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Blizzard Entertainment DVD Collection
Blizzard Entertainment

In a bit of marketing genius, Blizzard has released cut-scenes from its three most popular games on DVD. They have re-mastered them in wide screen format and they look even more impressive than they do in the games. Starcraft, DiabloII and Warcraft III all get this treatment. Individually these DVDs would have been foolish, but as a set they are quite impressive. The most impressive of these is Starcraft, with 60 minutes of animation from both Starcraft and Broodwar, plus a bunch of cinematic game trailers and storyboards. The other two follow a similar format, with slightly different extras including a preview of World of Warcraft, a trivia game and a history of Warcraft the series (Warcraft III DVD). The Diablo II DVD is has the most impressive visuals but the least impressive extras. For instance, it is missing the cut-scenes from the Diablo II expansion and the other extras are a bit weak. Overall this is great value for money and a most interesting collection. It is simply a must for fans of Blizzard’s consistently excellent releases.

Marty Dodge: 4/5

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