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BlogCritic Gets It Right!

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I do, with no modesty whatsoever, humbly post my CORRECT synopsis of what went wrong with Katrina.

Posted right here on Blogcritics and nowhere else, not even my own Blog. Posted on 9/3/05.

My post, titled “Katrina, What Really Went Wrong” exhorted readers to stop reading all the other theories and blame-throwing and read the wise words below.

Today, in the NY Times, below is a link, and a quote to the article, where the administration admits its bad PREMISE.

Same as mine posted on 9/3/05.

New York Times Article Here:

According to the administration’s senior domestic security officials, the plan failed to recognize that local police, fire and medical personnel might be incapacitated.

Mine Wise Post HERE

Common sense, duh, should make it understandable that many of the local authorities were THEMSELVES affected by disaster.

Now folks, my conclusion wasn’t genius. In due course most would have come to the same conclusions.

Intriguingly, I offer, I am, in fact, a business Consultant and advise many businesses who pay me just for my brain.

Hand to God though I’d much rather be a humble but famous Blogger.

The answer, as we go forward, is for the government to hire ME.

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  • Kurt

    I hereby nominate you for the soon-to-be-vacant post of Director of FEMA!

  • RJ

    So…the locals were incompetent…it’s Bush’s fault!

  • RogerMDillion

    Your comprehension is terrible. Where do you see Bush mentioned on this page or in PF’s other post?

    I might have to write a post entitled “RJ – Idiot”

  • 1Potato

    If they are blaming Bush’s Administration, isn’t that pretty much the same as blaming him? Isn’t it pretty squirrely to deny that?

  • Jewels

    Well, you are quoting the New York Times…

    Katrina was a storm of such intensity and destructiveness there was NOTHING anyone could do to stop her or the destruction. New Orleans was a sitting fish bowl…The suffering of the children and people held hostage in the HellDome with the B.Y.O.B. or B.S.Y.O.A. (Better Save Your Own Ass) situation as provided by their local and state government, which had the first responsibility for its citizens, did not have to be so horrific…