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Blind Justice review

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With the gloomy days of March in full swing, the time has come for a few television debuts. In particular has been ABC with four. One can only hope that the time slots which two of them show off for the viewing public are not permanent. Otherwise, Sunday night audiences may be forced to TiVo Desperate Housewives and Boston Legal.

Tuesdays at 10pm, however, are a different story. Steven Bochco, known worldwide for the predecessor of NYPD Blue, has brought forth an interesting show, Blind Justice. As one might imagine, the premise has much to do with law and order. During a police standoff, two detectives are practically pinned down by gunfire. When one fails to act in a timely manner, the other is forced into a near deadly maneuver in order to bring down the bad guy.

The show gets its title from the resulting blindness of the injured officer. Det. Jim Dunbar, portrayed by Ron Eldard (ER fans should remember him as Carol’s paramedic boyfriend). must use all of his other senses in order to do his job. After suing to get his job back, he is assigned to Homocide. With the help of his German Shepard, Hank, and Karen, his new partner, the wily cop proves he can still be part of the team.

Soap opera fans will recognize Rena Sofer (General Hospital fame), playing Dunbar’s wife. She is understandably reluctant to see him back in the career which cost him his eyesight in the first place. Being the wife of a cop means knowing your spouse is likely to die at any given moment.

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