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Blockbuster Season 2008: My Predictions

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The blockbuster season has already gotten underway with Speed Racer and Iron Man, among some others, and at least the latter has gone to prove that not only will this season make a fair amount of money for the industry but that the movies are going to be good (unlike last year). I thought I would throw in my thoughts about each of the big movies getting released in theatres this season.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull 

Released May 22 

This movie is going to dominate, making the most money out of not only the blockbusters but any movie this year. It's been almost 20 years since Indy was last seen on the big screen and not only will you have the average Joe movie-goers turning up after seeing the trailers and posters and paying to see it but you'll have an extra fan base of people who remember seeing the other movies when they were younger.

I don't think it's going to be up to the standard of the other films (perhaps as good or better than the second but not the third and especially not the first) but it will be a fun time at the movies and great for anyone who is a fan of the others films. There will definitely be more than a few cheers from the audience when we see the hat, whip, and most importantly hear that theme song. 

Sex and the City

Released May 30

I am not at all a fan of the TV show, in fact I've never watched a single episode, but it's hard to miss all traces of it. Even though I don't understand the obsession, for women everywhere the show was almost a way of life. So most, if not all, of the female movie-goers out there will be in line to see this, along with their boyfriends who have been dragged there. The conversation will go a little something like this: "Remember when you made me go see Iron Man a few weeks back? Well now it's my turn."

So needless to say this movie is going to do well, very well. It's not going to break the kind of records set by Spider-Man 3 or Pirates 3 but I think people will be surprised by how well this does.

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

US Release May 16, UK Release June 26

I still haven't had a chance to see the first movie in this franchise but what I know is that it did very well at the box office. This sequel I think is going to do well also, although not as well as the first. I think the initial flood of people who went to see the first film did so because of the books and were none the wiser about the quality of it. However the film got mixed reviews and opinions for the most part thus it won't do as well this time around.

The Incredible Hulk

Release June 13

I am one of about 11 people on the planet who liked and appreciated Ang Lee's Hulk. Everyone else just seemed to have an allergic reaction to it, I think because it wasn't the "hulk-smash" movie people were expecting. But from the footage we have seen from this new version of the big green monster it's going to be "hulk-smash" all the way. And I have a sneaking suspicion that this is going to be a big hit, both critically and box office wise.


US Release June 27, UK Release July 18

Never underestimate the power of Pixar. Every single movie that they have released has made an absolute fortune at the box office and this will be no exception. I feel that the animation in Pixar's movies is always the best thing about them and the actual movies themselves (as stories, etc) are a bit overrated for the most part. Ratatouille reinforced that they are the single greatest animation studio in the world and by the trailers for WALL E they have topped even that as far as quality of animation goes. Expect upwards of $500 million at least at the box office.

The Love Guru

US Release June 20, UK Release August 1

I really don't think this is going to do as well as the studio is hoping. The trailer wasn't as funny as we all thought it was going to be and I think people are getting tired of Mike Myers' schtick. It won't completely bomb or anything but just don't expect to see high numbers from this comedy.


Release July 2

When I first saw the trailers for this film I thought it looked total crap, absurd and lame. However I must admit that the more I see of it the more I am liking the look of it. I still don't think it will be great but watchable at least.

Will Smith hs proven himself a big draw for audiences and couple that with a superhero-esque story and huge, impressive special effects and you've got a sure money maker. I expect this to be a surprisingly big player at the box office.

The Dark Knight

US Release July 18, UK Release July 25

Now this is the movie I am shaking with excitement about. No matter the size of the Indiana Jones fan in me, I am looking forward to this Batman sequel the most. Christopher Nolan did an utterly fantastic job of re-visioning and breathing fresh life into the franchise and I have no doubt that he will continue on the quality with The Dark Knight. And let's not forget one of the primary reasons why most people are looking forward to this — to see Heath Ledger not only as The Joker but in his last role before he sadly passed away. By the trailer, stills, and posters he looks like he's going to blow everybody away with his performance and I'm sure many of us will be heading out to the theatre more than once to see this film.

The X-Files: I Want To Believe

US Release July 25, UK Release August 1

I am unsure of the popularity of the first movie or how much money it made but there's no doubting how popular the TV series was. Although the end of it all was less than overwhelming to say the least, there's no doubting the impact it had on TV audiences. Whether or not that will translate to this second movie making money I am not really sure. If I had to make a call I would say it won't make all that much, certainly less than the studio is hoping.

Tropic Thunder

US Release August 15, UK Release September 19

Ben Stiller, Jack Black, and a controversial looking Robert Downey Jr is sure to draw in audiences. I can't really think of too many war comedies and I think maybe that will affect audience reaction to it. Nonetheless Ben Stiller is a big draw on his own and this will do moderately well at the box office.

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