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Blogathon’s Blogging for Charity!

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There are some people who are rather skeptical towards blogging and putting a little piece of yourself out there for pretty much anyone in the world to see, read or hear about. Some professional writers even consider the practice to be useless and that all of your time writing should be dedicated to something that’s going to sell and get money in your pocket. These people are wrong. Blogathon is proof positive of that.

Blogathon is a blogging event that takes place once a year in which participants stay up for 24 hours straight, making posts every half hour to prove that they’re still awake and participating. Throughout the event, loyal readers or people who randomly stumble across these participating blogs are urged to pledge a donation to the charity of the blogger’s choice. In some cases, bloggers taking part in Blogathon have raised over hundreds of dollars for the charity that they’re supporting. It’s essentially the virtual equivalent to a danceathon.

Some bloggers take the opportunity to broadcast 24 hour live radio feeds on their blogs as proof of their participation. Others have done other creative endeavors such as writing original fiction or creating their own artwork each time it’s mandatory to post for the event. Some decided to do photography blogs for the event while others chose particular subjects to blog about for the full 24 hours. Whatever bloggers decide to do though, they blog on and on for absolutely insane amounts of time to help make a difference in the world.

Blogathon 2005 just recently concluded this past weekend, having began at 9:00AM Eastern Time on Saturday morning and ending at the same time the following morning. Even though specific details on how much money was raised or how many bloggers participated in the event this year is still unclear (they are still accepting donations up until tomorrow), past years have seen over 400 bloggers come together in order to raise a total of $102,534 for different charities including Amnesty International, FINCA International, Global Fund For Women, Save The Children, and the Association for International Cancer Research.

It’s a pretty crazy event, that’s for sure…but it’s for a good cause, and these people can say that their blogging actually was worthwhile and that it helped make a difference. Take that, skeptics.

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  • Sounds cool.

  • Oh damn, missed it! I’ve done Blogathon before and didn’t know the date this time around. It is a grueling endeavor for the participating bloggers, but so worth it. Congrats and thanks to all those who took part.

  • Joe

    It was definitely cool.

    And I’m sorry to hear that Natalie! Me and a couple friends took part in Blogathon this year as a team. It was definitely a good time. A very tiring, butt-numbing time, but good nonetheless.

  • Hi, what is the best charity for the people effect by Katrina?