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Blogathon 2003 Starts Saturday

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This year’s Blogathon has 539 participants; 2195 sponsors; and $63,682.98 has been pledged as of Friday morning for a wide range of groups including Amnesty International, Bookaid, Medecins Sans Frontieres, RAINN, and the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund which has this in their latest newsletter:

Blogging For Liberty!

The 2003 Blogathon starts Saturday at 6 AM Pacific Time. Blogathon is a 24 hour telethon-like event where webmasters post articles / updates to their website every 30 minutes for 24 hours straight. Users pledge either a flat amount or an amount-per-hour, and all proceeds go to the charity or organization of the webmasters’ choosing. This year the following supporters are sacrificing sleep and sanity to benefit the Fund. Pay them many visits or better yet, make a pledge and watch the results!

Joe Peacock will be writing a 24 hour novel at mentallyincontinent.com to benefit the Fund.

Rob Callahan will also be writing a novel, his written from the last chapter to the first at robcallahan.com

Dave Hill will be reviewing comics and talking shop at hill-kleerup.org/blog/

Lisa Rocci will be saying her piece at lisarocci.blogspot.com

For more information on Blogathon visit blogathon.org

These folks are going the mile for free speech, so be sure to support their efforts by checking in. Blogathon starts tomorrow at 6 AM pacific time and concludes on Sunday at 6 AM pacific time. 24 hours of writing is a Herculean effort, so cheer them on!

The first blogathon raised $20,000 and last year over $50,000 was raised for a range of groups. This year there is a collaborative Fiction project. Other interesting blogs are highlighted in hotspots and some of the best posts will be posted at the blogathon site. You can also pledge up to 24 hours after the blogathon ends (though ofcourse you can donate to these and other groups anytime).

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About Steve Rhodes

  • I will be blogging for Soulforce, a nonviolent direct-action organization devoted to working for justice for all — including GLBT people — in religious denominations.

    Congrats and good luck to all the Blgoathon participants and sponsors!

  • Eric Olsen

    Dawn did this last year, raised a good bit of money, had a good time, and deriveda lot of satisfaction from it. Best of luck to all and congrats on your efforts.

  • I’ll be blogging for Doctors Without Borders at Fauxhemian.dk and my schtick is that through the 24 hours I’ll be trying to play as many cool records for the my partner in crime in an attempt to introduce her to a lot of music she’s never heard. So stop by and comment on the events.