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I just got blog spammed!

I got an interesting e mail, interesting in that none of you swine ever write me. It was an offer/ solicitation from a car company. They were saying how great alternative fuel cars were and as a responsible blogger I should do a piece about it on my blog. It was in all sense a form letter, except I think the writer mentioned my blog by name, and my real name (Kevin) which I keep as a very carefully guarded secret after spending a year working in a fraud department. Whoops, there it is… my name is Kevin. If the good people of Toyota know it, you might as well too.

There was also a caveat they dangled, the winning blogger entry had a chance at winning a Toyota ___ * (message blocked to keep me from being a total whore). I wish I had saved it, but I discarded it promptly before I got to thinking about its significance.

I have to admit, at first when I read the e mail I was flattered. I knew I had finally broke through to the masses with my message. After about 30 seconds later I realized I was a sucker of no consequence and deleted it.

So, I wonder… did any of you get this solicitation? We know that the ad game is hurting because us young males spend as much time on the internet and gaming as we do on TV. Certainly, the ad world needs to get creative. I can’t help but feel a little used though. I want you to know, dear reader, that I would NEVER sell you out for anything less than… like… forty bucks.

* an interesting side note: in running a spell check on this piece through MS Word, I was repeatedly told that ‘blogger’ is not a word. Just so you know where we stand.

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  • blog spam, tastefully and creatively written, can be effective though..

  • I get all kinds of cheesy AI spam. It always fails in some place, like you noted. Spam isn’t really ‘spam’ to me if it is truly, humanly personalized, and that’s where artificial personalization breaks down, as you’ve noted here.

    BTW, I just wrote you (this comment), so please take me off your swine list LOL


  • I actually think about giving points to the first comment on this post, since it is, in fact, tastefully and creatively written blog spam. How effective it will be, I don’t know, since we wrap URLs to give no google-juice.

    Still, he might get direct links.

    For the record, I’ll delete any other I find from the same URL. 🙂

  • hi phillip 🙂 – are you suggesting that musicgifts is not a legitimate BC reader? I see other posts by this person that seem legitimate. Doesn’t look mechanical to me …

    Maybe the trigger finger is a little loose on this one? Yes/no?

    Don’t know the history here, so just asking.

  • Nancy

    I do wish someone would invent a program which, as soon as a spammer sent spam, would instant slam back and explode said spammer’s computer, burning out his eyes & fingers so he could never spam again.

  • troll

    BC pays the price of fame and a relatively open process…kind of a microcosm

    it sure makes threads hard to follow – and the lives of site editors a bitch I imagine


  • Nancy

    Yeah – it also knocks out all the “fresh comments”, at least on my computer.

  • toyota

    you didn’t reply to our e-mail.
    we know where you live Kevin.