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Blockbuster’s New Online Rental Feature and The Daily Music and Tech News

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Blockbuster Adds New Feature to Online Rental Service

Blockbuster has announced a new feature of its online rental service. Users will be allowed to return their DVDs to stores, not just via the mail. The feature is designed to help cut down on lag time between rentals because of mailing time, by automatically putting in motion the next DVD when one is returned to the store. In addition to this, when users return DVDs to the store, they can earn a free in-store rental.

Kazaa and Music Publisher Settle

Kazaa has agreed to pay the National Music Publishers Association (NMPA) a “substantial amount”. The deal is still awaiting the approval of the members of the NMPA, however it appears Kazaa has settled the suit. Kazaa has also settled with movie studios and record labels and has become a legitimate music service.

Kylie Minogue to Comeback

Kylie Minogue is set to return to the stage on November 11. Her world tour, which was interrupted after the star was diagnosed with cancer, will resume in Sydney, and was confirmed today by record label.

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