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Black Eye, Browne Tear

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Jackson Browne doesn’t like the way he was portrayed in the TBS JFK Jr. biopic. According to Reuters:

    Browne’s attorney, Lawrence Iser, said that he demanded in a letter to TBS that it “cease and desist” airing the program again “until false and defamatory scenes accusing Mr. Browne of assaulting actress Daryl Hannah are removed.”

    “Mr. Browne has never assaulted Daryl Hannah. Ms. Hannah never filed a police report claiming such an assault and Mr. Browne was never arrested for or charged with such an assault,” a spokesman for the singer said. Hannah was a former girlfriend of both Browne and Kennedy.

    The film shows Kennedy comforting Hannah after she was allegedly hit by Browne.

I assume the incident in question is from 1992 – check out this Washington Post story from the time:

    Not Russell Turiak, though. That was his exclusive shot of Daryl Hannah and her shiner, allegedly inflicted by rocker Jackson Browne, that you saw on the cover of the National Enquirer last month, a major coup. When Turiak calls himself “a modern-day bounty hunter” or “a hit man with a camera,” it is a statement of pride.

    ….Take the Daryl Hannah shot on the Enquirer cover. Together with another that shows her with John Kennedy Jr. in a TriBeCa restaurant, it has earned Turiak (who’s an indie and keeps it all) more than $30,000 from publications in a dozen countries. The appeal was not just the intrinsic drama of a black-eyed beauty but the always potent Kennedy connection.

    How’d he get that picture? When the Enquirer hired Turiak to stalk the star, he learned her address from another paparazzo who’d once followed her home. Then, leaving his cameras in his car, he spent 10 hours hanging around her apartment building on the Upper West Side on a Wednesday and another 12 on Thursday, before Hannah and another woman finally emerged at 9:30 p.m. on Friday. “She looked like a chimney sweep in this long coat and Air Jordans,” he says. “She had a hat on and she kept pulling the brim down.”

But he eventually got the shot, of course. The film’s producers have no doubt about who gave her the black eye:

    TBS said in a statement that “Superstation Inc. acknowledges receipt of a letter on Jackson Browne’s behalf. FOX Television Studios Inc., the producer of the movie, assures us that it stands by the accuracy of the movie.”
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  • cindy

    what a pussy

  • chele

    Yes your right. He is a pussy and I believe he did hit her. He also looks like a crackhead now. Have you seen him lately? EWWWW…..Ghastly!!!

  • pfft

    If he did smack her the bitch probably deserved it

  • Eric Olsen

    of course, women and dogs need to be beaten regularly so they will know their place

  • pfft

    Why beat dogs? Not enough women around your area?

    By the by…as a woman…I am telling you…Daryl Hannah probably deserved a good belting

  • Pfft to pfft.

    Well, if J.B. wants to waste his money, let him. He should know the flip side of being a public figure by now. And, frankly, what he is complaining about will reap more attention now that he has focused the spotlight on it.

  • pfft

    I think the end result has been that it HAS been pulled from the show – what he wanted
    Its his money to do with as he pleases. I really do feel for the man, he hasnt had a great run of luck in his life – though his lot has been better than some – probably including you and me.
    btw I dont think he looks like a crackhead – I think he looks like he did 20 years ago…just somewhat more wrinkled…if he was a crackhead then he would be dead now…follow the logic?

  • Eric Olsen

    We can be sympathetic with his loss (wife, or whatever she was’s, suicide) without condoning striking another woman in the face giving her a black eye. What could the excuse possibly be other than self-defense? And I haven’t heard that asserted.

    What on earth would make you say Hannah deserved to be punched in the eye?

  • pfft

    The fact that every report of her has had her as an arrogant conniving cow. However, if you had a brain youd probably have realised I wasnt quite serious – egads…where i the sense of humor these days…i guess it died with pogs

  • Eric Olsen

    I’m glad you weren’t serious – the Internet doesn’t do a very good job of revealing nuance.

  • pfft

    with a name like pfft? 😛
    btw Jackson Browne…woo…yummy

  • tatiana

    God some people are so stupid. Doesn’t his track record indicate a disrespect for women? His first wife couldn’t get away from the abuser so she killed herself. His second wife divvorced him after a year. And he was accused of hitting a third woman. The guy is an as$hole. And too the woman who posted and said she desered it, please log off and go back to your george forman grill outside your trailer. For the men who said a woman deseres to be hit I feel sorry for you obviously you feel impotent around women. I guess your mother really did a job on you;)

  • Valerie Willoughby

    Oh my!! Tatiana, go back to your cask wine. It was obvious that the people who stated Daryll Hannah deserved a beating were joking. As with JB’s problematic relationships…..hmmmm….He has been with Diana Cohen (a renowned violinist) for over a decade. I doubt she would allow a beating (probably hit him back with her violin if he tried that on her). It’s sad that people judge him with such ill inuendo. Imagine for a moment that the man lost his wife/love to depression etc, and here you are eating the poor man alive and blaming him for his wifes death that may I add happened over 30 yrs ago. He is simply a man like any other man. Unless we know his private life in intimate detail, we really shouldn’t judge. Read the internet and one sees he is a very giving person (with causes etc), and happy in his present love. Not to forget for a man hitting 60, he is still a great looker. LOL….I wish I was his “somebody’s Baby”. Nah, better stick to my own husband, he is 30 years younger than JB.

  • Lynne

    Sadly, I have to agree with Tatiana. For years I was a fan and doubted the validity of demeaning rumors surrounding Mr. Browne, but no more. I do believe that he is as cruel, and as kind, as has been depicted. The charities and “good deeds” may be the kinder side, but I definitely believe the testimonies regarding his disrespect and bullying of women and the existence of his darker side. Joni Mitchell has also accused him of hitting her. She also has stated that she attempted suicide in the early 70’s in her despair over him. And, Valerie, Dianna Cohen is an artist who works with plastics. Not a violinist. And you’d be surprised what some people will put up with. Most of us lead with our hearts, not our heads.

  • laura

    I’m a little late in posting since this is kind of “history”, but I’ve always “wondered”. I’m a huge Joni Mitchell fan (in her earlier years anyway) and a forever and enduring JB fan. I’d like to think neither one of them is a liar or “unwell”. While I can certainly agree with the fact that some people are masterful at decieving others by appearing to be “nice” and “decent” when, they are “different” behind closed doors, something rings untrue about this “beating” thing. Like police reports!!!
    If NOTHING else, the statements and letters by police describing the way such “domestic” callls or disturbances are treated, is enough for me to believe doubtlessly that JB is not a “beater”. For those of you who call him a “beater”… do a little more research. And what kind of moron would blame HIM for the the suicide, (it wasn’t a murder!!)
    How pitifully lame. “Disgusting” is a better word for you “folks”
    (who have apparently never heard of “DEPRESSION”). JEEESHHH!

  • Roslyn

    I just saw Jackson and Dianna at an environmental event he was receiving an award at in late June. Although Jackson looked a bit tired after his global tour and was getting ready for his US and Canada tour starting July 7, they appeared to be just fine together FYI – Dianna showed no signs of any abuse…I had the opportunity to speak with both of them, and I must say that I found Dianna to be surprisingly delightful. I think they are good for one another. Although JB’s been my very favorite singer-songwriter/performer since 1971, I feel that I can be objective about my impressions.

  • Kandi

    At the time of the alleged incident the police arrived at the home, after Browne called them, and stated that Hannah looked fine and no wanted claimed they had been hit. Browne called because he claimed Hannah was taking things that did not belong to her. JFK Jr. stated in an interview that he did not believe that Browne hit Hannah, although he believed that Browne wanted to. Joni Mitchell tried to commit suicide because Browne stood her up, not because he abused her.
    I think that before everyone tries to slander Browne or anyone for that matter, they need to get some evidence.. it is disturbing that people are so unhappy with their own lives that they feel the need to destroy the lives of others.

  • Debbie

    Jackson Browne couldn’t write such moving and sweet lyrics if he were a beater. He wrote Here Come Those Tears Again with his x’s mother – why would she be writing songs with if he’s so awful?