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Blame Terrell Owens’ Hamstring Problems On His Personal Training And Rehab Staff

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Terrell Owens' hamstring problems are a direct result of his off-season training regimen, and these problems are being compounded because the same people responsible for his training are now involved in his rehab. This situation illustrates the problems that can occur when athletes use their own people or their own routine to prepare for their sport.

After less than a week into the Cowboys’ 2006 pre-season camp, Owens pulled up gimpy with a sore hamstring. He didn’t twist an ankle or knee, or take a shot to the melon or suffer any other of the unavoidable and inevitable injuries that can befall a football player. Owens pulled his hamstring while performing basic drills, which is an injury that indicates that Owens wasn’t properly prepared for the rigors of training camp.

The same people who were responsible for getting Owens is shape – and didn’t – are now trying to help him recover. Owens has flown in his doctors, trainers, and a hyperbaric chamber to try to get his hamstring straightened out.

For the good of their team – and for the good of one of their most important players – the Cowboys need to step in now and take over the process of getting Owens back on the playing field. The players’ posse had their chance and they didn’t get it right. This is a case of too many cooks spoiling the broth combined with the gang that couldn't shoot straight.

Hyperbaric therapy is useful in certain, very specific cases, but has not been shown to be effective in the treatment of soft tissue injuries. This therapy, which subjects a person to an atmosphere of 100% oxygen and increased pressure while in the chamber, is used to help people with carbon monoxide poisoning, air or gas embolism, and severe burns.

Hyperbaric therapy will do nothing for Terrell Owens’ hamstring. And proponents of this fringe therapy – in the face of no scientific data to support their position – will still say it works just because they say so. There are still people in the Flat Earth Society, you know.

The people at the league’s headquarters should pay attention to this situation and should start to think about putting limitations on just how much access outside personnel can have to players during the season. Guys can work out with their own people during the off-season as much as they want, but once the season starts these non-team personnel shouldn’t have too much to do with players.

The Cowboys need to put an end to this farce. They need to exert their authority, boot Owens’ “experts” off of the premises and tell Owens that it is the Dallas Cowboy way or the highway.

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