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Blake Gopnik Brutalizes DC area artists

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Surprise, surprise…

Blake Gopnik, Chief Art Critic of the Washington Post and one of the leading art elitists in the world of high brow art brutalizes Art-O-Matic in today’s Washington Post.

Don’t worry… I’ll give you guys a real, objective review in a few days, rather than one that (in my opinion) was pre-conceived in his mind and perhaps even his word processor before this eloquent man stepped into the building.

Read it here. The good side of the story is that brutal reviews such as this one is tend to actually benefit the show being destroyed by the critic. I bet that in the coming Sundays, the Post’s Sunday Arts will have plenty of letters both agreeing and disagreeing with Gopnik.

And that dialogue is good for the show, for the artists, and for Washington. If you want to send a letter to the editor about the review, learn how to do it here.

So, I actually think that this carpet bombing of Art-O-Matic will be good for the show. It is actually a lot better than a lukewarm review.

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  • Upset Artist

    Perhaps Mr. Gopink is trying to immulate Adam Gopink and his own frustration of being amateur in comparison is why art-o-matic touches home so much.

    Howard Univ may want to consider a new course: Art Psychology 101

    Analysis of sibling rivalry and how it effects the world.

    These artists are working hard to become good artists and their talents are evolving in each show. Shall we criticize Mr. Gopink for his lack of talent or should we encourage his growth? Now perhaps he will tone down his critism and look in the mirror.

  • Mollusque

    The sad truth is that the level of criticism in Washington has crept so low below the global art radar that we are comfortable with viewing Art-O-Matic as a legitimate art review. The sad fact is Blake is right, it has about as much use as a current litmus for an art survey of DC as a crafts fair at the renaissance festival.

    Wake up and smell the oily canvas that is representing your fair city as the best of what we have to offer.

    Cheers, keep up the complacency.