or so, I was real taken with a book on dinosaurs.  It'd be some years before I was putting it together consciously, but I had some vague idea that this didn't fit with that.

What magazines do you subscribe to?

I've got subscriptions to exactly two magazines: PETA Animal Times and PETA Grrr!, a children's magazine.  I got them for the point of opposition research, but they're not as bad as I had feared.  Indeed, they have some perfectly good points about animal welfare and such. I can say that PETA has had some influence on me.

In fact, when I got my first issue of PETA Grrr!, there was an article about how bad it is to keep dogs on chains — a point I'm very sympathetic to.  At the time though, I'd had a dog chained up for a couple of weeks that had been dumped on us and was too violent to run loose with our dogs.  Reading the PETA article about the misery of being a dog on a chain pricked my conscience, so I took the dog out and shot it.

Who is your favorite writer?

First off, Ayn Rand was definitely the most important writer of the last century, in terms of injecting critical ideas into the public discourse.  For the pure joy of reading, it'd be tough to top Robert Heinlein.  My number one role model as a scribe, though, is definitely the wicked H.L. Mencken.

Who is your least favorite writer?

Thinking about him since his passing, that hateful self-indulgent dumbass Hunter S Thompson has become my poster boy for literary stupidity.  He had some gifts as a user of language.  When I was a teenage idiot, I appreciated some of his rebelliousness and pirate behavior.  I certainly identified with him as a crazed gun-toting Kentuckian. 

His gonzo style was obviously highly influential.  But it's been largely a bad influence.  His ridiculous constant irrational malicious hysteria is nothing to imitate.  Take away his wit, and you've got pretty much the top role model for a lot of the worst worthless hateful nonsense on the Internet.

Most particularly earning him this special dishonor though was his disregard for FACTS.  If you're writing a novel, you can make up whatever story you want.  But if you're working as a journalist, and you're just making up evil crap to report, then you're a worthless liar.  A couple of dumbass moves like his obituary of Richard Nixon where he claimed that Nixon conspired to have people killed at Kent State, and I'm done with you.

Looking back as a more mature adult, he wasn't all that, even besides honesty issues.  He mostly was working one fairly narrow and repetitive range of stylistic schtick.  He certainly wasn't a serious writer.  I don't particularly claim world class talent — I'm no Christopher Hitchens — but I'm definitely a better writer than Hunter Thompson.

Do you have a favorite Blogcritic?

I have to start that with a special personal shout out to Brother Richard Marcus, the beady-eyed pinko Canuck formerly known as Gypsyman.  Also, I certainly despise July '06 Blogcritic of the month Aaron McMullan, aka the Duke de Mondo, aka Osama Bin Laden's homosexual lover. I'm glad that my ascension brings an end to his reign of terror.  Still, Jesus ate with tax collectors, and even Aaron's not that low.  Plus, he's the most memorable stylist we've got.

But most of all, I want to offer Dave Nalle, the "elitist pig," as a writing role model, particularly for people writing about politics.  He draws conclusions and offers opinions, but you can discount all that if you want.  However, he's our best reporter.  He's Mr Research.  He's not just prattling on, but hunting down and explaining the precise relevant facts and arguments clear and clean.  This guy ought to be writing civics textbooks.  Kids might actually LEARN something.  I know I always do.

What do you think is the best part of Blogcritics?

The wide, intense, and unsparing critical feedback.  This is a general interest site bringing in all kinds of readers and writers.  We've got maybe a couple million visitors a month.  No one can expect to come in here talking foolishness and think they won't be called out.  You better come correct up in here, or you'll get your hat handed to you.

This has been an invaluable discipline to me personally.  I know I can't get away with loose, ill-considered arguments on anything, and I know that I'm going to get my mistakes stuck up in my ass.  Recently, for example, I misremembered from a year ago which Bluth uncle on Arrested Development was stomping through a model home set in a scathing article on the series.  Quite rightly, fans of the show smacked me around with that as evidence that I didn't know what I was talking about.  It was a minor error, but it's made me more careful about even minor factual issues.

This has motivated me to step up my game.  The wheat of useful critical feedback sometimes comes with the chaff of foolish people with no content other than gratuitous hatefulness, but that's a more than worthwhile tradeoff.  Also though, when fools just start cussing me, I understand that to be a bitter concession of defeat.  I try to accept those victories graciously, though perhaps sometimes my darker angels prevail.  I'm only human.

What song is stuck in your head right now?

Obviously, I've been obsessed most of this year with "The Big Game."  Can't say enough for this great song, though obviously I might be considered a little prejudiced.

Most immediately, I've been paying some belated attention to Johnny Mercer, struck by one particular song I hadn't heard before.  Hearing it, the old man identified it as being from L'il Abner, a 1959 movie of the Broadway musical.  I'd never seen it or even seen it on a video shelf, but the day after that conversation it showed up in the bins at Wal-Mart for $5.50.

I took this combination of events to mean that I was supposed to see this.  So, I've been over and over on audio and now on video with Stubby Kaye singing the praises of the founding father of Dawgpatch, the legendary Confederate general "Jubilation T. Cornpone."

What do you have set as the home page in your browser?

My own domain, www.morethings.com.  That's not particularly an ego thing, but a practical working point.  I spend the biggest part of my time working up the site, and I go to that home page typically many times a day copying links or bits of code for other pages.

Who was your idol as you were growing up?

I had to look up a dictionary definition.  Seeing that an idol is "an image used as an object of worship," probably my first great idol was Loretta Lynn.  I would have had absolutely no vocabulary for the adoration at the time, but she was hitting her prime about the time my parents were divorcing in the late sixties as I was starting school.  Loretta was and remains a top personal icon of womanhood, a good mother substitute.

As a proud slayer of sacred cattle, I'm not that big on "idols."  But maybe the coolest guy I knew growing up that I would have wanted to be like was probably Brother Eugene Kemple, one of our elders in the Arlington Christian Church.  He was a great model of a Christian, one of the couple of people I've known who was closest to actually acting on the model of Jesus of Nazareth.  He was also a lay scholar and scientist with an enquiring mind.  Wrote a story about him, yes I did. 

What are three items you would need to have on a desert island?

In the proper spirit of the question, I'll discount practical things such as shovels and axes, and I'll presume I can't have a cell phone to talk to the thug's Ma.

The one main personal luxury I'd need would be some kind of iPod with maximum hard drive and solar power.  Give me 80GB of tuneage, and I wouldn't miss most people that much.  Maybe a video iPod with some pictures and the footage of the thug's Ma pacing the hall of the maternity ward with me the day after delivery, still hooked to IVs, pushing the thug up and down the hall while we're singing "Walking the Floor Over You."  That'd go a long way towards comforting my days.

What's the best place to get a meal in your neck of the woods?

Best meal you could get around here would be to have me cook for you.  Close second would be to get my beloved cousin Connie Stevens to whip you up something. 

If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?

Many things would improve in millions of different ways big and small if we could just have a simple but critical epistemological awakening, a basic understanding that emotions are not tools of cognition.  Emotions aren't proof.  Ayn Rand reduced this brilliantly to a basic piece of practical advice — not that she was entirely successful at following it herself.  But the best one practical piece of guidant principle I've seen was her direct contradiction of the usual wisdom of the culture: In the common parlance, if there's a conflict between your head and your heart, go with your head every time.

Barger Picks Barger 

We asked Al to pick some of his personal favorites from among his BC writings. Do check these out, and check out the rest of Al's archive while you're at it.

Top 10 Voices in My Head

They're coming to take me away, ha ha!

Mammalian Biology, Demagogues, Fake Saviors and Real Danger

I was obviously wearing my Robert Anton Wilson hat here, but I'm sure he wouldn't approve of my hawkish tone.

I Shot a Family Member to Death Today

This is about taking responsibility.

Al's Campaign Notebook: Statehouse I-69 "Boondoggle" protest rally, October 22

My favorite campaign moment — and it wasn't even about me.

This Is White Stripes Nation

Impeach the president?  Heck, let's overthrow the whole danged guv'ment, I say.

Senate Suicide Sob Sisters

I'm sure our enemies just LOVE seeing this kind of pathetic display.

YOU Are the Last DJ

We're getting more and better choices every day.

Day of the Pentecost with Jerry Lee and Elvis, 10-13-2002

Evil Al posts:

In the interest of being fair and balanced like Fox News, here are a the couple of specific articles for which I have been most widely condemned.  They are said to constitute proof that I'm Grand Poobah of the Klan or something. I'll leave you gentle readers to decide, but as St Ayn said, "Judge — and prepare to be judged."

Should Janet Jackson Et Al Be Punished?

Chuck D Is a Signifying Monkey

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    Are you spooked easily Al? I mean by lights going off and on by themselves?

  • Mary Reborn/Catherine

    I have mailed NBC proof of who that Mary is John Lennon sang about whispering in his ear. It was me, I sang the 64 song in front of him while he was there in Dunedin, Florida. He was only one of many that sang songs of mine. Ask yourselves, if it is worth the aggravation to point fingers at me and start trouble with me?

  • Mary Reborn/Catherine

    You know it’s funny how people are. You can hear a bird call and say, oh that’s a Red Winged Blackbird. You hear someone sing my songs and you say their names and not mine. Can you tell me why? Is success so important that your gratitude is not held in high esteem? Right, you will die with a big tombstone and procession and a shelf for your books and walls for your awards. How great thou art!

  • Mary Reborn/Catherine

    Yeah, I thought so. Be content to sit at your desk and hammer time yourself to the bitter end. Like on Gladiator, the time to go…when both are fighting. Looks like someone has to make the announcement. You first? Ha, show us how brave you are.

  • Mary Reborn/Catherine

    So while you are bringing the world to tears with your asswipe remarks there bud, why don’t you find a dinosaur still living in Jurassic Park and make a saddle. I want to see you portray how mankind evolved.

  • Mary Reborn/Catherine

    Time capsules, great ideas! Wonder how they will react when they say oh the last days and why people went bizerko on each other and how they were greedy and so so lost. Yeah, the last days when man has made his planet given to him by God and seemingly a man’s world…a place where some make it and some don’t and the rules get broken and made for personal agendas. Top that one.

  • Mary Reborn/Catherine

    To those who love me, yeah, really love me. This is not like an interview with Stockard Channing. I do not do it for the nookie. I am not on here so the same stupid high minded men who are really about sin, try to take aim at my fortune and my other attributes. Sure, why don’t you scrape out a living? Sure, why don’t you put my face on Mt. Rushmore? Let’s tell America about the government coming because of the virtuous woman who was smart and lifted many from poverty. Yeah, count on me. Why don’t you just wrap this up in a neat little duty filled day and sit on it Potsies.

  • Mary Reborn/Catherine

    Oh I shall tell the people of the future of the false church, oh yeah…God told me first. Then, I will tell them of learning how to pray when it got down to the nitty gritty. I shall show them the miracles that happened in film, online, in front of people, and I will not let them forget me. You say self love but I was selfless for a long time. You speak out your ass whoever you are. So the way it stands see, is that people who were on top…get exposed for HOW they got there. The high shall be made low. Oh, don’t get dusted now. I mean it, I want to sneeze achoo.

  • Mary Reborn/Catherine

    Oh yeah, on my turf now. Wanna play like fear.net? Duration…I am ready for the duration. Second wind and here we go. No time like the present.

  • Mary Reborn/Catherine

    Danny Glover gets dusted after thinking of a way to go after Predator 2 with dust or nitrogen. So let’s see how many ways to slice and dice abundant life and toss it to the wayside? What of time capsules and the evidence? I shall bury them in many places and people will unearth them to see how Christianity fared in an evil world.

  • Mary Reborn/Catherine

    Thus the what’s in your wallet mentality wins again huh? Sure, fancy cars give you wings not God. It has nothing to do with God and who needs blisters on a long road to Hell? I know. I get it. The pope puts an M on his coffin when I prayed if you can hear my prayer, put an M on your coffin. Yeah, who is full of it? You are America. You and your so called notion a nation under God. HA, I see the truth.

  • Mary Reborn/Catherine

    Obama accepted dirty money from Michael Jackson and how long will it be before I get the justice I have coming? Oh is it because I am white?

  • Mary Reborn/Catherine

    See, this is not for the meek, not for the faint of heart, not for the outsider looking in to comment on. This is about the real witnesses to miracles, the sure fire way to pray, and hey, who asked you?

  • Mary Reborn/Catherine

    If John Lennon says there is magic in the air, I mean, can that be detected by the average Joe? Where can you find reason? Is it the sky changes colors to make me smile? Or is it go to shark waters and get your hands on experience minus the hands within five minutes? Sure, go home with clean underwear. I dare you!

  • Mary Reborn/Catherine

    Sell it or tell it to the hand but to my mind’s eye, it is all the same of how family is not you or I or even the word but a top hat of pointalism and focalize the truest of assholes.

  • Mary Reborn/Catherine

    Oh dear me, comment more. I love to see how you backfire. cyber space zapping dollars critters? Sure, maybe it’s magic, maybe it is a play on words, maybe take my advice and stay home until you feel better. Save a buck or a thousand.

  • Mary Reborn/Catherine

    Al, religion makes men build buildings. I don’t know if it makes sense to most.
    Like hair coloring makes your hair look younger, not you. Hey, what are we doing? Preaching abundant life or abundant bullshit? I mean absolutes or no absolutes? The judges don’t know God’s voice? What are they doing judging?

  • Dear Blogocritters of Blogocritterland,

    Sorry to rain on your parade, but this has got to be the sorriest litany of puffery, excessive adulation and self-importance, inconsequential fluff and intellectual masturbation I have ever read.

    Albeit, of course, outside of 90 plus percent of the American media, in particular, the vast majority of the lib qua commie-lib/simp qua useful idiot liberal progressive, commie and Marxist loving world of what passes for journalism and high culture, etc..

    Culture? High or low? I take it this is all an exercise in low, as in de profundisimmis, whose basic, literal Latin translation is “from the very depths.” But since it is a superlative, one could also reasonably embellish it as “the very farthest or deepest depths” as well.

    But do feel free to hate me [edited].

  • Mary Reborn/Catherine

    The law people? Like on Emily Rose and Laura Tinney says the law does not like religion above the law? Hee haw, you jackasses. People have always been a stick in the mud waiting for the rain to wash them clean. Gasp, and I did say that and you can quote me on that.

  • Mary Reborn/Catherine

    So this brings me to Shocking Videos? Hey, I thought I might be on that TV show. Talk about tremors. Then I told myself, hey I am not on death row either. You know why? HUH HUH? Maybe, just maybe…God saw a little Cain in me. He raised hell but he lived to tell it. OH yeah, I know, laugh all you want. The next round of drinks will not be on the house.

  • Mary Reborn/Catherine

    Oh powers that be! Glory be and the creek does rise. Al, I am searching for the holy beard? All this time and I did not know it? Oh, yeah, possibly it was my hat. Hats off to the lady. Pass the hat/ what ever! Now, you want a test for sanity? If tomorrow never comes, how will you know?

  • Mary Reborn/Catherine

    While I was taking a time out, Keith reminded me that men have feelings too. I was going to make all men take an exam to pass fit to be a human before he told me this. OK. Do I accept his theory? Men do have feelings and perhaps, just maybe, I overlooked that fact?

  • Mary Reborn/Catherine

    The beard has powers? Al,if your fish tank smells, can you please clean it? If life gets hectic, can we slow it down? I mean, National Pound Cake day? Oh GAWD…are we a nation of pay attention to us on a grand scale? I think I have more to pay attention to than would be masters of the universe if I let them. Cough, cough. Hey beard, are you sure if SOUP on TV means anything?

  • Mary Reborn/Catherine

    What was I doing all that time? I was painting. http://www.masslive.com
    and see one I have up for sale? Sure, I did over 40 framed works, maybe 5% will sell. Maybe I am stuck with more paintings than I have walls.

  • Mary Reborn/Catherine

    Who would marry a corpse bride and live to tell it? HA HA
    Al, please, the Charlie the tuna jokes are so over.
    We all played musical chairs with love like picking out tuna and that’s the bottom line. What have you? That’s what they want to know.
    It’s a love affair for the bottom line.
    Sickening really.
    I thought you can’t live with them and you can’t shoot them was my line!

  • Mary Reborn/Catherine

    Legacy? Legions of liars perform mental message. Al, do you not know that there are symptoms that can be another cause? Hey, I shudder to think about leaving my care up to those who were TRAINED to think the way they think. Sure, Dr. Auth here where I am has her trained brain giving me pills I did not need, did not work, and neither were they going to. She loves the get a second opinion method and may she suggest someone?

  • Mary Reborn/Catherine

    Hey Al, black holes…they are not like black moles. I mean maybe they did get it mixed up. They put their ears up close you know, it may be fuzzy. Too close, back off. HA, I am not sure why Bourne Identity makes the grade. If it were up to me, the song don’t bring me down would be a number one hit.

  • Mary Reborn/Catherine

    Chazbot! Nor laugh too hard at Family Guy mutterings. I get it. Green eyed lady/monster and go getter or Jude, did I say that? I mean, it’s all relative. CUZ and maybe the Simpsons and the Sawyers are related and maybe hey blood is thicker than marriage licenses. Rednecks of America, unite under one flag. When did they unite? HA HA, never surrender in that case. Let’s all jam the internet and cause a crack.

  • Mary Reborn/Catherine

    Al Barger, did you kiss the ground? Is it Holy? Or will you come back with pin worms? I mean, let’s get real here. I don’t want no Blarney Stone or clovers to trust in. I am really fed up with fudge covered liars. HA, they exude you know what. Oh fudge!
    I think it’s kind of like that brown covered crab on MSN. Yeah, a new sauce?
    Maybe we will have to get use to it. Raping and taking what we can get from the Earth and from each other. No sermons today please. I got a manual at birth that says if you can’t get out the crib, it’s their fault.

  • Mary Reborn/Catherine

    My son Jesse is over seas in Afghanistan. Much as I am the flower girl, his Father is the pistol. You see now how the battle of souls goes and how God sorts us out. I refuse to fight or die. I fight my own battles. Oh, I forget, Jesus pray for me, Jesus fight for me. HA HA, true you know.

  • Mary Reborn/Catherine

    Let me see, like a Leon Russel song. Lady Blue…hey, I contacted Leon. Sure, loving me more and more lyrics. HA! Quite human I am and a human being living on a crazy planet. The sad guitar drama and Jimmi Hendrix could make me cry. Bird on a wire or am I just wired? Who made this black box? Oh, yeah…sure it wasn’t the Masons?

  • Mary Reborn/Catherine

    Some how I keep hearing “there’s a lot of nice girls out there” in my head. Going back to my plow huh? Proving you only live once? Oh jarhead, can’t you see? So here it goes…sending proof to NBC studio in NY. Do I jive or is high five time? I know. Maybe the divine intervention of my timing eludes some of you.

  • Mary Reborn/Catherine

    Sure, you want to avoid ants, don’t go to the ant hill. Same principle applies to trouble. Don’t go walking into the den of thieves and liars and legions of war crazed and scientific fact presenters. You just may come out ticking like a bomb.

  • Mary Reborn/Catherine

    Exorcisms do not reveal the problem going on to disturb the individual. I call it the domino theory. There were lots more involved into it. Who is running this God online blog? http://www.dumb.com as if we were children writing into Santa?

  • Mary Reborn/Catherine

    The Exocism of Emily Rose is a classic example of the attempt to scare people into church attendance. Then you see, they are doing the same with me. I pray for miraculous photos, the real kooks try to claim them not knowing what is behind it all.

  • Mary Reborn/Catherine

    The ironic coding criminal justice. Yeah and they get a warm bed, food, gym, and social visits. HA! Call who? Protection by whom? Don’t make me vomit.

  • Mary Reborn/Catherine

    I called my Father in Florida to get school records of Michael Jackson. All he could think about was himself and wanted a list for himself of the songs Michael took from me before going back to Gary, Indiana. Sin is a rampant thing in America. The folly of law is that when it is corrupt, it serves no justice.

  • Mary Reborn/Catherine

    So Mariah Carey gets a chance at motherhood. The great Gatsby of all time move makers. Al, where are you? I need to talk to you.

  • For real laughs.

    Meanwhile back on it’s so good I just had to steal it farm…..

    Way to go!

    Keep racking it up…sky high.

    Yeah, show the world you got one life to live.

  • Three hail Marys

    1. What goes around, comes around
    2. To repay you for wronging me
    3. I get even

  • As long as you keep doing me wrong world, you will be sorry for it. I am more like the gladiator mother than you know.

  • I live with sinners. Karen Carpenter stole my songs but before another Carpenter could steal from me, I took the husband and had the kids that would have been mine if I had royalties for the songs taken from me. Take that Peggy Carpenter.
    I will not let the Carpenters do me wrong again.
    But oh well, God works in strange ways and so do I.

  • I want my cheese sandwich back.
    Golden Palace has it.

    Hey, world…wake up.

    Smell the roses.

  • So all you who have decided there is no God, I pity you. For as surely as I am on here now, that I asked God to make emailing possible and Al Gore took the machine I invented with God’s help, there is a God. And I am not afraid and I know who I am.

  • For John Lennon, he was that working class hero.
    He was not a zero…in Yoko’s eyes. He was bigger than God and he captured her heart. Alas, when Mark David Chapman heard a voice to kill him, he really did hear it. I know he did. As with Kennedy. I knew the command was given. I am Mary sent back and I hear God.

  • So when I pray and signs and wonders happen afterwards, does that make me crazy? I am not crazy. Sorry to disappoint you. Most people who are really crazy have others in fear. I mean like wrapped so tightly, they can’t utter a peep. I let you be yourselves…then I ask God for signs.
    All of us need them.

  • Like a song I sang while waiting out more misery in New Milford, Pa…I sang about waiting for that second chance…and in the arms of angels fly away from here. I was in a hotel room when I sang it. I sing often. People steal just often from me. I watch and I live with sinners and have my own list of sins. One was letting people step on me like a welcome to my fortune mat.

  • So John Lennon says you have to learn to smile as you kill so you can be like the guy who lives on top of the hill.

    John Lennon saw the world for what it was.
    He did not believe in God.
    He wanted peace.
    John Lennon sang a song for me.
    Let It Be and it really is about me.
    I could not have said it better.
    But John, answers were not in the Bible.
    No, Yoko married to another goes for John.
    And now, she squabbles over the money.
    And life is not a bowl of cherries.

  • Hey world… did you think God can’t see?
    Did you think you were all that was left to be?
    Does that make me crazy? To show you God’s power? Does that make me crazy? Probably.
    Hey world…it has not been nice to know you.
    But then that goes to show you…how crazy things are. But does that make me crazy? Does that make me crazy? When God does not make trash…does that make me crazy?

  • Anybody?
    OKAY…I listened to the song CRAZY over and over. First off, I want to say Nelly Futado has a pretty singing voice and the duet was wonderful.
    Secondly,Gnarls Barkley may be onto something but not quite hitting a home run. The song has merits but I think it could use another verse.

  • Mind over matter folks.

    If living life wasn’t hard enough,
    it’s about to get even harder.

    And so, you sit tight.

    Do not panic.

    It will do you no good.

    But to gain perspective will.

  • For all you who know about the bridge to no where, Alaska is having a volcano blowing up as we sit.

    All my dreams up in smoke.

    That which made earth…you say.

    Can destroy it.

    Kind of like God.

  • HALO? Is this how the world MUST end?
    On its own terms?
    Never to get it right?
    Never to see what’s wrong?

    The lady knows.

    I am the lady.

  • Dialing for dollars….
    People dying to the elements.
    Oh no.
    It’s going to be bad.
    Scrambling to find shelter.
    Crime rampant.
    Guns being sold like hotcakes.
    Phones ringing off the hook.
    No can help you, sorry.
    Is this what the land of milk and honey
    was to be about?
    Millions being evicted?
    Like a stone’s throw?
    Here, take that.
    No answers, no compassion, no mercy?
    Yeah, like who cares?
    The reaper is dressed to kill.

  • HAlO

    Just like a good neighbor…fences are there.

  • Obama and Oprah….is it all about the O folks?
    NO. Not for me it isn’t.
    I hope you all get nice and comfy and find porta potties in time there tomorrow. I hope you can say this space has a lot of potential and help them figure out a new approach to decorating.
    I hope that Americans can do more than piece together a fragmented country that has more or less given into more shady deals than Central Park. It’s okay, you just keep chanting OBAMA< OBAMA and I will keep praising , Jesus, Jesus.

  • It is true promise keepers I asked some preachers to round up. Yes, I write to churches and TV preachers and I tell them what I see in visions. I don’t always think they are ordained by God. I know that some of them think they are special.
    I know which ones are. I find many wanting your money and looking for a good real estate deal.
    I am not asking for money. I don’t want your forgiveness. I don’t want you sugar coating what is wrong with Americans and I don’t want you taking pictures of me sunning myself and saying this woman caused an internet event of supernatural photos either. If any of you even have an inkling of what torture means, then you can’t say that I was not tortured. I don’t need your forgiveness, you need mine or God’s. Depends on where you are at asking for it. I am not lying about what I went through and being the woman of prophecy. For it was only one baby that came back saying her name is Mary and that God will prove it.

  • Meanwhile, back in Kansas…Dorothy wants to go home but no, Nicolas Crowder loves his power over teenaged girls who cannot fight back. Still no justice has been done for me. No one cares, no one. I finally just pray to God, I mean it wasn’t like a flip of the coin but I pray and I mean I get down on my knees and I look like the Gladiator crying at seeing his burned wife and son kind of pray. Is that serious enough for you who think me heartless?

  • You can buy funny t-shirts by Jim Carr on jokes. com but I am not laughing.
    Statues crying is how I am.
    This is an outrage America.
    I was taken against my will.
    No devil possessed me.
    I was not allowed to go home but
    quickly surrounded by some wicked men
    who capture teenaged girls.
    You find that funny?
    Then fuck off.

    This is America. Fucking great.

  • You know, it’s like this folks…
    you are driving along and there are men working on tarring the road. They motion for you to come through. You get home, tar is on your car!
    Well ain’t that something? But they motioned for you to go.
    Whose fault is it?
    Now, a teenaged girl goes to spend the night at some peer’s house that does not live near by and only know her from seeing her at school.
    The girl’s brother is a satanist but I do not know that.
    I am a Christian who was told to stop preaching or else but I do not stop.
    I am told that I will be the first one to die at his house. I freak out.
    That’s what happened to me.

    Now fuck off.

  • You let your kids watch Barney on television.
    I drew those ideas and they got TAKEN from me by who knows who.
    You can hear music on the radio….
    it was sung by me first but got TAKEN
    because it was good enough to steal.
    You can balk and complain about me praying
    but you know what? I still do.
    While the world world barters with life and death in it’s own way…
    I will watch the things of this former world pass away because I do not quit.

  • I know what mistakes are and I know what sin is.
    Make no mistake about that.
    Being caught up in worldliness is not where I want to be at my death.
    You can elect a representative.
    I will keep saying Jesus, Jesus.
    I am not damned.

  • So when the miraculous photos did come out as I predicted they would as a mere child, you can talk about your stupid ass TV shows but don’t talk about my stupid ass cause I am not stupid.

  • Man has not been telling truths. We’ve got people on top of their games. I am not appealing to the masses. I could care less. This is about a baby born speaking and sees the world unabashedly act like Jesus was never born, was not a miracle, and to hell with your voices. Screw you. Hear me?

  • I was out there freezing in Pittsburg, Pa without a coat. I was purplish blue. My teats stuck out like two thimbles. Do you think one person came up to me and asked me if I needed a coat? No, they told me to go stand on a corner and well, the ways of man. I don’t like everyone. I don’t have to. This world is downright disgusting and dirty and needs to change. So since I know it firsthand, I prayed firsthand. I mean, I was the one most affected by men getting their rocks off and thinking spread eagle was the best position.
    Don’t bother me about what some idiot Nick Crowder wanted to do to all young girls! Yes, he chopped up his sister and he is the prophet with a frog coming out of his mouth. You will find it out world that God is not in control. God is good though.

  • Currently, I read the websites in spare time. Father Corapi is ill. Maybe he is and maybe he is not. I am not there to know. Hurricane Katrina efforts produced offerings that were wasted. You know why? Cause they need their homes back and I am not into construction folks.

  • So let’s say someone gets sick, do you think I would ONLY pray? That I would not lift a finger to offer food, clothing, or in some instances, medicine? People stop slandering me. I am not a lunatic. I am not out there I am right here. I am not stupid. You can say Bush Whacked with a smile.

  • Before you want to classify praying as dimwitted, I ask you, where did your tax money go last year?

  • Some of you are more concerned with plants having feelings than a woman who prays openly for miracles who must be running a sweatshop of photos to make a killing with the puny brains who really believe there is a God. Hey, you want that bird finger? Cause I will raise it.

  • I think we all need a dose of our own medicine. Right when you think your education gave you the right to be an obnoxious know it all, I will award you the booby prize.

  • I am not a finatic. I am frantic though that I live with such mean people of the United States of hypocracy. The blacks did not BUILD America. How indignant! There were houses here and farms and stores and trade before they were caught by some whites maybe, but I heard blacks sold them!
    I am really upset with the world. I mean, where do we get off at? Stop the world madness. OK< I will try and if it doesn't work. Deal with it.

  • Sure, Mary Reborn. I sign that. You know what?
    I am sure that given all the details of my scary and pathetic life, you might even understand a baby saying ONLY Mary. But you see, it has something to do with my fiasty and nasty disposition I am sure. Not my goodness which of course is always dispelled by the most wicked assholes on earth. Given time, they might even dismiss notions they were ever wrong but no, they are the ones who play with the trigger on a gun and say not another finatic.

  • Hey, did I tell the one about please God, I don’t want to have a yard sale and be Jewed down on a quarter item? Yeah, I had one of those travel rack camper thingies and more clothes than I really wanted. I put the least favorites on top. I almost left them at the house I was moving from but decided against it. I am thinking, God, I don’t want to stand out in the yard and hash over prices. Suddenly the wind blows open the lid to the thingy and don’t you know ONLY the clothes I did not want blow off the top? So cool. But you know, you call the Pope living a little longer a miracle. What ever folks. But someone was saying thanks Cathie.

  • I don’t go around with my head in the clouds.
    But upon being laughed at, a miraculous picture did come out with an amazing face or head shot in the clouds. You know, if milk spills on the floor and looks like me, do me a favor, don’t sell it on EBAY unless it looks like Drew Carey.

  • I am not going on http://www.jokes.com. Sorry to disappoint you. My sit down comedy act works.
    I can joke and act human like the rest of you.
    Sure I can. I will give you back exactly what you dish out. You like hardy har har snide remarks, well okay, but remember, you started it.

  • For now, I want to name a bowling ball after Al Barger. True. Knock ’em dead Al. Go ahead. Score!
    But for me, it will always be the same day, another holler. The same world it always has been. Full of you know what for as long as it can go on. The same world that talks about little green men on the moon. Is this futuristic talk for children who some day live on the moon to play with those same little plastic green soldiers? That’s not what I hope for. I mean, wake up world. You’ve got time enough to die but do you have to make it so painless and fast?

  • Oh I am a character folks. Why don’t you make dolls that have a cross in one hand and shooting you a bird finger with the other?

  • Relax, take a chill pill and release your cares to the wind. There are people who have become very inventive for funerals. Sure, watch the movie, I Dreamed of Africa. I am not HOLY sure I like funerals. I mean you know I prayed for Richard Burns to get his youth back and he changed in front of inmates but it did not make him stop being criminally insane and now I hope he turns into an old man.

  • Hi, I am back. Whoa, that is a mouth full.
    Let us talk about EBAY for now. I went on the blog and Eric Olsen says can you give us any new miracle photo? I go out back, I take some real boring shots of a yard. However; on one of the frames, I say to God, show them something. I send the result of that one to Eric Olsen. You know what it was? It showed a blue circle on the ground a beam of light trying to reach the ground. Now, no could it be you he is trying to reach jokes. I am sure that I have caused an uproar of sorts but chaos was always here. I saw the Fatima Prophecy movie. Not funny and not really accurate to the actual me. More like I have to watch the children I had by raping fathers now so they don’t grow up saying God is not here today. Yeah, it’s not easy being a prayer warrior when you are up against a nation of money supremists. Al, did you make sure of this democracy was not democrazy? Is there hope for the future when campaign speeches are all about promises. Hillary still hasn’t given Bill that son she said she would if we elected her. The truth is, she has decided that to make babies to become soldiers is not prolife. YEAH, back at cha Hillary.

  • Sigh….

    Sometimes adults get very nasty fevers – I once had one that ran as high as 40 C (104 F) for several days. G-d lets us live, and we should be grateful – but it’s not necessarily a miracle. He might have something for us to do.

    But let’s see how down and dirty and insulting she gets to Jews. This should get interesting.

    For anyone else who happens to be reading, Maryam is the common Aramaic version of Miriam, a very common Jewish name….

    Just a thought for you all….

  • Let’s get on the topic of who knows. I like this. I can really let down my hair here. No one knows if it is really down or not. Trust me, it is.
    When I was young, I deveoped a strange fever.
    For two months, every single day, it went up to 108 from two o’clock p.m. well into the night.
    TWO MONTHS people. This is documented. They did not know how I was still living. Even a doctor was flown in from Cuba to see me at Mease Hospital in Dunedin,Fl. Now, I can read. I don’t believe what I read cause I find out the truth of the matter. I did not die from 108 fever. In fact, the doctor witnessed a miracle. He talked to me about the strange fever. I said I prayed to die and this started happening. He said well that’s awful, why don’t you pray to live? Because he cared, I prayed in front of him. The fever left me that very half hour and never returned.
    I believe in God and I believe in prayer and I can tell you one instance after another of miracles. If you want to keep laughing, find a good joke site,www.jokes.com will keep you going but I am not here for your entertainment.

  • Strike three Al.

  • Jet

    Ooops! Looks like I’m going to have to leave for a few hours so she can have another imaginary conversation with me.

    Back around noon guys!


  • Ring around the Rosy…
    pocket full of posies…
    ashes to ashes
    we all fall down.

  • I find Americans do the insulting. Insulting children born in dire circumstances, calling us bastards. Insulting the poor who try and make something of themselves but the rich grab it from them and leave us in bread lines and then they say THEY PAID for it. Insulting my intelligence to say I am making this up and I am not. So when you all get right with what’s real, then we can relate. People are horrible and they like to make themselves appear ahead of the game. I am not playing any game. This is the story of a baby born speaking and the trauma I endured and the experience of people who came to know me and saw miracles and I mean ones that your eyes will never forget. I am not the one insulting anyone. Meanwhile, to wager that is poor speculation. I have a wry sense of humor and that is all.

  • Personally, this blog is worth no aggravation.

  • Mary, if you don’t stop insulting people who don’t buy into your mystical world view, you are going to get banned from this site permanently. It’s not something I particularly want to do but if you carry on this way you leave me no choice…

    Christopher Rose
    Blogcritics Comments Editor

  • So it’s all about miracles and they went on around me and got me sung about on the radio.
    [Personal attack deleted by Comments Editor]

  • I don’t have any reason to talk to you, your head is like a twig in a winter storm.

  • Hey [Personal attack deleted by Comments Editor], professionals were there when miracles happened. You run your stupid mouth like you have anything to do with it. You are some by products of fools.

  • This does not concern you and you have no bearing on the outcome.

  • What do you have to do with me or my life? [Personal attack deleted by Comments Editor]

  • Find a new outlet. Please.

  • Only that you would like to dismiss any part of accounts means you have it all in perspective right?

  • But listening to your rants is far worse.

  • The prophecy was that you would not listen to me.
    That came true.

  • John Denver took my songs also. Songs sung out loud at our lake cottages. Oh yes, I sang everywhere I went. I am not out of my mind.
    You [Personal attack deleted by Comments Editor] do not know your life hangs in the balance like the rest of us… believers or not.

  • Jet, you don’t like having proof laid before you. You rather joke about it being missing.

    [Personal attack deleted by Comments Editor]

  • Jet

    How did this deranged fool hijack this website all day and have an imaginary conversation with me?

  • Jet

    Sorry Mary, I’ve been gone six hours, so this very odd conversation with me is all in your head, along with all your other false prophecies

  • Jet

    dementia must be so embarrassing. I left at noon to go to a doctor’s appointment and got back at 5PM, so you’ve been talking to yourself for hours.

    Al, so self-rightous, typical of you.

    If you want to believe this poor soul is Mary Reborn, that’s your affair, and your personal attacks on me (whatever it was that was deleted) mean absolutely nothing to me.

    I respect only those who respect me.

  • Don’t give me that oh the big Daddy image of God right Jet/ oh but I will. Because when Jesus was talking about his Father in Heaven, he was not kidding. When the miracles happened around me, the story had to come out because people were trying to fill in the blanks and it was not making sense. So, when you finally get your mind to concentrate on real life stories Jet, then you can say oh boy, what was I thinking? Cause I am about to reveal what I was thinking and what happened to this little baby born speaking. Project being born to parents who no longer believe in God and yet they produce a little girl who bubbles over about God. Yeah, odd isn’t it?

  • So mania cannot have witnesses or times and places Jet so pardon your very rude and uncalled for remark and Christopher Rose…why don’t you contact Pete Rose who also witnessed a miracle at the Montrose Inn in Montrose, Pa and ask him about the lady who said an earthquake will happen now and one did and there was no reports of one and I was at work all day besides that. Do not mess with me because you will be sorry.

  • I mean it’s not like saying do you belive in taking vitamins? Hey, Jet, Bryan Austin of Montrose, Pa was THERE when I said, I was not born normal like you and God will show you my color blue shortly, do not be afraid and the whole room lit up blue. This takes love and compassion to do what I am doing. Do not take me for some conjurer. I have seen enough of what is going on and now it’s my turn to finish the mission.

  • So normal/regular and when you come across to someone like me who has the courage to step up to the world and tell it like it is, you should have at least the courtesy to pay attention Jet. For at six years old, I had to pray to “be like them but that I would overcome”. Many of us shall sing the final song “We Shall Overcome” but we will sing with tears of joy. See this is not a joke to us about salvation. The Lord is not some whimsical character of whom we cannot depend on.
    I know what mean spirited people are Jet. They caused me to become like them and disabled me.
    I suffered.

  • God does have so much love to give us if we will just accept it in good faith. Too many people forget to pray or think too little of FAITH to pray. Normal is not just a setting on the washer. There is normal. I see Jet as being the one to take what I dish out but not too heavy cause he is at some point in his life where the stress of life has been impartial and you know Jet, I can’t make it any clearer for you. To not trust in God, well, it just is a waste of your life. Once you make that decision to trust, your life will bring on a life of rewards and not a life of its own.
    I will hope that you learn next time to refrain from treating me like I am inhuman also, have no inkling of reality, and am on here to get attention. Poor you. I have more purpose to life than just me. God gave me purpose and God gave me back my sanity when people all around me were losing theirs.

  • Saying all gays are nice people may not be correct either. I think people are seeking some kind of acceptance and security is what I think and assurance that they feel actually loved by another human being. However Jet, to throw away God would be like you buying ice cream in a five gallon bucket and you don’t know how to take it, so you waste it. Maybe in smaller increments you can handle what you will see when Al gets this done. For the reporter asks for the facts, asks questions, gives the facts. One like yourself, just blurts out some defensive remark and truthfully, you don’t know how you hurt others because you are the one who is hurting.

  • I am not going to throw darts at you Jet but our preacher gave us a sermon once about hitting the mark of excellence and not the mark of the beast.
    I attended churches, went to Bible camp, sang in the choir, did charity drives, and I did my own thing until one day…a very bad man who claimed to hate Christians decided he would start killing them and he came after me. Now you want to talk about haters? Go ahead, but I’ve been down that road and I am not going down it again.

  • Al Barger does not have to listen to the incredible but the credible and he kept asking for more so I gave him more. It’s not about me not being born like this because I was born like this but that I came on his blog about the miracle of the sun prophecy because I am the woman of the prophecy. As I lived, signs and wonders came and Al Barger will get that together but right now he has to sort all that out. I did not just send a few things you see. It goes that I have been working on this my whole life since birth. You will see the miraculous photos with your own eyes and hopefully he will caption what it was about at the time correctly. This is not an easy subject to talk about…reincarnation. However; I am not the only one born like this.
    Just because it happens to be the miracle of the sun prophecy doesn’t mean that I am full of it.
    I lived in Tampa, Dunedin, Clearwater, and moved up north. I am not hiding anything. Al Barger will get this feature done when he has all the facts and we are waiting on someone whose family saw the actual occurence to make a call. He is standing by. You wait and see cause the incredible happens. Then common changes altogether doesn’t it?

  • I am the only child who was born like this. I answered the doctor what my name is, I just said Mary. NO LAST NAME and for good reasons. You see, my Mom was in love but her parents made her marry someone with good standing and was at college. I may not even be his child. Her then lover came to claim me as a kid. I do not come from a perfect world but I come from another lifetime. What was to transpire after I said my name is Mary when I got my mother’s attention was that God sent me back. This was while I was still in diapers and by the way, my Mom denounced God and so she was totally perplexed why her child was born like this.

  • Oh by the way, I have a gay brother.

  • So you want to size us all up to a one size fits all? Try getting to know me. I’ve been there – done that, been there and back again fellow. So I go to see your URL, BINGO! How did I know that you had some overt reason for going for broke if you had to but it was worth it to you to antagonize me? Oh I do. First off, let me comment on your strategy. It sucks. huh huh it does big time kahuna. Now, let’s get back to Harry Potter. I did not even want my kids watching that at first but hey it was on cable and now I have to watch at my leisure. Still, I am not one to sit back and let the world take one last stab at me. Oh no, not this one. This one will not go quietly. Oh yes, I was born 1958 so I talk in modern slang poor valley girl talk. That does not mean I cannot write with the best of them. You fail to know that my real life story inspired other TV shows, movies, books, and maybe when you get yourself and your life together, you may as well be one I have reached effectively. I won’t give up on you just yet. You can’t catch fish with peanut butter and jelly just because you like it Opie. So let me start off with how you became GAY. I really want to know at what point and time you decided that life was direly unpopular and not going your way.

  • Mary, you’re right, I should avoid the obsessed and the deranged. Maybe people who take either Harry Potter, the Bible or other works of fiction seriously too…

  • Oh did I forget to tell you, this is a raid? HA!

    Al, get those pictures together and be a real nice guy about it.

    I am sure eyes will be on your blog magazine like eyes on a potato.

  • Brain washed little robots filling a demand…make people crazy who are not crazy and live high off the land. Go after them zealots, go after them fools, write them down as no counts, and seriously unloved and rate them like ghouls. Oh yes, go after essentrics, go after ones who stand out, go after the plain talkers of which you know nothing about. Go after them, do it, you’ll even get paid and then watch out cause Cathie is going to spray you with RAID

  • Maybe you should ask my ex mother -in- law about the time I said I am praying to lose ten pounds in one day. Awe, you’re crazy she told me. Oh really? Then why did she see with her own two eyes that I lost ten pounds in one day? Nothing wrong with that scale mind you. Just a bunch of dim witted unbelieving semi-sane people running around trying to act like they know. You need to take your own medicines and leave us alone.

  • Christopher Rose…
    You had better make wiser choices in your life and watch who you associate with. Don’t believe Harry Potter movies about hearing voices. The Bible depicts truer sense of the meaning to it.

  • Maybe when Al sorts out all the facts and has two accountable people to represent them, he can set up a nice photo op on his features and you can all eat crow for rudeness to me. I would not come on here to appear unworthy of comment or worthy of Jet’s rudeness comment. How very unsavory of you Jet to make a rash utterance when at the foot of the master is his hand maiden who has waited long enough to tell the world what needs to be told and soon, Al Barger, will have note worthy attention to the miraculous photos from my own private collection and none were falsely produced and none were sold and none are to be viewed with contempt or mistrust. I did not ask God for proof so you could kick dirt in my face.

  • Jet sez to MRL “your transparent act is blasphemy or worse trying to pass yourself off as anything other than a pityful human trying to gain attention and respect you don’t deserve.”

    Jet, it’s not blasphemy or worse if she believes it – or if it’s true, which we wouldn’t necessarily know. Any real prophet would certainly SOUND crazy.

    But I particularly do not appreciate your spiteful and hate nonsense about “pitiful” people who want “respect you don’t deserve.” Speak for yourself there [Personal attack deleted by Comments Editor].

  • You are not welcomed to say anything off the top of your heads.

  • So when we are living with LEGIONS of liars and seriously screwed up people, I advise you to think about some that are left and don’t like strife and want to serve God but cannot due to the likes of those legions.

  • I had gone through a nasty divorce folks is why I saw counselors. I was very ill after having a third c-section. It was not what you thought it was and kindly shut the hell up.

  • Note that if I was Satanic, most likely I would not be so GOD talkative. Note that if I was out to be famous, why go to the common folks? Note that if you think you are so smart…hey, wisen up, I took psychology and I am not stupid about mental illnesses. Note that I have already been analyzed and given the clear. Thanks to the money hungry assholes that occupy this country that is, I had to suffer on their accounts.

  • You just keep watching stupid Sci-fi when the real deal is sitting right here.

  • Mania does not have dates, times, places, witnesses.


    The ones who cannot be talked to are the loudest or the snottiest or the meanest to ones who are standing by with the wait and see attitudes.

    Ask The Baldasty family who heard God tell them about me.

    How I said what would you do if Jesus came to your house and they laughed but then the doorbell rang several times and no one was there. Nope, nothing wrong with it. I said it again and the doorbell rang later after being checked.

    Your ought to be more mindful of ones who really know the score.

  • People around the world have miraculous photos that were told would come out by random ones.
    You can’t handle the truth and you act like bafoons trying to figure it out on your own accords.

  • Do you follow prayer policy? OR
    Do you follow your own istincts?

  • You hold no candle compared to me and God knows that.

  • Alas, the last of the good ones is still here.

  • The faithful are not disruptive and they do not cause trouble for others.

  • Jet, you should have learned the futility of engaging with people like Mary by now. There is no point at all in attempting to communicate with her mania…

  • Who are we? The ones that are really in prophecy Jet. You will find out who WE are.

  • First off Jet, you made some blunderous errors in your comments on your own URL. Do not generalize. We are watching you run your damned mouth.

  • Yep, you are a trouble maker, I just looked at your URL.
    However; ahem, looking at mine, you first see a dove. Interesting…
    so do me a favor Jet Gardner…compute what you need to say with some backing behind it.
    I will not back down.

  • I am sure that a priest coming up to me in Pa, saying you know how to pray, so pray did not think he was talking to a derranged person and certainly knew I have the faith. The miracles that happened, the priest was witness to as well as the Dallas Corrections of a man who was in need of reminders that God is watching him.
    So JET stop running your stupid fool mouth and grow up.

  • Miracles happen due to my prayers. Thus, God is on my side.

  • I say that with conviction that you are a trouble maker. Again, you were not there, I was. You make up lies, I do not. I prayed for the miraculous photo that shows me/ Mary rising above on the planet and not in Heaven because people say that I am in Heaven when I am not. The photo clearly shows this and was predicted and told would come out by me in session. [Personal attack deleted by Comments Editor].

  • So in your ignorance and shame JET…do it.
    I taught people how to sing lovely songs.
    I am not evil and I deserve far more good credit than I got.

  • I do not have patience for this nonsense.
    Slander or gossip is a sin.
    So before you make complete asses out of yourselves, do me a favor. Shut up.

  • Go to hell who ever you are and when you get the chance…stay there.

  • You are pathetic beings. I rise above in pictures because I cannot stand it here. Liars, theives, seducers, and the true blasphemers. I prayed for miracles. I am not lying. I sang the songs that were stolen as I caroled as a child. I am a child of God.

    As long as there’s Christmas, I truly believe
    that the love and the caring will go long past
    Christmas Eve.

    So you are shameful who say things about a person you do not know.

  • Jet

    “Mary” I may have lost most of my faith during my “ordeal” but your transparent act is blasphemy or worse trying to pass yourself off as anything other than a pityful human trying to gain attention and respect you don’t deserve.

  • About dogs on leashes or ties…there is a Saint Bernard near by that I do feel sorry for being tied and walked very seldom. I sang the song bless the beasts and the children by the way too but like I said, I have enemies of God in a country that is supposedly blessed. HA, not so.
    We have more crime than is reported or known about. We have more sadness than we admit and we are not that great. Shame the stupidity of those who do not see. Open your eyes!

  • Al Barger said himself he prayed but did not know if God was really listening. So if anything from this, he can see the miracles of others who know God is listening and doing great miracles these days for our sakes. Some of us stay aloof or lukewarm because nothing amazing ever happens. Some of us, our cups runneth over.

  • So enough stupid remarks already and show some respect.

  • My song, Stop And Smell The Roses that I sang aloud in Tampa,Florida and a woman was in her back yard as I walked through the alley way to my Grandma Reynolds place on Branch Ave. Oh yeah, you all think you know but you don’t know.

  • You should be thinking about other Biblical characters who went through ordeals and came out smelling like a rose. Albeit, I smelled the roses and so will you.

  • Stranger yet are why are the signs in America and not in the HOLY LAND?

  • Jet

    Strange I didn’t know JOM had a sister?

  • The world is awful and it is the awful truth of what I have been through being back in it.

    Statues cry… for damned good reasons.

  • You don’t have movie rights either and The Fatima Movie is hurtful to me.

  • The big sell out…Catholic Church does NOT have rights to my story and neither did anyone else like Ray Stanford and the story behind the miracles either writers. I gave NO ONE permission to write a book Christian Signs and Symbols either that was written behind my back. Stop exploiting me. I am tired of it.

  • That was a typo, the word NOT was to be NOW I am damaged the rest of my natural life. I have xrays to prove that much.

    I must go on after being physically abused the best way I can.

  • Saints have throughout time always been able to communicate to God.

  • I am looking for a roll of film that has two pictures of me that are miraculous stolen by some one in Burbank, California when I was angry about the Fatima movie and told them off and told them I am this woman and here is the proof. Two pictures you can see right through me and parts of me and Warren Furman took the roll of film and heard me say exactly on those particular ones that these will not come out normal. World, watch out, cause I am who I say I am.

  • Where in scripture does it tell you not to take care of the lame? Does it tell you to finish us off? Almost kill us who love God? Where does it tell you that no milestone will be hung around your necks for confusing the children of God?
    I grew up in a town that now sees the Drew Street miracle I predicted at four years old. If you can find Deanne Shere who heard me say signs and wonders will come to show who I talk to and who I am, then so be it. You are online with Mary Reborn.

  • You should not hold a public office [Personal attack deleted by Comments Editor].

    You don’t know what you are saying or doing.

    I will keep praying dead or alive.

    The miracles will not stop.

    I was severely abused and not physically damaged for the rest of my natural life.

    Yet I prayed.

    The photos Al Barger was shown last night are amazing and positive proof.

    I am not an idiot.

  • future dominos about to fall

    R E S P E C T find out what it means to me.

    Find my poems fitting of one who claims to be born speaking and sent back by God because I am sent back by God.

    First off assholes who try to label me are paranoid jerkoffs.

    Their perspectives are unfounded, biased, and out of control.


  • You call miracles faked?
    You call God incapable?
    You call upon who to help you now?

    I am here. I am the one who asked God to send me back.

    Miracles galore I have handed out. What do they mean? Exactly what I say they mean. Now, you either get it, or you don’t. There is a lovely narrow path but the road to hell is wide. Why?
    Can you tell me why? I know why.

    If you go around hurting people like me, you are shameful.

  • Al and I have been online and I shared some of my private collection of miraculous photographs with him. I have witnesses all throughout my life that can attest that I have always been like this folks. It’s not a condition otherwise that needs a cure. The only thing that needs help is this sad and pathetic world. The reason for the miraculous photos. God speaks to people and if you are calling all of us crazy, you have a war on your hands.

  • Leon Russell’s CD Retrospective has a song on it that I sung and was taken from me. I love you in a place where there’s no space or time…I love you for my life, you are a friend of mine. Oh yes, I sang hundreds of popular tunes that got stolen from me. So much for honest people, we do have infidels in this country.

  • Mark David Chapman killed John Lennon. I saw the movie about it and I googled Attica Correctional Facility and I sent miraculous photos and a Christmas card and some footnotes about what he did. Not yelling at him, not telling him off, but in direct manner and trying to redirect negative perspective. If in fact he heard a voice, can he get a EVP recording done in his jail cell? What does this mean? Holy war comes and that means killing too. I think we’re all bananas.

  • I cannot speak from a perfect pulpit Al, true but I can speak from experience.

  • Al Barger, dark angels…just what would you call dark angels? In reference to?
    I know that our world is not operating on all ten commandments.
    Values of church and state are not following closey to key words…love, harmony, peace, tranquility.

    Courts, lawsuits, derailment, chaos.

    I mean do you want me to deny my maker? I won’t.

    Do I see his prophecy come true? I do.

    Did I find the answer in prayer? I did.

  • Abundant life…who gets it?
    The wages of sin is death…who gets it?
    The impact of signs and wonders…who gets it?

    Tell me, do you get it now?

  • Moses prayed to be freed from slavery.
    Noah to be spared from the flood.
    I prayed to get off this wretched planet
    and five UFOS come for me.

    You want to be arrogant cusses, slander, gossip,
    play indifferent to signs and wonders?\


  • If you don’t believe in Jesus, you just can’t for the life of you understand it, I pity you. Jesus is love. To mock me and call me Queen of Heaven is an insult. Do not call me that. I am alive and back on earth. God sent me to America in a family that no longer believed in God. People that no longer believe in God. They go through motions, they give lip service, but they appear faithful. I know they are not. I know they are lukewarm. I know they are hypocrits. I know they are lacking depth to their souls. I know!

  • The miracle in Katrina’s aftermath. Now people, I told you that I can pray for proof. How many times do you ignore me? The picture of Christ like image in the cloud that is on the internet is my prayer. You want to be bad children of God? You will get punished.

  • lady luck, lady liberty, lady of the snows, lady of the woods…I am still a lady and if I do use the f word, it spells trouble in paradise. I am not happy with the situation and I have coped with it as best as I could up until now that is and I am going to make myself perfectly understood. This world needs to change! NOW!

  • I came across criminally insane people committing crimes against me to get locked up for three meals a day. You know what? I purposefully will not report you to police and I hope you starve to death before you commit another crime. The system is crazy and rewards evil. What the hell is going on down here? More compassion people! More soup kichens, more hands helped up! That’s an order.
    I want order.

  • You challenge me and I will not back down. I love a good debate. If I was a crazed woman who made no sense at all, statues would not be crying. If I was a pest and a nuisance and a misfit of society, it was because I was NOT like the rest of you. Applying for patents and being first and most successful and the me, me, me world you live in. I was selfless. I helped people to get back on their feet. I sang outloud and music filled the air. I became their beacon in the dark world. You challenge me and I assure you that I will remain as sure as the day I was born.

  • I have more than a shred of dignity left. I will not let bastards like him get me down again. I love God and while some of you call yourselves good Christians, let me tell you like God would tell you, your good works are as filthy rags if you do not believe in Jesus. Jesus, the one I pray to still. The one and only one who was there in spirit and saw what they did to me. I am not a witch and I am not evil. Some say I am too good for my own good. I was a victim of some brazen mobster type asshole. A tiny teenaged girl with arms pulled out of their sockets, a broken pelvis, a bashed in head, and various other ailments like being ill from a mother who tried to food poison me. You have no reason to cut me down or label me or for any other masked reason exploit that time. What you remember is a baby being born answering the name Mary, a toddler knocking on doors preaching about Jesus, a woman capable of amazing abilities of prayer. The only power she respects.

  • So on one fateful day, a guy so like the devil himself kidnaps me and wants the goody goody Christian dead. One fateful day, he chases me with a butcher knife into the bathroom where I lock myself in and he tries to open the door with something. What if this was your daughter being subjected to this unspeakable bastard? What if you were not looking for trouble but found it? What if you were being played with for some meal ticket and poor damsel cannot defend herself kind of wicked mentality? No, you don’t know what it was like and I would not wish it on my worst enemy but that man is sick, some say the devil incarnate.

  • OKAY, I read the pages Al places before us mentioning Mary Reborn Literally. You know what I think? It’s about energy we put out. It’s about a have at it. It’s about toot toot and get to the root. Cathie-isms, that is my nickname. Funny how you say nickname…Nicolas Crowder being the false prophet and a frog needs to come from his mouth. Why can’t you see why I pray for miracles after being subjected to a damned satanist like him? He said to me, “Get that Christian out of this house. I will kill every Christian that comes in this house.” I tried to leave, he would not let me. Instead the evil bastard ruined my life. Kidnapping, corruption of a minor, and ever lasting scars he put upon my heart. Do you think that I am a worthless liar? I am not. I suffered people at the hands of this ruthless derranged man who killed his own sister and chopped her into peices for me to see to stay in subjection.
    The guy is some where but where? Don’t you think I deserve to know where he is? This is the true story of Mary Reborn. Told by a preacher that the devil comes after those closest to God. I ask you why are there people who cannot resist evil?

  • Watch Blue Planet and view the underwater scenes and think to yourself, could the seas boil? Give up a lot of dead? Could the polar ice caps melt? Will we be looking at eventual moving to another planet? Will God’s people be given the credit they deserve? Yeah, we can move mountains but first we have to design a method to do so. Yeah, miracles do happen. It is a miracle people have not destroyed each other completely with such bad behavior. Why is there a sign on Mercy Hospital? I wrote to Richard Roberts about finding an honest doctor. I know, don’t laugh.

  • You can believe, just put away your fears.

    There is a song, Change? That’s just some people talking.

    I bet that song enters a few of your minds about now.

    Do I have a plan?

    First you get people to respect God.
    Secondly, you get them to respect each other.
    Thirdly, you don’t bite the hand that feeds you?
    HA, I just threw that one in.

  • Al Barger-no, you cannot come and meet me.
    Dr. Phil-I am not your_____patient.
    Oprah Winfrey- I prefer to keep the color purple patent.
    World-it has not been nice to know you.
    Priests-are you keeping track of all the miracles plus the stigmata one?
    Blog-get a life and realize I have one.

  • P.S. How can Al Barger write about an article without me coming on? He can’t. So I went on and now you know, that the songs, the books, the movies, and the blogs are about a baby born saying her name is Mary.

  • Yeah, I know how some of you think…you got a 307 shotgun loaded? Me, I come with miracles under my belt. I come with my wits in tact.
    I come and go as I damn well please and you know what? There are legends and then there are legends that are not fabled. When you meet those who saw the miracles I prayed for, you will wish it could have happened to you. I am not in the business of miracles. I live my life and I did not exactly think of keeping a journal when I am fighting for my life over half the time.

  • Some calll me Lady of the snows. Some think I am a blob or a thing or a freak of nature. I guess in the land of wonderous colors that GOD himself can make even on Drew St. on a building explain me. Writer, songstress, poet, and what’s more?
    More things.com as my finale? They’ve already mixed church and state by meeting me. They’ve already had to see with their own eyes that I am no accident, my birth is not a mental disease, and I need no cure. All my predictions have come true. My answered prayer is all from God. I am from God. Being torn by church and state is not my idea of the way to go. Sorry, no compromise anymore. I am not going to speculate on what you will do with my postings. I would not mess with this woman if I were you. People have seen me call firebolts down from Heaven. People have seen me do things you cannot do. REVELATIONS…and they try to destroy those of God but what happens? In the end, God protects Mary, that is what happens! The earth will split into three major earthquakes, storms of class five will hit those who cannot fight them, your Mother Mary is back and if you don’t like it, tough shit.

  • So cheers, I want to go where everybody knows my name and some know it as Catherine and others know me as Mary and some just knew me and did not know my name. I am Mary reborn. I will become legend and I will make this world follow suit. You will walk upright like upstanding men when I finish grilling your asses like my face in a cheese sandwich. If Ave Maria speaks in Spanish, that would be a gueso derretida bocadillo is it?
    I am the Mary who made a cheese sandwich and was praying to God while making it and I have been praying, never will stop, and I am the 8th wonder of the modern world.

  • Jet

    What ever happened to Blogcritic of the month?

  • Oh I will write free of charge all right. A penny for my thoughts is not enough though. Belief in God when I get through with all of you is what I want. I am not doped on religion. I am in the book. I am not just a messenger, I am far more than a messenger. I am not some twit who can’t get out of a snare. I am clever, classless, and free.

  • John Lennon sang,” As soon as you’re born, they make you feel small in the song Working Class Hero. How true. But how small is a baby born like me answering Mary to her name and fulfilling a prophecy of God? How small? Ask Leanne Womack who stole my song, I Hope You Dance. I can still feel small standing on the shore of Dunedin Causeway and singing while her cousins Mitzi and Vicky on a beach blanket hear me sing and steal it. OH, fuck off your infidels. You are infidels and you don’t believe in God anymore.

  • Smoke screen, screen guild writers and readers who now scan my emails, bug me continually, have me followed by secret service, continually try to thwart my stupdenous endeavors into their own hands. I am a hard act to follow some times. You never know…where the long and winding road might end. Of course unless you lay a trap there.
    What’s next for the ambitious cusses who steal from me? Let us pray, or prey upon her? I know too much. A babe in the woods now, all alone.
    Her parents are dead. They see me, know me, put me in file 13.

  • Excuse me, planchen hombre. Add an n to that word.
    Smile as you kill. They are smiling at you and planning to take everything you got away from you. Like a song, Michael and the mechanics…hide out in your cellars…can you hear me? Power, corrupted and no man is an island gimmick. I tell you, the evil ones might find out about total isolation, the crazy bastards. Where there was male dominence is dominent domain. I am not an Amazon woman but powers beyond your beliefs. Why don’t you just watch the skies and see what the UFOS do next?

  • Plachen hombre….or iron man.
    IN the garden davita honey…
    don’t you know I want to be true.
    Iron maiden my uncle called me.
    The object of a super star’s affection.
    M 13 not to be confused with MS 13.
    Not to be dust to dust, ashes to ashes
    like a Pheonix.
    I will show this world what I am made of
    besides flesh and bone.

  • Good for Charles Kennedy huh/ has he got the blue lady covered and is he building bridges for me?
    Will they spend the money I made but did not get paid for wisely? Only one can tell. One like me, her shadow and only the shadow knows. Where automatic timing comes with her birth to just know things. Like a prayer, it will take me there. Like a statue of liberty but crying like a statue of Mary. Confined to the stereotypical egotistcal maniacs.

  • My Momma actually did tell me in her own way and her own time. Glen Boyd, reviewer, I see. Welcome to my world. The world that has gone push button and be back in a hour. The world that has time of the essence. Welcome to Mary Reborn’s world. Where Al Gore comes to my home in Dunedin, Florida saying Hi, Cathie, (my new name) and he comes to snoop on an invention I got science honors for but he took the credit for. Al Gore, the vice president. Steals from a teenage girl. OH pity and let us all be humble before men with guns. AHHHHHH CARUMBA~

  • Controversial Al Barger confronts the eighth wonder of the world is more like it. I feel like John the Baptist only more concrete. So what? I prove to you that the realm exists. I watch as bafoons who sold their souls to Satan try to act out the part. Man, this world is full of coniving bastards.I think John Lennon sang a song about this world that is fitting.My Momma told me there’d be days like these…strange days indeed.

  • Anyone that is anyone, read my poems and find the ones for Madonna, the song stealer. Hey you know what she called me? The B word, and she said I am taking them and there is nothing you can do about it. Hey Madonna, God can.

  • I read that Madonna is getting divorced. Pity, or is it? Can you make him love you Madonna and make me be quiet too about stealing my songs as your own? I think not. So God may be my only witness but hey, God is my lawyer, my savior, my counselor, my sweet prince too.

  • I tango and if you step on my feet, you will be sorry and the dance is over. How in the world can a baby be born like I was? Why don’t you just let me worry about that. Will ya?

  • The faithful do not know what will be. Lots of people pray for me and I, likewise; but do not ridicule me because this is not funny. Try putting yourselves in my shoes. What IF you were me? But you are not, you are you and I am me.

  • No Al Barger has not gone toe to toe with me but then again, I really don’t like seeing people any longer. I have scars all over my body from such nasty and hateful birds and a generation of vipers as was quoted in the Bible. So when I ask for signs so the world can work with that instead of taking it out on me, excuse me for living.

  • Thanks to the previous commenter, but Dylan was right when he said “you don’t need a weatherman to know which the way the wind blows” because Al and Navin don’t seem that far apart.

    His responses are full of a “cheesy type of egoism, and petty narcissm[sp]” so it’s no wonder he can spot it.

    So you pulled in more page views than BC for a few days, eh? Considering that you have your home page set to your own site, one has to ask if you block your own IP?

    From reading your “reviews” of rock music, it appears you already do without a sense of taste. Pick another one.

    The fact that you don’t understand Thompson says more about you then it does him. He was actually working as a novelist who got jobs as a journalist. Hence, the creation of the genre name “gonzo journalism” to identify what he did because he was doing something different. No one except teenage idiots, and apparently adult idiots, ever thought his stories were 100% factual.

    You are not a better writer than him (narcissism alert). Have you got yourself a paying gig with a professional magazine, newspaper or website? Anyone turning your writings into a feature film? Please cite.

    But don’t take my opinion; we’ll let history be the judge and see if any esteemed writers and colleagues take note of your eventual passing. Funny that you would reference Hitchens as he wrote a nice obit about Thompson at Slate.

  • well Walter, thanks for sharing… i guess

    could you elucidate the reasoning behidn your statement?

    cuz he may indeed be a *bleeping idiot*

    but he is OUR bleeping idiot… and some of us might get a bit defensive…

    i’m just sayin’


  • Walter J Weatherman

    Al Barger is a bleeping idiot. It just highlights how bad a site this is.

  • zingzing

    ahem. sinead o is vastly superior to the dixie chicks. and i second prince 100 times over rush. meha.

  • Well, maybe not Mariah Carey (ugh)…how about if I take the Dixie Chicks, we can share Elvis Costello, and I’ll leave Sinead O’Connor to you?

  • Brother West, thanks for your fine tribute. I’ll note that your work here has fully justified my initial high estimate.

    As to musical taste, to each his own. You can have Mariah Carey and the Dixie Chicks and leave Elvis Costello to me. Whatever works for you.

  • Congratulations, Al, and I should herein acknowledge my debt of gratitude:

    Brother Barger (as he would say) is the one who recruited me for Blogcritics, emailing me after reading my blog and encouraging me to contact EO about joining up. Right after I did so, he emailed me a congratulations, saying, “I’m proud to have brought a REAL writer on board.”

    Hey, Al, that compliment–and your vast and high-quality contribution–makes me conscious of how much more I could and should be doing for Blogcritics. Which is the best thing I could say about any writer on here: you make me want to be a better one.

    The ass-kissing now out of the way, I should add that there’s nobody more fun to disagree with in terms of the thing we most have in common: our all-encompassing musical tastes. (If you can call what Al has “taste”).

  • /agree with both Al and Suss…

    Dave, yer bio pic/Anton LeVay imitation is still the best…

    on the other hand, yer “english swine” elitist pig graphic is still the finest representation of you on the inside…

    but i bet you could clean up in the California satanic circles as the reincarnation of their dark “bible’s” Author


    did i say all that out loud?


  • Plus it’s on your own website. Al’s CNN hosting pretty much kills the competition. Lord knows, Dave, what pictures you haven’t shown us.

  • Dave, your costume in that picture probably wouldn’t be taken for a “costume” in these parts- more like Sunday go-to-meeting clothes. In any case, it’s far less Satanic than your standard bio picture at the bottom of all your BC articles.

  • Finally, Suss and the “blackmail” picture. That image was a casual snapshot taken at the Mercer Museum near Philadelphia. The tri-corner hat came from some display of Revolutionary War stuff.

    I’ll match your goofy costumed picture and raise you this picture.


  • lol..oh Al..

    why thanks fer spending a picosecond pondering my non-existant feelings…

    and i’m glad ya got the Honor here…

    oh yes, and HST ain’t a “hero” to me, just someone whose writings i enjoyed, and to me, served in a Twain/Swift type position as a satirist whose lies and “fish stories” communicated more Truth than most “straight reporting”

    as fer Rush/Prince argument… well you enjoy what ya like… we’ll work on yer being tone deaf…



  • Thank you all for your kind words.

    I especially want to return the love to Brother Silas. Thanks, buddy- right backatcha.

    Duane, thanks particularly for recognizing my efforts at grace under fire when folks are hatin’ on me. I try. It’s a frequent struggle to figure an appropriate response without unnecessary harshness when folks are losing their little minds on me. It’s like Harry Powell said at the burlesque show.

    Phil, I’m most pleased to hear you liked my PETA story. That story is absolutely true, by the way. I was looking for just the place to make that connection on the page, and Lisa’s question was a perfect innocuous setup.

    Gonzo, obviously I’m not a big fan of HST. I’ll admit though that it gave me a second’s pause for the sake of not wanting to hurt your feelings by further bashing your hero. But I figured you’d get over it. Plus, yes Prince Rogers Nelson is about 100 times more significant than Rush. But I still love you.

    Dave, my beard has powers. You should indeed be scared of it. Don’t anger The Beard. You’ve been warned.

    Finally, Suss and the “blackmail” picture. That image was a casual snapshot taken at the Mercer Museum near Philadelphia. The tri-corner hat came from some display of Revolutionary War stuff.

    Personally, that’s one of my favorite pictures of me. Yet I got a lot of grief from my own people over this. I had this up as a campaign picture in the first part of 2004 before I got some other pictures, including the one Lisa picked out for this story. A number of Indiana Libertarians were absolutely raising hell with me over how bad a picture this was for a campaign site. It was as if one little archaic hat put me in with the fool druid we had running for governor of CA campaigning in his cheesy robes. PS I still like the picture.

  • Scott Butki

    Congrats, Al. I don’t always agree with you but you do some interesting, engaging writing, especially on music.

  • Al is the antithesis of everything a gay man wants in another man. I love you, Al Barger.

    Silas, I’ve heard that some gay men go for the ‘bear’ look and Al certainly has it is spades.


  • Congrats on the well-deserved honor.

  • Clavos

    See, Al, Libertarians DO get elected to some things!

    Way to go-well deserved!


  • Al, congratulations on being honoured. It was nice to get to learn more about you.

  • Suss, yer a naughty boy!!

    heh..thanks fer the linky…good blackmail material

    now, i wasn’t that cereal with my previous comment, besides giving gratz ta big Al…

    so, for the Record… ya gotta luv the guy, especially considering that he can write so proliferously while only having taste in his mouth…

    i mean, c’mon… the guy likes Prince…


    but , i digress…

    XOXOXOXOXO, big Al


  • Omitted from the annals of this rather amusing Q&A is the fact that somewhere on CNN’s server there exists a picture of the Senatorial hopeful, because they like to have photographs of candidates. Now if only someone could find it…

    Oh, here it is.

  • Martin Lav

    I hate that you gave props to a sandwich over Neil Young, but you are a good writer and I congratulate you on your honor.

  • I don’t always agree with Mr. Barger, but he is hands down my favorite guy to read on BC because I always find myself laughing out loud at his rather unique take on things.

    Whether he’s duking it out with fans of the Dixie Chicks or egging on the likes of Rubberneck (the guy who’s posted over 100 angry posts on my review of Neil Young’s Living With War CD) or even going toe to toe with Mother Mary herself, Al’s quick, acerbic wit meets them blow for blow everytime.

    He is without a doubt a very intelligent, and very, very funny man.

    And you BC editors may have just opened up a whole new can of worms by giving Uncle Al what ammounts to a mandate.


    Congrats Al.

    -Brother Boyd

  • Congrats, Al!

  • Al is the antithesis of everything a gay man wants in another man. I love you, Al Barger.

  • /Jamaican accent

    BOO, big Al dissin’ Hunter da writer…


    /end accent

    gratz Al


  • That is some funny shit. Nearly as funny as his praise of my sorry confused ass in the interview.

    A pity Lisa chose to use my nice quote instead of my critique of Al’s scary beard which I also offered as an option.


  • duane

    That was funny about the dog. The low-keyed approach followed by the surprising punchline reminds me of a Steve Martin joke — something like:

    “I’m so depressed about my girlfriend. Umm … she’s not among the living anymore. I guess I kinda blame myself. Yeah, see we were at a party and we had an argument. She had been drinking a little and she demanded that I drive her home. I refused. She continued to insist. I didn’t want to drive her home, so I shot her.”

    I don’t usually comment on Al’s posts, but I usually read them and the predictable arguing that ensues. I just wanted to say that, regardless of who I think is right or wrong about the various issues (and he is, of course, wrong about Skynyrd), I have always been impressed with Al’s ability to respond to attacks, even personal attacks, with grace and often a sense of self-deprecating humor. That’s refreshing.

  • This is one of the funniest things you’ve ever written, Al:

    Reading the PETA article about the misery of being a dog on a chain pricked my conscience, so I took the dog out and shot it.